Aside from not being able to materialize weapon item cards, there were more problems.

“…This is strange. The alarms aren’t going off.”

“Huh? Alarms?”

“That kind of energy wave bursting indoors should trigger an alarm. It’s impossible to not detect that big of an explosion.”

Jung Haeon seemed to be familiar with the security measures in broadcasting stations, perhaps because she frequented them more than the school.

“There are players that can activate their energy wave or light skill without their weapons. That’s why there’s an energy wave detection alarm system throughout the station. Weapons could be used with a small amount of energy wave so there are marks on the card to monitor them.”

Jung Haeon pointed to the player security guard.

The security guard tried to materialize an item right away, but it seems like he can’t do it either.

According to the explanation I heard when going through the security checkpoint, the purpose of the sticker is to activate an alarm when the card is actualized, not prevent players from materializing them.”

Even the player security guards have the same sticker on their cards.

It’s obvious that whoever was behind this, they’re well aware of the security system inside the broadcasting station.

“Only the cards with the stickers seem to be this way. The others without stickers can be materialized.”

“Not all the cards are sealed, and only those with the stickers are the problem.”

Mok Wooram held a brass brush in his hand, an item that seemed to have just materialized from a card.

It’s not a weapon so I don’t know why he brought it, but it seems like Mok Wooram just carries it around.

While looking at the sticker on top of the R-rank “Iron Rod of a Novice Fighter”, Hwang Jiho said something.

“This is quite well made. The item card will be damaged if you try to forcibly take off the sticker. If you don’t want to scrap your item card, make sure not to rip off the—”


The ominous sound made me turn around and I found Geum Chansol forcibly ripping off the sticker on his item card.

The card sparkled with an energy wave at first, but it quickly disappeared.

“Oh, what the! I can’t actualize it!”

“Aren’t cards supposed to be immune from physical damage? I saw on TV a card being run over by a truck and it was completely fine.”

Before Hwang Jiho could finish his warning, these guys already ruined their item cards.

Since they’re carrying a lot of cards, they must’ve thought it was alright to try it with one.

“Well, I can’t fight with bare hands so it’s no use.”

“Me too.”

“Hahahaha! The same is true for yours truly.”

“I didn’t ask.”

Even with the obvious anomalies, my classmates were still relatively calm.

The kids who can’t fight barehanded looked visibly flustered, but there are still quite a few in our class who can fight.

Although they’d be more likely to be injured and their blows would be less powerful, they can fight without any gear.

‘Then those who can fight right now are Jiho and…’

Hwang Jiho, Hani, Maeng Hyodon, Saeum of April, Min Geurin, and I are the ones who can fight from our class.

Hani and Min Geurin would be fighting without protective gear for the first time, but they’d at least be more powerful than Kim Yuri, Kwon Lena, and Mok Wooram since those three can’t fight without weapons.

There’s no problem for Yong Jegun and Jegal who use special skills.

The Class Zero sunbaes seemed to be discouraged after ruining their item cards though.

Still, I think we’re powerful enough.

If I need to, I can hand out item cards from my item window.

The item cards I collected from the Hwanmong Auction and the fight club were still stacked in my item window.

The items given by the school were in my card holster, but the Sangbosimgeumpa was safely put in my item window so it’s not affected by the security measures.

However, just when I was about to open the item window.

‘There are players here who can’t fight, but there’s a possibility that they won’t have to! I need to consider the situation.’

The opponent we’re against has the ability to prevent item cards from being materialized.

If so, one of us could be thrown into battle and our weapons might be blocked on the spot.

As if having the same thought as me, Hwang Jiho looked at me and shook his head.

I will postpone distributing item cards for now.

‘This unexpected scenario flustered me a little, but it’s not like we can’t handle it. I need to get a grip on the situation first.’

<Light Skill Player Identity activated.>

<Using character’s light skill, Eye Embracing the Heaven and Earth.>

I invoked the light skill to examine the whole station.

The first thing that caught my eye was that regardless if windows or doors were open, a solid boundary was around us.

And the next thing I saw was…

‘Yeom Junyeol is being attacked in front of his waiting room! And the one attacking him is….!’

A character who appeared in PMH as a Dragon Clan, the mythical dragon killer Cadmus.

When he was human, he killed Dracon Ismenios, a dragon born with the blood of gods.

At the end of his heroic life, it is said that he became a dragon along with his goddess wife.

In other words, Cadmus was a dragon but has a legend of dragons’ flesh, the perfect counter-existence to the Dragon Clan and its descendants.

‘It’s not yet the time for Cadmus’ appearance though!’

This being, who was considered the most beloved mortal by the gods, appeared as an antagonist in PMH after Yeom Junyeol died.

When the Red Lion team and the Dragon Clan attacked the National Assembly building, the legend of the Dragon Slayer was shown in the modern age.

Cadmus was known to have killed a dragon, so it was difficult for the Dragon Clan to fight against him.

However, since the battle was on the Korean Peninsula, the ability to draw and use intelligence from the land balanced things out thanks to Cheongryong who was one step ahead.

However, that balance was completely tipped off after the betrayal of the Dragon King’s Shaman.

‘They’re going after Yeom Junyeol. He’s holding up, but I need to go help!’

Before I calculated my next move, something else caught my eye.

Cars parked in the underground parking were being crushed and crumpled like cans with an energy wave.

I couldn’t hear the sound, but it was clear that the underground parking was being ripped judging from the cracks on the ground.

And something was emerging through the brutally dug floor.

An entrance to an otherworld.

“We have enough power. First, let’s assess the situation and—”

“An otherworld spawned in the underground parking lot! Please, we ask for your help.”

The player security guard said so.

Since the otherworld spawned without signs and we can’t materialize weapons, they can’t handle the whole thing on their own.

Jegal nodded right away.

“I will go. Professor Yong Jegun, can I leave the children up to you?”

“What do you mean! We’re going with you!”

“That’s right! An otherworld appearing when we can’t materialize weapons… Something weird is going on!”

“What if the evil guys get you, ssaem?!”

“You can’t. You guys have no weapons. Help the others evacuate.”

The sunbaes whined, but they knew they would be a burden so they backed down earlier than expected.

“I want to go to Junyeol. Something’s wrong.”

Yong Jegun was looking in the waiting room’s direction with a dark expression.

We don’t have time to respond.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have enough assets.

The opponent made a bold move of aiming at several pieces at once.

Still, I have pieces in my hand that the opponent doesn’t know of.

I made up my mind.

“Please let my classmates help in dealing with the otherworld.”

“You don’t have to worry. We wouldn’t need help from the students. There are players on your side who can’t fight without weapons, but if the Namok Poet is with us…”

I shook my head at the player security guard’s words.

We can’t send Jegal alone to the heart of the incident.

It might be the opponent’s plan to have Jegal go underground and leave the group behind, and that’s when they would launch an attack.

More than anything, the premise of the security guard’s words is wrong.

“I looked at the underground parking with my skill. There are about three otherworlds spawning right now, and based on their size and appearance they’re SR-rank at least. If we don’t send enough players to attack them, enemies will come from underground and demolish this broadcasting station.”

The player guard looked appalled at my words.

I don’t know if he’s acting or not, but he seemed flustered.

“There was only one caught in the security cameras though…!”

“They’re placed at blindspots. We can’t make a mistake here.”

Both the player guard and Jegal seemed shocked, but they listened in the end.

Although I’m a student, I’m a player who received my alias, and above all, they have no choice but to listen to me since I understand the situation best with the help of my skill.

“Hwang Jiho, you take the kids who can fight and go with Professor Jegal. Just until ‘backup’ arrives.”

“Wouldn’t it be faster to just attack the otherworld?”

“Backup will come soon.”

Although communication with the outside world is cut off, Hwang Jiho can still interact with his alter egos.

He may already be sending support to the station using an alter ego of his.

I don’t want to create a situation where Jegal would be isolated inside an otherworld.

“We can evacuate people to this studio. The Saint of Naejang Mountain is here.”

Once he heard the news, Yeo Raehun was already on the move.

Among the 18 water containers that he has, he made a monk’s staff with the bronze one and summoned a boundary.

“What are you going to do?”


I walked over to Yong Jegun, who was still staring across the wall.

“I’m going with Professor Yong Jegun.”

“With Yong Jegun?”

Hwang Jiho looked suspicious, but I didn’t add further details.

I can’t afford to reveal my plan in front of everyone, and on top of that, Hwang Jiho would oppose it.

“We’ll go to Yeom Junyeol sunbaenim and help evacuate people. Once Yeom Junyeol sunbaenim joins us, we’ll go to the underground too.”

“Jo Euishin, you’re…”

Hwang Jiho’s words were cut short.

“It’s safe in this studio.”

It was Choi Jina, the MC of the show.

I heard that she doesn’t possess a powerful enough energy wave to attack enemies, but she was already good at it in the first place.

However, she’s still unable to fight now since weapon items are sealed.

“We’ll stay here and continue filming.”

“What? In this situation?”

Choi Jina looked at us and then on top of the stage.

On the stage, the third candidate who told us to run was talking with the producer.

Below that, I could see the cue sheet printed on a metal panel rolling around.

“Playlist is still controversial. If the filming is postponed or the broadcast is interrupted because of an otherworld attack during the broadcast, public opinion will tilt against the player who will enter the entertainment industry.”

Choi Jina spoke in a choked voice.

“People will feel that an otherworld is nearby, of course, people will expect players to respond.”


Jung Haeon suddenly screamed.

She pursed her lips as she tried to think of a response, but she seemed to realize that Choi Jina was right.

“Dealing with the otherworld, and the broadcast of Playlist will be carried on. If not, the way for players to stand above the stage would be blocked again.”