One of the annexes of Hwangmyeong Mansion.

It was already late, but Eunho and the young-looking Hwangho continued to sip their tea as if they had no intention of sleeping tonight.

Hwangho’s young alter ego preferred ice cream over tea since his taste was a little different, but since Eunho didn’t seem to be at peace, he decided to accompany him in drinking warm tea.

Hwangho was juggling several things at once — taking care of the situation at the broadcasting station and communicating with Kim Shinrok who was dispatched to the Dragon Clan’s territory.

He murmured in a hardened voice.

“Jo Euishin got hurt?”

“Is that Jeokho’s son? What did Shinrok-nim say?”

“I will explain.”

The message sent by Kim Shinrok detailed Jo Euishin’s status.

He explained that although there are currently no apparent wounds and his energy wave is stable, Yong Jegun clearly said that Jo Euishin was injured.

Eunho listened carefully before asking Hwangho.

“Was there anything different from usual other than that? Were his clothes bloodied, or did he smell like blood?”

“He said he was wearing civilian clothes, not his school uniform.”

Eunho’s hand that was holding the teacup tensed hard.

There’s only one reason why Jo Euishin, who went to the broadcasting station in his school uniform, would be wearing casual clothes when he got to the Dragon Clan’s territory.

“Something happened to his clothes.”

Hwangho agreed.

He added to the hypothesis.

“I guess so. If he looks fine on the outside, that means he must’ve been treated. If it’s a healing ability that can stabilize his energy wave, perhaps the Dragon King’s Shamans came forward?”

“And if it were the Dragon King’s Shamans who treated him, that means Euishin hyung did something that the dragon clan greatly appreciates.”

The two tigers were speaking calmly, but the energy wave around them became noticeably heavier.

Both of them know just how reckless their benefactor could be.

“Is Euishin hyung on the way here?”

“…Kim Shinrok’s message got cut off. I’m not sure.”


“I should send a message too.”

After sending another message to Jo Euishin’s device, Hwangho decided to ask something else to change the subject.

“I couldn’t ask you this earlier since we were in an urgent situation. Tell me why you ordered Ham Geunhyung to be sent there.”

“Considering the number of people in the broadcasting station and the events there, I thought the situation could be an optimized stage for the killing and incapacitation of certain people.”

Eunho continued in a quiet voice.

“The Dragon Clan’s Warrior, Yong Jegun. Yeom Junyeol, Dragon Clan’s descendant and subject of great affection of both the clan and their associated professional player team. And Jegal Jaegul, user of Spiritual Word skill. It was the perfect opportunity to deal with them all at once.”

“Those people are not that easy to deal with.”

“Yes. That’s probably why they sealed the players’ weapon item cards, blocked the broadcasting station, and sent strong enemies there.”

“Even if they didn’t know that I would be there, it seemed like the activities of the dragons were known to them. That alone isn’t enough to stop the dragons, but how and why did they try to assassinate them?”

Recalling the story of PMH that he played when he was ‘Cheon Sungheon’, Eunho explained further.

“They would’ve sent Cadmus, the Dragon Slayer who became a dragon.”

“…An existence most appropriate to deal with the Dragon Clan’s descendant.”

“Yes. And Considering his light skill and order, his natural enemy would be Ham Geunhyung.”

“He borrows the power of a famous god in Greek Mythology as his light skill. That was the appropriate response.”

After the topic of the Dragon Killer that he knew from PMH, the subject once again returned to that one person.

Eunho asked about Jo Euishin, who they still have no proper information on.

“I want to check Euishin hyung’s current condition. I think the fastest way is to meet him in person to check and ask. Is Euishin hyung still can’t be reached through his device?”

“…He’s not checking my messages. Did Jo Euishin do this kind of thing to you too when he was your sunbae?”

“No. Euishin hyung always answered my messages well except when there are things that come up. I think the only messages he ignores are s, spam, or phishing messages.”

“Hahahaha! So my messages are being treated as s, spam, and phishing messages.”

Hwangho laughed and looked back at what he’s sent.

Most of his messages were urgent and needed, but he did send some unnecessary ones which might’ve been bothersome for Jo Euishin to reply to.

Still, Hwangho doesn’t have any plans not to bother Jo Euishin.

Eunho smiled bitterly and put down his teacup.

“…I can’t believe Euishin hyung went to the dragon’s den.”

“Jo Euishin said that there was no problem with the dragons. But the expression on his face when he said it, I don’t think it’s true.”

“Cheongryong and the other dragons are fine. I think the problem is with the shamans.”

“The shamans?”

“Among the Dragon King’s Shamans, there is one who joined hands with the group that is coming after Eungwang High.”

Eunho briefly told the story of the Dragon King’s Shamans.

After Yeom Junyeol’s death, the Dragon Clan and the Red Lion Team would rise up.

The Dragon King’s Shaman promised cooperation but went behind the Dragon King.

And the defeat of Yeom Bangyeol and the Dragon Clan who lost their order.

Hearing the explanation, Hwangho replied in a dark voice.

“…That’s what happened in the future that you saw.”

“Yes. We could prevent the Dragon Clan and the Red Lion Team from collapsing, but we need to pay more attention to the traitor shaman.”

Eunho seemed to imply that he wants to utilize the traitor shaman instead of just simply dealing with her.

Hwangho nodded once, expressing that he’d follow what Eunho wants to do.

“Tell me when you have your thoughts sorted out. Though we’d have to discuss it with Cheongryong too.”

“Right now, Cheonryong would trust the shamans more than the Tiger Clan. We need to find the right opportunity. Though I’m sure Euishin hyung has that in mind already.”

At that moment, a message arrived on one of their devices.

Hwangho immediately checked it, hoping that it would be Jo Euishin, but it was only a member of Tiger Clan that was dispatched to the association.

He read the report with a somewhat disappointed look.

“I’ve received the report from our subordinate sent to the association. The PD seems to be more light-tongued than expected.”

“Even if he’s sloppy, it will take time to catch the tail that handed him the otherworld simulator. I’m sure that person is formidable at least.”

“Yes. But it seems like the contestant from Namgung C&T knows something. I think we can confirm as soon as the broadcast is over.”

While the conversation between the previous and current head of the Tiger Clan prolonged, the final episode of Playlist finally ended.

When all the Eungwang High students who watched live were sent home, Eunho suggested something.

“It’s late, but since Ham Geunhyung-ssi was dispatched by the Chairman, wouldn’t he give a simple post-report? Did you receive anything from Ham Geunhyung-ssi?”

“Just in time. They’re done chauffeuring the students. I’ll ask Ham Geunhyung for a report.”

While waiting for Ham Geunhyung’s report, the young Hwangho rose from his seat.

“This is frustrating. It seems like Yong Jegun is interfering with Kim Shinrok. Now that the broadcast is over, I should ask Cheongryong.”

“Do you know Cheongryong-nim’s contact information?”

“I’m thinking of asking through the magical means of the 12-point alliance.”

“I don’t think Cheongryong-nim doesn’t have a device though.”


Hwangho pursed his mouth.

He doesn’t have most of the heads from the 12-point alliance’s contact information since they’ve become estranged as he spent his days being negligent.

Though he still knows the annoying rabbit, Ok Toyeon’s number.

From Hwangho’s reaction, Eunho saw through him.

“It seems that the Tiger Clan hasn’t interacted with the other clans for a long time.”

As if running away from Eunho’s words, Hwangho hurried to the front door.

However, Eunho naturally followed him out.

While walking to the front door, Hwangho had to listen to a lengthy speech on the importance of maintaining good relations between allies.

“…I’m heading to the main building. The magic camp of the alliance is in the underground of the main house.”

When the topic of the main house came up, Eunho asked about something that he had been curious about for a while.

“Hwangho-nim, do you use the main house by yourself?”

The descendants, Baekho, Jeokho, and Shinsoo all live together in the main house.

Hwangho has a room prepared for Eunho to stay in, but he couldn’t call him to live there yet since he thought that he wasn’t prepared to face his descendants.

He pondered for a while, but Hwangho decided to tell the truth.


“So there’s a reason why I must stay in a separate house.”


Eunho didn’t ask why.

Instead, he contemplated for a while.

“…Understood. Then please go ahead and contact Cheongryong-nim.”

Eunho indirectly expressed that the young Hwangho should leave now.

“Thank you for being considerate of me, Hwangho-nim.”

Was it considerate of him not to let Eunho meet his descendants?

The young Hwangho didn’t know how to respond, so he turned around and hurried out.

At the main entrance of the main house, the descendants sensed someone approaching so they came to the front door to welcome them home.

Eun Seoho and Eun Iho had been busy studying for the exams lately, so usually, only the youngest, Eun Jaeho, greets him when he comes home.

However, all three of them were there today.

“Young Hwangho-nim, welcome home!”

“Yes, I’m back. You didn’t have to wait for me.”

“No, it’s alright. We wanted to wait for you.”

Watching the descendants smiling brightly, Hwangho did his best to hide his bitter expression.

The descendants continued to talk to the young Hwangho, looking like they had a lot to say.

“I was so bored because everyone was busy today. I was going to finish studying early to play with everyone though…”

“That’s right. We haven’t seen Sanryeong these days, so only the three of us, we’re odd numbers. That’s not so ideal for playing games…”

Hearing the descendants say that “everyone” was busy, Hwangho stopped in his tracks.

He thought Baekho would be in the mansion.

“Jeokho and I had something to do today, but did Baekho leave too? Oh, did he take a walk with Shinsoo?”

“Shinsoo is in the mansion though?”

Looking at where Eun Iho was pointing, the young Hwangho saw Shinsoo on the sofa, looking at him with a gloomy expression.

‘Where did Baekho go? Is he going after Sanryeong?’

Hwangho wondered for a while before heading underground to contact Cheongryong.

* * *

‘He’s bothered other people, descendants, and even the dragons… Should I reply?”

But what am I supposed to say?

Kim Shinrok must’ve already told him that I’m safe.

Thinking of what I should reply for a while, Cheongryong spoke again to change the subject, perhaps to be considerate of me.

“It’s not odd for Dragon Clan’s benefactor to have a connection with Hwangho. Why don’t we eat first? Aren’t you hungry?”

Except for his excessive love for their descendant, Cheongryong seems like a perfectly normal character.

Cheongryong already had breakfast with Yeom Junyeol, but it seems like Kim Shinrok and Yong Jegun waited for me.

“Shinrok-ah, don’t you have to go to school? You’re Year One Class One’s homeroom teacher, right?”

“…I left it to my assistant homeroom teacher. I also submitted a notice.”

“I told Professor Ham Geunhyung, but I didn’t think of writing a notice. I should too.”

“I shouldn’t have told you.”

Kim Shinrok looks like he’s had enough of Yong Jegun.

When Kim Shinrok began to ignore him, Yong Jegun turned his attention to me.

“Euishin-ah, about the favors that you’ve asked. Can I join?”

“Which one are you talking about?”

I had two requests for Cheongryong and Yeom Bangyeol.

“The one for Yeom Bangyeol. Can I be there too?”

That’s going to be a bit problematic.

My favor to Yeom Bangyeol was to speak with someone who has hatred for people of royal lineage.

Before I could express disapproval, Yong Jegun spoke again.

“It’s been a while since I saw Gukeon.”


The sound of a dish shattering was heard right at the end of Yong Jegun’s sentence.

The source; Kim Shinrok.