While with the Dragon King’s Shamans, with one of them possibly being a traitor, the Destiny skill activated.

But right now, I cannot use my Player Identity skill.

I used up my light skill and Fate of Unknown card, and there was still quite some time left before midnight when my skills would reset.

That meant I can only use one ability.

‘Am I supposed to deal with this using my Use Objects ability then? But…;

That skill of mine is useful, but even in this situation, its use is also restricted.

‘I gave most of the item cards to Jiho so I don’t have a lot of weapons I can use!’

If needed, I might have to use the sangbosimgeumpa.

I immediately tried to sort contingency plans in my head.


As soon as the system message disappeared, particles of energy wave mixed with the shamans’ singing and emitted a strong light.

A huge surge of energy wave entered my body that it made my eyes go wide open.


I heard Yong Jegun’s voice call for me, perhaps because he sensed that something was wrong.

He seemed to run my way, but he stopped right in front of the magic camp as if he was unable to go further.

I was about to yell “it’s okay, don’t approach!” when…

A dark change.

The surroundings turned pitch black as if I had my eyes closed.

‘This is…’

A space dark enough where only a faint sound of the wind could be heard.

I felt a sense of strangeness in this space.

‘It’s similar to when I met Akea through Yoo Sanghee’s light skill…’

A similar situation.

Yoo Sanghee, Akea’s priest.

The five-colored shamans of the Dragon King.

The Destiny skill that was activated while I was being treated.

And a dark space that suddenly unfolded.

Comparing the two cases made it obvious what would happen next.

‘That means where I am right now is…!’

Suddenly, a colorful light finally came down from above.

Naturally, I turned my eyes toward the source of the light.

Though I could tell who it was without looking.

‘…It’s a dragon!’

At the end of my gaze was a blindfolded dragon, its body covered in a five-colored robe.

The Dragon King’s scales could be seen through the five-colored robe, and it emitted a subtle light like a cloud.

It was my first time seeing him and he hasn’t uttered a word yet, but I’m sure of it.

‘It’s the Dragon King for sure! I only ever saw his silhouette in the PMH game.’

The Dragon King slowly descended from the sky.

He landed on the floor but I still had to prop my neck up to look at his face given that his body was enormous.

After a few moments, he opened his mouth.


It was a short greeting, but the moment he opened his mouth to speak, I felt a heavy energy pressure on my body.

It’s stronger and more intense compared to when I met Akea.

‘Is it because we’re in the Dragon Clan’s territory and I had the five shamans nearby?’

We’re only in the Dragon Clan’s territory but the power is already this overwhelming.

I wonder what it would be like if I step into the Dragon Palace.

I bowed politely to the Dragon King.


As soon as I said hello, the energy pressure around me dissipated.

In the lightened air, the Dragon King’s voice, one that had a hint of laughter, resonated again.

[You’re as polite as the rumors say.]

What does he mean by rumors?

Does that mean the Dragon King heard about me from someone?

As if observing me, the Dragon King brought his horned head closer to me.

He’s blindfolded so I don’t know if he’d see anything, but he came closer anyway.

[I have heard about you. You borrow the God’s power, and those blessed by the God interact with you. So there’s no way I wouldn’t know.]

I am being talked about by superior beings…!

Indeed, many of the characters I borrowed using my Player Identity skill had connections to superior beings.

‘Then that means those superior beings know about me…!’

During the Hwanmong Auction, I used Yeom Junyeol’s power.

The Dragon King’s order to Yeom Junyeol ‘My fire will not burn you’.

It’s possible that he recognized me from that moment.

My face distorted a little.

‘…Won’t he find it unpleasant for someone who didn’t receive his order to be able to use that power?’

There are many things that can anger superior beings.

Why didn’t that cross my mind before?

I guess my simple mind just saw it as borrowing a playable character’s power.

[I know what you’re worried about. You don’t need to worry.]


The Dragon King spoke in a smiling voice.

[The power that you use is of the God, not ours. That’s why we cannot intervene.]

Further questions deepened at the Dragon King’s words.

Then where is the power that I use coming from?

Somehow, I think even the Dragon King doesn’t know the answer to that question.

If there is anyone that could answer, it would be the transcendent universe that brought me to this world.

The Dragon King kept comforting me in a benevolent voice.

[Even if you used my power without permission, I have no intention of punishing the child who saved and helped my children. There are gods who get angry at the smallest mistakes of humans, but I’m not one of those.]

My children.

The Dragon King must be referring to Yong Jegun and Yeom Junyeol.

The Dragon King’s words showed his love for the dragons.

But another question arose.

‘Then why…?’

Why did the Dragon King stop Yeom Junyeol’s revenge in such a ruthless way?

The Dragon King in the PMH game did things even with the knowledge that Yeom Bangyeol would burn to death.

Yeom Bangyeol’s order disappeared and his body burned red.

‘…Is it because he cares more about the shamans?’

The way the gods loved humans in the myths was unclear.

The whims of gods were difficult to understand.

‘There could be something I don’t know yet.’

Then I need to observe.

I won’t have many opportunities to see the Dragon King in person, so I need to gather all the clues I can get to predict the next things that would happen.

“Thank you for saying that. However, it was Professor Ham Geunhyung who saved Professor Yong Jegun and Yeom Junyeol sunbaenim.”

[Yes, that archer also helped save my children, but that doesn’t mean you threw your life to protect them.]


[You can say those things in front of Yong Jegun, but don’t say them in front of Junyeol. It’s been a while since I’ve seen him so upset.]

The Dragon King knows that I made Yeom Junyeol cry.

His last words sounded as sharp as a knife.

Still, I felt relief since I personally witnessed how much the Dragon King cherishes Yeom Junyeol.

Seeing my attitude, the Dragon King spoke in a satisfied voice.

[You’re as courageous as Yong Jegun said. I like it.]

“Professor Yong Jegun has talked about me?”

[Yeah, Yong Jegun has spoken about you before. He said there’s a human that he wanted to invite to the Dragon Palace.]

Yong Jegun and I had a conversation when we returned from Joo-Oh Island.

— Next time I get to encounter the Dragon King, I will mention you.

— I’ll tell him there’s a human I want to invite to the palace.

Yong Jegun kept his word, but it bothered me a little that I don’t know how much he told the Dragon King.

[I hesitate to bring a child that uses the God’s power to my palace. I said I’d think about it but… I think it would be okay.]

Fortunately, it seems like I passed the Dragon King’s interview.

After finishing his words, a huge energy wave launched into the air.


The energy wave condensed to a spherical shape.

Inside the small bead, which was about the size of my palm, is something that looks like the scale of a dragon.

[I give you my permission to enter the Dragon Palace.]

A bead made personally by the Dragon King came down in front of me.

Holding it with both hands, I felt a warmth emanating from the bead.

‘Is this an entrance permit to the Dragon Palace? The bead itself would cost a fortune…!’

They say that I’ve saved the dragons, but I don’t think this bead is something that they easily give to any human.

I took the bead and bowed politely to the Dragon King.

“Thank you.”

[Yeah, let’s see each other at the Dragon Palace.]

The Dragon King’s presence gradually faded as if he had said all that he had to say.

When the dark space brightened and the Dragon King’s presence was almost completely gone…


The Dragon King looked down at me and spoke in a suspicious voice.

[If you have breathing problems, consult Yong Jegun or my shamans. No, I’ll tell Yong Jegun myself.]

The Dragon King disappeared before I could refuse.

In the brightening view, the shamans’ singing became louder.


When I realized that I was back, I made eye contact with Yong Jegun.

The shamans had their eyes closed while singing to focus on healing me, but Yong Jegun was different.

He has been observing the situation without blinking once.

He looked at me thoughtfully before raising the corners of his mouth.

He seemed like he was about to give his signature ecstatic smile, but he held back since the shamans were around.

His gaze was directed at my hand.

‘…He’s looking at the bead that the Dragon King gave!’

I immediately hid it in my item window.

Yong Jegun seemed ecstatic as he witnessed the bead disappear without a trace.

On the other hand, I felt quite uncomfortable just as the song ended.

“Are you done healing the guest?”

I heard a dignified voice.

The atmosphere is different from when I encountered them at the baseball stadium, but I easily recognized who it was.

The head of the Dragon Clan, Cheongryong.

‘And the one beside her is… Yeom Bangyeol!’

Beside Cheongryong is the Red King Yeom Bangyeol.

The head of the Dragon Clan and the Team Master of one of the world’s top ten teams.

The pressure in the room was as heavy as it could get.

“Welcome, Cheongryong-nim. We have safely completed the guest’s treatment.”

“He seems spent, but his energy wave looks stable. Good work.”

When Nok spoke as the shamans’ representative, Cheongryong thanked them for their hard work.

Cheongryong spoke politely in a solemn voice, but she looked somewhat nervous.

The same was true of Yeom Bangyeol.

‘Are they aware of the traitor too?’

Then that might make it easier to get their cooperation.

While thinking of what to say, Cheongryong suddenly gestured.

“I have a lot I want to discuss, but it’s quite difficult to do so right now because I have something important to do. For now, follow me.”

“Then we will be taking our leave.”


Cheongryong began to walk busily as soon as the shamans bid their goodbye.

Yong Jegun was with us too of course.

We walked while I tried to think what the important thing was.

Soon enough, we arrived in front of a thick iron gate embossed with dragons.

Cheongryong raised her hand and a heavy sound accompanied the gates opening.

An urgent voice was heard.

“Cheongryong-nim, it’s just begun!”

“It’s not too late, is it?”

“Yes, the opening is on the way now!”

Inside was a huge screen.

In front of it were the Dragon Clan and members of the Red Lion Team.

The screen showed…

‘It’s the opening video for Playlist!’

The “important thing” was to watch Yeom Junyeol’s live broadcast.