A sister to Kwon Lena according to the family register, Lee Yeoreum.

Kwon Lena’s attitude was strange last Chuseok when she met Lee Yeoreum, so I decided to investigate it.

The result of the investigation — she had no problems.

She was such an upright person that it was hard to think that she was the biological daughter of Kwon Lena’s adoptive parents who bullied her.

‘Except for the fact that she belongs to Namgung C&T’s Otherworld Industrial Division 1…’

Still, just because Namgung Group has problems in the higher positions doesn’t mean that employees who just joined the company could possibly be involved with the Black Screen.

The number of full-time employees in Namgung C&T alone is well over 15,000 and that number continues to rise due to the expansion of the otherworld industrial market.

“Is it someone you know?”

“Yeah, it’s my unnie!”

“Oh, is it the unnie that you said gave you your weapon item?”

At Kwon Lena’s revelation that it was in fact her sister, the kids from our class looked at Lee Yeoreum with curious and welcoming faces.

Lee Yeoreum looked somewhat tired and absent-minded, but she belatedly waved her hand slightly after seeing Kwon Lena.

However, she didn’t come our way.

At first, it seemed like she was about to ask her boss if it was okay to greet her sister for a while, but the boss looked quite reluctant.

“Are they not going to let her say hello? They’re uptight over there.”

“It’s not even working hours. Why are they like that?”

“Maybe it’s because it’s a company group activity?”

The Class Zero sunbaes clicked their tongue, and I think they’re right.

Fortunately, Lee Yeoreum eventually approached us as if her boss finally allowed her to, but her colleagues kept their gaze on her.

‘I understand that they’re supposed to be in a group for this day, but I don’t think the atmosphere they give is very good.’

Kwon Lena looked excited but also apologetic to her sister.

“Hi, unnie! Is it okay to talk right now?”

“Yeah. Are these your friends?”

“Yes! Ah, we’re with our professor too.”

Kwon Lena quickly introduced everyone.

Lee Yeoreum handed her business card to everyone and told Kwon Lena to give her a call if she needs anything.

“Unnie, did you have an interview?”

“No, I was running errands for a while so… I actually don’t have any connection with that person who’s competing so I’d be a bit troubled to be interviewed.”

“Eh? Aren’t you in the same department?”

“Even though we’re in the same department, that person goes out to work often so we don’t have a lot of opportunities to meet.”

The conversation didn’t last very long.

A slightly sharp voice interrupted Lee Yeoreum.

“…Lee Yeoreum-ssi, are you not done saying hello yet?”

“I apologize! I’m going now. …See you next time.”

While Lee Yeoreum was practically dragged away, Kwon Lena looked disappointed but she kept her composure.

“It’s not like she’s a middle schooler. Was that really necessary?”

“You know the kind of boss who freaks out when someone is away at a company dinner. I bet he’s that kind of guy.”

“Hmm, I don’t think so.”

Yong Jegun added a word after the GeumChanWangChan duo.

“I think Yeoreum-ssi was doing a separate activity until now. Maybe she’s been in the building the whole time? Unlike the other people, she didn’t seem to have that cold energy on her clothes.”

“Perhaps she was doing an errand inside the building while the others were being interviewed.”

Hwang Jiho also contributed to the conversation, and I agree with what he said.

Lee Yeoreum is a new employee after all.

“It would’ve been better if we met her while she was doing her errand.”

“True. I hope we can talk more next time.”

Leaving behind the feeling of discomfort, the conversation between our classmates proceeded and we moved to our assigned seats.

Yong Jegun looked at the stage and found Yeom Junyeol, and Hwang Jiho laughing heartily while talking to Hani.

Seeing that scene, I thought I might be worrying unnecessarily after all.

* * *

The final round of Playlist will be broadcasted live, but the time when the stage, lighting, costumes, and other things are being fixed will be replaced by pre-recorded videos.

In the live broadcast, a new competition song received from a composer and a group performance of the three finalists will be shown, while in the pre-recorded videos, the contestants will be singing a solo song they chose.

Although it’s a pre-recorded video, things would still look better with audience participation, so the people who participated in the interviews were mobilized.

The main character of the first pre-recorded stage was Yeo Raehun.

“Oh, this song is…!”

“It must be the freestyle rap song he did on the first day!”

I couldn’t recognize it at first because of the unfamiliar accompaniment, but as the lyrics continued to flow, more and more people recognized the song he was performing.

The content of his lyrics seems to suggest extending the rap battle.

After that, on the screen on the stage side, a powerful musician that done a freestyle rap battle with Yeo Raehun before was seen.

The content was pre-produced to follow the camera so that things wouldn’t look awkward.

The musician made a high five with Yeo Raehun which naturally led to loud cheers that ended his solo stage.

“…Thank you!”

Even after Yeo Raehun finished his performance and greeted those who came to cheer on him, the audience’s shouts were still going.

The power of that scene must be outstanding.

“Wow… he’s really good.”

“That was a cool performance. For a moment I felt like I had the inspiration to write.”

“…He’s not as good as our Miro! Anyway, no!”

“…Traitors. Cheer on Miro instead!”

“Stop it and sit down already!”

The Class Zero sunbaes took a jab at us, but they can’t deny that they were also mesmerized by Yeo Raehun’s performance.

“Who’s the next performance?”

“Lena’s unnie’s coworker.”

“Oh, so Miro will be performing last?”

“That’s for the pre-recording. We won’t know what order it will be on the broadcast.”

While the next stage was being prepared and props and equipment on the stage were replaced…

I could see pieces of equipment coming and going from under the stage, but I also heard the players in charge of security and the stage equipment outsourcing company scuffling in the distance.

Perhaps something was difficult in the security process.

Maeng Hyodon was looking ahead with a rather dull face.


“What’s wrong, Hyodon?”

“Why? Are you hungry?”

“No, it’s just… When we came here I thought the security procedures were a bit complicated.”

What’s the problem with that?

As if having the same thought as me, Saeum of April and I looked at Maeng Hyodon with questioning expressions.

Maeng Hyodon hesitated before speaking again.

“…It’s hard to get in, so it’s going to be hard to get out. I’m just thinking about that.”


Saeum of April and Maeng Hyodon now had the same dark face.

It seemed like Saeum of April was reminded of the Hwanmong Auction, while Maeng Hyodon was reminded of the fight club, both places having very strict security measures.

The sight made my heart sink.

‘…Most of the people in here could be targets.’

Maeng Hyodon and Saeum of April, two people who escaped the claws of the Black Screen.

It’s not just those two.

A clear target of the Black Screen, Yong Jegun.

And Jegal, who failed to be taken care of by Choi Pyeondeuk’s followers.

‘And those who were involved with the Namgung Group.’

Some time ago, Namgung Group once targeted the Eungwang Light Nursery over a redevelopment case involving an “intelligence terminal”

My classmates were caught up in that incident.

Hani failed to try to fight back.

Kwon Lena and Min Geurin.

Hwang Jiho, who actively defended the nursery after the incident.

‘I don’t know their relationship with the Black Screen yet, but Mok Wooram is clearly targeted by the Oath of the Three Knights.’

It’s not common for such people to gather in a closed space for a long time other than within the confines of Eungwang High.

Strictly speaking, we aren’t really in an official school schedule.

‘If I were the Black Screen… I wouldn’t miss this opportunity.’

So far, I’ve almost successfully blocked the Black Screen completely.

Considering what the Black Screen will do at the end, I can’t say I’ve avoided being checkmated with the number of things that I prevented from happening, but it’s safe to say that I’ve kept Eungwang High safe.

If I were the Black Screen and I kept failing at attacking Eungwang High, I would surely come up with a different tactic.

A bold move that they couldn’t do in PMH.

‘It’s not like there weren’t any signs.’

The words that Song Daesok and Hwang Jiho said before came to mind.

— Uh… I think something happened at the lab.

— They said they saw something on the Moon Palace.

— The coordinates don’t seem to be fixed yet but… The broadcasting station seems to be included.

An ominous feeling came to me.

I quietly asked Hwang Jiho, who was sitting next to me.

“Have you observed anything yet?”

“Let me check.”

Hwang Jiho, who confirmed some things through his device, furrowed his forehead.

“…The connection is bad. I’ll check it out through my alter ego.”

I’m convinced that the communication is cut off.

Someone is after us.

* * *

Other people were considerate to leave Yeom Junyeol alone while he memorized his script.

After going through his lines, Yeom Junyeol checked the clock.

Looking at the analog clock on the wall, he confirmed that it was time for him to go out again and proceed with the broadcast.

However, when he called out to his manager and security guard, she did not respond.

Yeom Junyeol walked closer to the door.

“Noona? Are you there? I think it’s time for…”

“…Don’t come out!”

Yeom Junyeol heard a knife-sharp voice.

As soon as he heard her voice, Yeom Junyeol immediately took his hand off the door.

He wouldn’t do anything foolish such as asking if she was okay or suddenly opening the door.

‘Something’s going on. I need to call the others!’

Yeom Junyeol quickly used his judgment and tried messaging people through his device, but the connection wasn’t established.

‘The communication signal in the broadcasting station is blocked?’

Yeom Junyeol knew that it wasn’t a normal situation, so he solidified his resolve.


The impact of the strong energy wave spread over the room.

“Noona, I’ll help you!”

“Junyeol-ah, no! The opponent is…!”

However, she couldn’t finish her words.


The door was ripped open and a shadow was seen behind the faltering manager.

At the same time, the Hongryong that Yeom Junyeol summoned had disappeared.


Yeom Junyeol was aware of this feeling.

It’s the same thing he felt when dealing with another from the Dragon Clan.

* * *

We immediately informed Jegal and Yong Jegun as soon as we found out that the communication signal was cut off.

“Communication is cut off?”

“I think inter-communication is working though. Most of the staff are receiving instructions through in-ears.”

“That means we can’t get in touch with the outside world. Is there a problem with the station nearby?”

“The easiest way to find out is to go out and check…”

It’s most reasonable for Yong Jegun to use his flight skills to go out and check, but he didn’t want to go out.

Yong Jegun had his eyes opened, and just when it seemed like he’d give an ecstatic smile, he suddenly got up from his seat.

Hwang Jiho, who was also looking at the other side of the wall of the studio, looked like he felt something.

‘…They must be feeling an energy wave over there.’

Abd then…

As if the preparations for the stage was over, the performer from Namgung C&T went on.

Holding the microphone, the contestant had a pale face.


He held the microphone in his trembling hands and…

“Run away, right now, out of the studio — No, run out of the building…!”

I heard something explode.

Aside from the energy wave, the explosion was close enough that I felt it vibrating through my feet.

“It’s in the direction of Junyeol’s waiting room”

Yong Jegun had his eyes wide open and stared at the source of the explosion with his cyan eyes.

The anomaly did not stop there.

“W-what the heck!”

“What’s going on…?”

The other kids were frantic as they reflexively reached for their weapon item cards.

“We can’t actualize the weapons!”