The five colors are deeply related to the Yin and Yang Five Elements, one that cannot be left out when talking about the patterns and perceptions of the universe in Eastern culture.

According to the theory of Yin and Yang, the two create five energies — fire, water, wood, gold, and soil.

These five energies or “five elements” corresponds to five directions — center, east, west, north, and south — and are expressed in five colors.

Hwang (Yellow) in the center, Cheong (Blue) in the east, Baek (White) in the west, Jeok (Red) in the south, and Heuk (Black) in the north.

These five colors are called obangsaek that symbolize the five directions.

‘But those colors aren’t just simply colors. Just like those shamans.’

Five colors would automatically remind anyone of the obangsaek, but there’s something called ogansaek.

If obangsaek corresponds to the bright colors, ogansaek corresponds to the negative colors.

The ogansaek has the sangsaenggansaek and the sanggeukgansaek.

The Dragon King’s Five Shamans were wearing the latter.

The colors are Nok (Green), Byeok (Jade), Hong (Red), Yoohwang (Sulfur), and Ja (Purple).

Those are the colors that come out when the obangsaek is mixed.

‘Considering the connection of the shamans to the dragon king and humans, having them wear ogansaek is more appropriate than obangsaek.’

And among these five-colored shamans, there is one traitor.

In a sense, it’s fitting since there is a Ganja (spy) among them.

Before we landed on the rooftop, I asked Yong Jegun something.

“What would I be entering as?”

“Junyeol’s guest. You are a benefactor to myself, Yeom Bangyeol, and Cheongryeong, but I don’t intend to reveal that.”

Yong Jegun had an “I did a great job, right?” face on.

Looking at his face made me feel relieved but bitter at the same time.

‘…Yong Jegun knows that there’s possibly a traitor in that building.’

Yong Jegun was staring at the Red Lion Team Building with his cyan eyes.

“Is the traitor a dragon? Or perhaps a human?”

“It’s hard to conclude which one for sure.”

“So there is a traitor. I knew it.”

“Why did you guess so?”

Yong Jegun successfully got information out of me, but he didn’t look so happy.

He told me his reasoning.

“Today’s shooting schedule suddenly changed. Junyeol’s schedule was also adjusted because of a change in the script right before the live broadcast. He had to re-record the narration part that goes with the interview.”

As Yong Jegun said, the addition of the audience interview inevitably resulted in changes in the filming schedule and the script.

Even Dokgo Miro apologized profusely to us for the sudden change.

Before Yong Jegun and I went to Yeom Junyeol, he asked something.

— Where is Junyeol? I thought he was supposed to be in the studio after the pre-recording.

Yong Jegun continued speaking, his next words explaining how the Red Lion and Dragon Clan knows Yeom Junyeol’s schedule.

“I checked Junyeol’s schedule early in the morning. The dragon in charge of his security today updated it, but I couldn’t check the updated schedule in the afternoon. But that dragon slayer seemed like he knew.”

Cadmus went straight to the floor where Yeom Junyeol was.

And as if it was predetermined, no one else was on the floor where they were.

It’s something that cannot be done without the latest insider information.

“It’s possible that it’s someone from the broadcasting station, but… Junyeol draws lots on who his manager for the day will be. There’s no way the station staff knows that. It could’ve been a Red Lion team member instead of a dragon who guarded Junyeol today, but I’m worried that he chose the one connected to the dragon slayer.”

I wonder what would’ve happened if it were Yeom Bangyeol who guarded Yeom Junyeol today.

Even if they weren’t captured today, perhaps having Yeom Bangyeol would’ve minimized the possibility of Yong Jegun or Yeom Junyeol getting assassinated.

Cadmus’ actions were all dependent on Yeom Junyeol being away from the school and being accompanied by a dragon.

“I thought about why you left the dragon slayer to our care instead of the Tiger Clan, Euishin-ah. It would’ve been more convenient for you to let Chairman Hwangho-nim handle him instead of Cheongryeong… but why did you hand him over to the Dragon Clan?”

Yong Jegun is right.

If the goal is to simply interrogate Cadmus, it would’ve been easier if he were in the hands of the Tiger Clan.

The Tiger Clan’s territory is more accessible for me, and there’s the expert torturer Kim Shinrok in there.

And it would be safer for me to deal with Hwang Jiho instead of Cheongryong who would be furious that I made Yeom Junyeol cry.

I don’t know how far he’ll understand, but Yong Jegun’s reasoning was accurate.

“Don’t you think there’s a traitor in the Dragon Clan? Is that why you put Cadmus in our hands, not the association or the Tiger Clan?”

Yong Jegun narrowed his eyes and smiled.

“That’s why I’m having you head inside as Junyeol’s guest, not the Dragon Clan’s benefactor. A close hoobae who happened to be caught up in the attack of a dragon slayer.”

I thought it would be an opportunity to use me as bait if my identity becomes unknown.

“Euishin, don’t tell me you thought of becoming bait in this situation?”

“…I don’t think it’s a bad idea.”

“Oh, Junyeol sent me a message. He says he’s worried about you. What do you think I should reply? Can I tell him the exact words you said just now?”

Yong Jegun’s words made me drop the idea.

Even if it wasn’t me, Yeom Junyeol would be very worried if a hoobae of his says something like that.

I shook my head weakly.

“You don’t want to? Okay, then stop saying useless things.”

I can’t do that in the first place since I’m not the Dragon Clan’s benefactor today.

‘Does that mean only Yeom Bangyeol and Cheongryong knows me?’

Both of them are unlikely to be traitors, so I guess that’s why Yong Jegun only told the two of them.

“I didn’t expect all five of them to come out. I see they’re all curious as to who Junyeol’s guest is. Junyeol’s circle of friends is wide but he’s never invited anyone here before.”

“You didn’t call them out, Professor Jegun?”

“Yeah. I didn’t call them. Hmm… From the look on your face, I guess we need to keep a lookout for the shamans.”

With that, Yong Jegun and I became silent.

We were close enough to the shamans for them to hear our next words.


As soon as we descended, the five shamans welcomed us.

When passing through the clouds, I felt pure energy wave from them.

“You’ve returned, Yong Jegun-nim.”


Led by the shaman dressed in yellow, the others greeted Yong Jegun.

They were dressed in five colors, and their faces were covered with a cotton cloth the same color as their clothes.

The Dragon King changes shamans every fifty years, and the next succession ceremony will be held next year.

However, I can’t see any signs of a white hand or a smooth voice between the five of them.

I remembered something.

‘The Dragon King’s shaman, an order of youth…’

Even if they’re not immortal like Ok Toyeon, they do not age.

As long as the Dragon King is alive, the shamans are not affected by the passage of time.

“Yep, I’m back. I didn’t expect everyone to come out.”

Although we can’t clearly see their faces, Yong Jegun greeted them the same way he greets children at school.

It’s a stark difference from the dragon that flew me here who expressed burning hostility against their clan’s traitor.

“It’s the first time Junyeol has a guest.”

“Please introduce us to the guest.”

“Oh my, his energy wave is a mess. Let’s hurry with the introductions and get him treated.”

The shamans looked at me and spoke with warm voices.

Their voice was full of goodwill, affection for Yeom Junyeol, and curiosity for me.

Normally, things like these are embarrassing and icky for me, but I felt nervous because the whole thing felt like a skit.

“He’s in the class where I’m the assistant homeroom teacher.”

“Hello, I am Jo Euishin.”

“Ohoho, what a polite kid. Alright, we’ll introduce ourselves too.”

Nok, Byeok, Yoohwang, and Ja shamans introduced themselves.

They use their colors as their names.

‘Maybe my playable character would’ve received a name like that if they succeeded in becoming a shaman.’

Thinking about the kid, who was still in middle school in this world, made me feel a bit better.

Next year, the Dragon King’s Shaman scenario will occur, and someone will play a trick that will result in my playable character dying.

There’s a foreshadowing that there’s a traitor among the shamans and that foreshadowing results in the worst case possible — Yeom Junyeol’s death.

‘I need to protect my playable character, and Yeom Junyeol at the same time…!’

I tried to remember the names and voices of the shamans.

“Hong-ah, come here and greet Junyeol’s hoobae.”

“O-oh, yes…”

The shaman with the same color as Yeom Junyeol’s Hongryong hesitated before stepping forward.

This shaman was very shy.

The shaman in red clothes bowed to me in the end.

“Will you be accompanied by Yong Jegun-nim?”

“I thought you’d be watching Junyeol’s broadcast right away. I see this must be a special student then.”

It began to sink in that we were really headed to the Dragon Clan’s territory when we were led to an elevator that led directly underground.

Yong Jegun never left my side.

“Yep. He’s Junyeol’s hoobae and a student of mine. I need to take care of him well.”

Yong Jegun is worried about the traitor.

I don’t think one of the shamans would raise a knife to my throat in here though.


While making small talk about Yeom Junyeol’s school life, the elevator quickly descended to the basement.

After passing the first floor, the elevator panel stopped displaying a number.

‘Does it now show the number of basement floors?’

I kept looking at the panel, thinking that maybe something else would be displayed.

However, as if the power was turned off, nothing was shown.

Instead, a blue dragon pattern appeared on the elevator door.

Seeing the door, the shamans exclaimed in amazement.

“Cheongryong-nim really opened the door!”

“I thought permission wouldn’t be given even if it was Junyeol’s guest though.”

It seems that the elevator does not go underground without Cheongryong’s power.

The elevator soon stopped and the door opened.

What welcomed me was a large garden, making it difficult to think that we were deep underground.

I could hear the sound of water somewhere and the vegetation was so dense that it looked like we were outdoors.

“Let’s head this way.”

As soon as I stepped out of the door, I felt a heavy energy pressure on my body.

‘It’s not as bad as the one in Hwangmyeong Mansion’s underground, but the density sure is high here too…!’

Indeed, we were in the Dragon Clan’s territory.

The shamans led me to a magic camp in the middle of the garden with sculptures of dragons in five colors.

“I will treat our guest’s body with the Dragon King’s power.”

When Nok began to sing to the sky, the other shamans followed suit.

A gentle energy wave and the song wrapped my body.

Energy waves slowly permeated my body and energized me.

And the moment the song reached its climax…

<Skill Destiny activated.>