The underground parking lot was where the otherworld entrance spawned and where weaponless players are facing enemies.

In the midst of the crisis that continued to sprout more abnormalities, the Crazyhead appeared, stunting a civilian.

The Class Zero freshmen felt relief when they saw that their classmate was safe, but the feeling was soon replaced with shock.

“I think that was Taehokwon footwork just now. Don’t tell me he made a mistake.”

“…I don’t think it is. It was a really clean strike with his foot.”

“Jiho? I think it was a human inside the car, not an enemy…”



Meanwhile, the professional player team was still busy beating up enemies.

“A human you say?”


Hwangho jumped from the roof of the car to the floor.

He immediately opened the door of the car, and an abnormal ripping sound was heard when he opened it with force.

The fainted figure leaning against the car door rolled down.

“Yeah, I can’t do anything better than forbidding myself, but this guy is a human being.”

“What does that…”

Jegal reflexively tried to reach for the figure who fell on the floor, but it was impossible.

For some reason, Maeng Hyodon tied him with his light skill.


Hwangho kicked the figure’s body once again and revealed his face.

That’s when the kids from Class Zero recognized the person.

“Oh! It’s the sub-PD that caused trouble when he showed up before the agreed time for filming.”

“Is that why you beat him up? I don’t think that’s right.”

“…I didn’t see his face before.”

“Oh, there’s something in the car.”

Maeng Hyodon pointed to the inside of the car, and they saw an otherworld ore that didn’t seem to be broadcasting equipment.

The surface of the otherworld ore was connected to thick cables, which seemed to have been set up in advance and connected to the car’s battery.

That wasn’t the only odd thing.

The floor of the car and the floor of the parking lot were also connected by a cable.

“…That’s an otherworld simulator that has been discontinued. The type that uses intelligence to be powered up.”

Jegal, who recognized the identity of the lump of the otherworld ore, said with a surprised face.

The otherworld simulator was spraying heavy energy waves around it.

“What? Intelligence? But why is an otherworld simulator here…?”

“What is this? Wait, let me search.”

“It’s not a weapon so it won’t come up. It’s a lump of otherworld ore so only players who know what it is would recognize it but…”

“There are many companies who enter and leave the station. The broadcasting station’s own production, partners, entertainment companies, outsourcing companies, and so many others. It will be overwhelming to just check the equipment directly.”

“It would’ve been hard to rule out if it was only in the parking lot…”

Hwangho turned off the otherworld simulator.

Even after he did, the enemies that already spawned did not automatically disappear, but everyone felt as if the air was much lighter.

The principles of how it worked were still ambiguous, but this otherworld simulator seemed to have buffed the otherworld and the enemies spawning from it using intelligence.

And that’s not the only thing.


“There’s something in his hand!”

There was a strange device on the wrist of the person that Hwangho kicked.

The device, which looked like a regular wristband at first glance, was equipped with a needle.

Hwangho carefully stepped on the person’s wrist and the needle stretched out long.

At the same time, a sticky liquid stretched out from the tip of the needle.

“He intended to inject this when he lured you to ask for help.”

“That’s…! What did he want to do to the player that would help him?”

“He was after Professor Jegal?”

The professional players felt dejected after learning that a civilian intended harm to one of the players.

The enemies were no calmer and so everyone was calm too, but the silence felt stinging.

Fortunately, it did not last long.

They raised their heads and looked at the entrance of the parking lot at the sound of heavy footsteps.

At the end of their gaze were several professional players running, led by Ham Geunhyung.

“…Professor Ham Geunhyung!”

“Is anyone hurt?”

Ham Geunhyung’s eyes were lit by an energy wave from his light skill.

His face became even scarier, but the students looked at him with greatly relieved faces.

“Yes! We’re alright!”

“Professor, have you seen Euishin? I thought he would come here sooner…”

“Jo Euishin is…”

Ham Geunhyung’s face darkened.

He began to speak slowly as if carefully choosing the words that he’ll use.

“…He has Professor Yong Jegun with him.”

“Huh…? We know that…”

“Then where did Yong ssaem go? Don’t tell me enemies are there too…”

“There are no enemies there. Don’t worry.”

The students were relieved to hear that there weren’t any enemies in their direction, but Hwangho alone looked suspicious.

Before Hwangho could question him, Ham Geunhyung stepped forward.

“All the players without their weapons, stand down. We’ll take care of it from here.”

“Professor Ham Geunhyung, I’ll join you. Oh… Hyodon-ah?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah, me too…”

“Players without weapons are advised to stand down.”

Jegal also stepped forward.

Maeng Hyodon deactivated his light skill and tried to insist to keep fighting, but he was pushed back by Ham Geunhyung.

“Leave it to the teachers and professional players now.”

“Oh, shall we go find Euishin?”


Just in time, the communication signal was restored.

Hwangho immediately sent a myriad of text messages to Jo Euishin, but he didn’t get any response.

It’s not uncommon for Jo Euishin to ignore texts that ask about his well-being, but it didn’t fail to frustrate Hwangho.

“…Jo Euishin is not answering my messages.”

“Oh? Doesn’t that happen all the time?”

Hwangho openly nags Jo Euishin in front of their classmates for not checking his messages, so the other kids from their class know it well.

Hwangho decided to contact someone else.

But the situation was the same.

“…I can’t contact that damned dragon either.”

To be precise, Yong Jegun unilaterally sent one message and then cut off contact.

[Yong Jegun] Euishin is safe. I’ll take him with me first.

[Yong Jegun] ^^

While Hwangho’s face hardened at the message, the kids flocked to his back and glanced at the hologram.

Their faces also stiffened a little when they saw the little “^^” message from Yong Jegun as if they were reminded of his usual ecstatic face.

“…You got an answer at least.”

“Oh, Yong ssaem took Euishin?”

“There must be something going on since they didn’t go back to watch Miro’s performance.”

“I’m worried about Euishin too, but since we’re here to support Miro, it would be difficult to track where Yong ssaem is…”

Thanks to Ham Geunhyung, Jegal, and the other professional players, the attack was completed safely.

However, Hwangho’s worries are not yet over.

— What happened to Euishin hyung? Have him come to the mansion right away.

His headache increased when he heard what Eunho said through his young alter ego at the mansion.

* * *

Up in the sky.

I was currently being flown away from the broadcasting station by Yong Jegun.

As soon as I changed my clothes, Yong Jegun immediately flew me up to the sky.

He used a spatial skill to hide my injured body, but when we reached a certain height, he deactivated it again.

He took off the crow mask and handed it to me, but something was bothering me a little.

“…Wouldn’t we stand out traveling like this with flight skill?”

“No, the sky is safe. I can’t feel the Eye here. It seems like it cannot reach a certain altitude.”

I obtained useful information.

As expected, my playable character is sensitive to the Demon Race’s Eye so he knows advanced information.

Yong Jegun then spoke in a bright voice.

“Wow, Chairman Hwangho contacted me so fast. He can’t get in touch with you and he’s asking how you are. How should I answer this?”

I had notifications from my device turned off.

‘I wish I could tell him that I’m safe.’

Hwang Jiho is with the other kids.

He’s also with Eunho.

I was wondering if I should respond to him, but I decided not to since Yong Jegun was already in contact with him.

“…Please tell him that I’m safe.”

“You’re going to leave it up to me? Really? Oh, I don’t want to tell him in person later on but… Okay, okay.”

Yong Jegun looked very excited.

I don’t understand anything he just said, but I thought it was fine since he looked happy.

His mood became better after talking with Yeom Jnuyeol earlier.

“Hahaha! Chairman Hwangho never sent me this many messages before! We’re almost at the Dragon Clan’s territory though?”

“He won’t come, right?”

“Well, he can’t. Unlike the Tiger Clan’s territory which is quite open since it’s a school, the Dragon Clan’s territory is closed.”

There were two main Dragon Clan territories that appeared in the PMH game.

One was the Dragon Palace in China, and the other was deep underground in the Red Lion Team Building.

‘But even members of the Red Lion team can’t get in without permission.’

The only ones who can freely enter were the Dragon Clan, their descendants, and the Dragon King’s Shaman.

In other words, only very few exceptions exist that can allow other people to enter the Dragon Clan’s territory.

“But it’s open to our benefactor. Don’t worry.”

“…I didn’t do anything.”

The word ‘benefactor’ tickled my stomach.

It was Professor Ham Geunhyung who knocked down Cadmus after all.

Perhaps unamused by what I said, Yong Jegun retaliated.

“You didn’t do anything? Is that so? It would be big trouble then since you made Yeom Junyeol cry when you didn’t do anything.”

Yong Jegun’s laughter was a stark contrast to his cold words.

The last student I saw before leaving the station looked as resolute as in the past when he cried before me too.

— Do well on today’s broadcast. I’ll be watching the show.

It was a cliche word of encouragement that I’m sure Yeom Junyeol heard many times, but he replied to me with his perfect smile.

—…You should take a rest, don’t overdo it. But since Euishin will be watching, I’ll be doing my best.

Our situation where I’m his hoobae but also his teacher is quite confusing, but Yeom Junyeol handles it well.

“We’re almost there.”

Yong Jegun slowed down our flight.

We seem to have arrived at our destination.

“That Dragon King’s Shaman is on standby to treat you.”

Five colors were rising from the direction where Yong Jegun was looking.

The Red Lion’s Team Building stood tall through the clouds.

‘Those are…’

The rooftop of the Red Lion Team Building was covered in five-colored clouds.

Five shamans were waiting for Yong Jegun and I’s arrival.