One of the annexes of Hwangmyeong Mansion.

Eunho and the young Hwangho were seated opposite each other.

Eunho placed his cup of cold tea on the table and asked Hwangho.

“How are things going, Hwangho? Has the boundary around the broadcasting station been lifted yet?”

“Not yet. I am breaking it right now. It’s quite difficult to do without doing damage to the broadcasting station itself.”

“Even if you’re uneasy, you mustn’t show yourself. It would be best if Euishin’s cards aren’t used at all.”

“I know. If I have to, I can pretend that I smuggled the cards, but in the end, the enemies might notice Jo Euishin’s ability.”

Hwangho buried himself deeper in the sofa, looking quite unhappy.

Currently, only Hwangho’s high school student self was inside the broadcasting station.

He wanted to send himself to the station right away, but Eunho stopped him and Hwangho realized that it would be a mistake to throw himself in there.

The communication signal in the station is cut off which means that the Demon Race’s Eye isn’t working, but it’s different for the outside world.

The Eye can still see around the station, and it would be dangerous to be seen there.

Eunho asked in a soft voice.

“Did you get in touch with Toyeon-nim? I’d like to hear about what they observed from the Moon Palace.”

“I don’t think it would work if I contact that damned moon rabbit directly, so I’m thinking of looking into it through the association. We have a brilliant researcher interpreting data over there, so it’s best that we wait.”

Hwangho briefly explained about the researcher that he referred to.

Eunho’s eyes widened in surprise when he learned that it was Song Daesok, grandson of Song Manseok and a student of Eungwang High’s Class Zero.

“…Right, his description said he loved satellites.”

“I see Song Daesok was portrayed like that in the game as well.”

“Yes. It’s quite shocking that he’s part of Class Zero but… I didn’t imagine he’d be a researcher at the association.”

Eunho had a very soft expression, and Hwangho tried to think why.

‘In the game played by Eunho and Jo Euishin… Song Daesok must’ve failed to go to school or even become a researcher.’

And then, a report from the association came through.

Listening to the report in real-time, Hwangho spoke again.

“Song Daesok found a plausible answer.”

“Please tell me. In detail if possible.”

“Alright. Song Daesok separated with us earlier at the request of the Associations’ satellite researcher institute and…”

At Eunho’s request, Hwangho began to explain the situation in detail.

Immediately after arriving at the association, Song Daesok analyzed the observations using the application he had developed.

Song Daesok said that the application was still a prototype, so he had to explain the algorithm to seek advice from other researchers.

The other researchers were amazed to see seemingly unrelated variables make perfect sense through Song Daesok’s analysis.

After a minor syntax error was found and corrected, Song Daesok confirmed a conclusion.

— It’s difficult to read since the wavelengths of the energy waves are twisted, but these energy waves are similar to what can be observed ‘inside’ otherworlds. Considering its density, it’s similar to what happens when a floor master approaches. But then there’s something that’s bothering me.

Song Daesok hesitated before continuing.

— In the past, there was an otherworld simulator that was discontinued due to the possibility of it disrupting the satellite and players’ energy waves when used for a long time.

— Oh, I remember. It’s said to use the power from the land to recreate otherworlds.

It was the oldest researcher in the institute who responded to Song Daesok’s words.

There weren’t many people who remembered the old otherworld simulator that was created before Song Daesok was even born.

It disappeared without being released to the public.

Eunho, who was listening to the explanation, asked something.

“Power from the land. That’s referring to intelligence, right?”


“…Is that simulator developed by Namgung Group?”

Hwangho nodded at Eunho’s question.

“You know it well. Did it appear in the game too?”

“No, but the mention of ‘intelligence’ made me think of it right away. Considering the situation at the broadcasting station too.”

Eunho took a sip of his tea.

“I’m glad preparations were set in place. Hwangho, please keep an eye on the situation from a step away. …Did you send Ham Geunhyung-ssi to Euishin hyung?”

Ham Geunhyung had something to do in Hongcheon today, so he took half a day off in the afternoon.

Although he would be on his way back from work to join the kids, Eunho requested that Ham Geunhyung be sent to the station as fast as possible.

“I contacted him. He’s on his way to the station after work. He was on an air taxi, and I told him to get off immediately and head to the station on his own. It’s faster for him to run on his own than take a taxi.”

“You need to send him to the floor where Euishin hyung is, not to the entrance of the station. Even if nothing happens, we should have him join them just in case.”

“I sent him to the designated location. …Huh?”

Hwangho’s face, who was checking the latest report from his subordinate, became clouded.

He seemed to doubt whether his senses were betraying him.

“Ham Geunhyung used his light skill just now. He managed to destroy the station’s outer wall and the boundary surrounding it.”


“Ham Geunhyung’s light skill is Marksman’s Sight and Barebow. He could’ve seen something with that sight.”

Eunho put down his teacup silently.

Hwangho continued relaying the report.

“They’ve made contact. It seems that Ham Geunhyung is unilaterally shooting arrows. The target being hostile cannot be identified at our subordinate’s location.”

“What about the boundary? Is it still up?”

“If we do what Ham Geunhyung did, we can damage the station to break it. Negotiations with the station are over. After five seconds, the outer walls will be broken and entry will become possible.”

Before Hwangho and Eunho finished the five-second countdown, Hwangho spoke again.

“There’s suspicious movement in the parking lot. I think it’s the old simulator developed by Namgung Group that we’re dealing with… And it seems like they’re trying to lure Jegal.”

And after a few seconds, Hwangho, who seemed to have overpowered the opponent in the parking lot, finally spoke.

His face was deeply offended.

“It’s someone that I know. He’s the one who tried to step into our territory when I clearly haven’t given permission yet to film inside the school.”

* * *

The Red Lion and Dragon Clan’s revenge after Yeom Junyeol’s death.

The targets for that scenario were the lawmakers who were to blame for Yeom Junyeol’s death.

A lawmaker was thrown into the Capitol when his manipulation was uncovered.

‘…But the Red Lion Team and the Dragon Clan didn’t face him themselves.’

Yeom Bangyeol tried to negotiate with the government to release that lawmaker, but the government didn’t respond to any of his attempts.

At that time, the conflict between civilians and players grew and the atmosphere was at its worst, so the government wouldn’t admit that a young player died due to the mistake of a politician.

They dismissed the young player’s father’s revenge as petty terrorism.

As a result, the Red Lion Team withdrew from the Association and took action with the Dragon Clan.

The one waiting for their moves was Cadmus.

‘If it’s just Cadmus, it would be fine, but there’s another problem. The Dragon King’s Shaman…!’

A Dragon Slayer dragon, the ambush of Cadmus.

And a betrayal by the Dragon King’s Shaman.

I’m sure there’s a connection between the two.

To prove that point, I need to throw Cadmus to the Dragon Clan and observe closely the Dragon King’s Shaman.

That’s why I want the Dragon Clan to secure Cadmus as quickly as possible before the government or the association can take him.

I never wanted this situation.

“Yes. I will take Euishin, our benefactor, and have him taken care of. I think the kid in charge of you today is safe already, so can I leave her to you? Pickup that kid and I’ll send other security guards to you.”

“Yes please.”

I can’t let Yong Jegun take me and Cadmus.

If Professor Ham Geunhyung were here, I could have him help me stop Yong Jegun, but unfortunately, he headed back down right after Cadmus collapsed.

It’s reasonable since Yong Jegun was with us so he could go and check on the other kids’ safety.

‘I wish he had taken me with him instead…’

But it’s already too late so I need to solve this on my own.

I tried to find the right time to get my opinion in.

“I’m alright. We don’t know what’s going to happen yet. I’m going to step back temporarily, but I’m going to stay in the station until the situation is all cleared up.”


Yeom Junyeol said my name in a low voice.

“You hesitated before using Gyungu’s light skill. In other words, you tried to prioritize solving the situation at hand over your safety.”

Yeom Junyeol had his sunbae-face, looking like he was admonishing his immature junior.

No, considering the actual situation, he really was admonishing.

“If you hadn’t made preparations, you would’ve recovered yourself and be on the move already. Isn’t that right?”

Yeom Junyeol was correct.

Instead of bringing Hwang Jiho here, I put him in the basement and handed him the item cards.

Yeom Junyeol completely dissected the situation correctly.

While I was speechless by my student’s perfect reasoning, Yong Jegun spoke in a satisfied voice.

“Euishin-ah, if you’re tired, do you want to go to sleep for a while?”

Is he going to physically put me to sleep if I resist?

If it’s Yong Jegun, I’m sure he can do that.

In the end, I had to agree after much consideration.

“…I’ll go on my own.”

Yeom Junyeol smiled faintly.

* * *

A single hologram screen’s faint light illuminated the deep darkness.

A long finger scrolled over the screen.

The slender finger stretched over the screen that showed the broadcasting station.

“I reacted quickly, but it’s not a ready move.”

The drowsy voice rang before an elongated silence.

“This has made it clear. Either the Rabbit Clan or the Tiger Clan knows of my ‘Summoning Otherworld’.”

The twin sitting at the edge trembled.

“It’s probably the rabbit’s fault! These rabbits had a lot of tricks up their sleeves even from a long time ago.”

“I don’t know about this damned rabbit that just won’t die, but I got rid of the other ones. Stupid bears should’ve handled them correctly!”

“The undying rabbit is affectionate. Even if the other rabbits are gone, she won’t be able to do her job.”

“Please let us go next time!”

The owner of the slender fingers closed the hologram and then his eyes, letting the twin’s whines out of his ears.

His appearance was void of any regret, let alone anger.

“It’s worked out. The events today were only for ‘confirmation’ anyway. Nabiryeong (Butterfly Spirit).”

“Yes, I am here.”

Nabiryeong’s wings fluttered from the side once she was called.

“Did you fulfill all my orders?”

“Yes, of course.”

Nabiryeong answered politely.

The corners of her mouth were up, but since her head was bowed, it wasn’t visible to anyone.

“You’ll soon be able to move as you please.”