On the long boarding bridge from the airport gate to the Red Lion Team’s private jet.

The boarding bridge at the exclusive glass-covered terminal was colored in red, bearing the team logo of Red Lion.

It was a change after Yeom Bangyeol got a customized red VIP membership card.

‘Did they do it because Red Lion is one of the world’s top teams? Or is this service available to all VIPs?’

Either way, it doesn’t change the fact that Yeom Bangyeol is amazing and respected.

He seemed to be an ordinary old man in an ignorant person’s eyes, but he was one of the best players in Korea.

It’s only natural that Yeom Bangyeol, who doesn’t lack in energy, fame, and ability, to receive such courtesy.

‘Is that the Red Lion’s private jet? The painting on the body is the first team master’s light skill, isn’t it?’

A red lion roaring is painted on the body of the white plane instead of the usual team logo.

That team logo is said to be derived from the first team master’s light skill and seeing the painting on the plane, I could see that the light skill I’ve only heard about is more grandeur than I thought.

“Gukeon said he’s here.”

Kim Shinrok’s face became visibly stiff when Yeom Bangyeol, who was walking ahead of us, said so.

Yong Jegun asked something, feigning ignorance.

“Isn’t this boarding bridge directly connected to the aircraft? So he got on board first?”

“Gukeon came through another passageway. There are additional entrances and ordinary stairs at the entrance to the boarding bridge. Gukeon will use that.”

Since then, Kim SHinrok turned extremely silent.

While we were walking earlier, he kept trying to persuade me to stay.

However, once Sung Gukeon’s name was mentioned, he completely stopped talking and eventually closed his mouth as we approached the aircraft.

Yong Jegun said something that would make Kim Shinrok speak again.

“Shinrok-ah, if you’re worried so much, why don’t you come along?”

“...How am I supposed to go with you? People of royal lineage and descendants can’t just go abroad. The post-report procedure is too complicated. It might damage the Tiger Clan if I leave.”

“Yeah, alright. Shinrok-ie arrived late last night so he should be resting first.”

“If you’re going to say that, why did you invite me to come in the first place?”

“Just because.”

Kim Shinrok looked like he wanted to pierce Yong Jegun with a tack right at that moment, but he suppressed his anger in consideration of me and Yeom Bangyeol.

Or maybe he just held it in because he was afraid that his old student would see and he’d become a terrible influence.

“...Jo Euishin-gun, when did you finish preparing for this trip? Is your visa okay? When did you start planning for this?”

I did prepare right after hearing the information from Sung Gukeon, but I didn’t really prepare much.

My player registration acts as a passport so I didn’t need to get one.

And regarding overseas travel, I solved it during the summer vacation.

“The newspaper department went overseas during the vacation. I took care of the small stuff during that time.”

“...Oh, right. I see.”

Among our destinations for the overseas coverage trip, the U.K. was included so I already got a visa at that time.

Visa-free entry in the U.K. isn’t applicable for people under 18, so I had to get one.

It would’ve been a difficult process if Jegal and Ham Geunhyung hadn’t actively helped prepare it at that time.

“I can see Gukeon. Is that Muyeong beside him? It’s been a while since I saw them.”

Through the red-colored hologram and window, we saw Sung Gukeon and Jeon Muyeong.

Sung Gukeon’s physique was top-notch and anyone would know that it was him even from a distance.

‘But Yeom Bangyeol just referred to them by their first names. Does he know them?’

Yong Jegun seemed to have the same thought.

“Yeom Bangyeol, do you know those two?”

“Yes. But Gukeon entered school when I graduated so we didn’t share time as schoolmates. I’ve seen him a few times at reunions.”

Every year, the alumni association of Eungwang High holds an annual reunion.

There are a lot of players who are killed in action or are dispatched to the front lines so not everyone attends, but since the school produces hundreds of outstanding players every year, the scale was still huge.

It can even be described as the largest social gathering of players in Korea.

It is no wonder that Sung Gukeon, the first player-turned-lawmaker, and Yeom Bangyeol, leader of a world-class player team, had an exchange there.

Still, I had some questions regarding Sung Gukeon’s side.

‘After graduating, Yeom Bangyeol got married into the Dragon Clan. But Sung Gukeon still contacted him voluntarily?’

It’s a surprise that Sung Gukeon, famous for his dislike for the royal lineage and their descendants, would speak with Yeom Bangyeol.

“Yong Jegun-nim must’ve taught Gukeon and Muyeong.”

“Yeah, I have. I think it’s the same for Shinrok too.”

Kim Shinrok stopped at his friend’s hidden malicious comment

Kim Shinrok looked at Yong Jegun with hateful eyes before speaking.

He spoke referring to his current identity.

“After Sung Gukeon graduated, I became a teacher under the name Kim Shinrok. I have taught Jeon Muyeong.”

So he taught both Sung Gukeon and Jeon Muyeong but using different personas?

He had changed identities, but it doesn’t change the fact that he must’ve been a gift to those two people.

Yeom Bangyeol looked puzzled.

It seems like he doesn’t know much about Kim Shinrok’s old persona.

Kim Shinrok’s eyes turned over the window.

Beyond it, Sung Gukeon’s back could be seen.

He was speaking with Jeon Muyeong.

“...He has always been tall, but it looks like he grew more during the time I didn’t see him.”

Kim Shinrok spoke to himself in a quiet voice.

Yeom Bangyeol heard it and tried to piece things together.

“Muyeong hadn’t grown after his sophomore year, I think. I guess that means you’ve taught Muyeong when he just entered high school.”

“Hahaha, Yeom Bangyeol is a strong human, but you have no tact. You must’ve suffered when you were dating our descendant.”

After that, it seemed like only Yong Jegun was having the best time.

With the mention of Yeom bangyeol’s embarrassing past, we reached the end of the bridge.

The end was divided into two branches.

One was a simple staircase leading into the private jet, and another one was outside.

Sung Gukeon and Jeon Muyeong came up the stairs as if they knew we were close.

Step, step.

As the footsteps got closer, I could feel Kim Shinrok’s nervousness.

Shortly after a huge gulp from Kin Shinrok, Sung Gukeon appeared.

When Yeom Bangyeol and Sung Gukeon, both having excellent physiques, faced each other, it felt like the passageway became narrower.

“It’s been a while, Yeom Bangyeol sunbaenim.”

“Yeah, how have you been?”

“Hahaha! I’m always the same.”

The two exchanged greetings before looking at us.

Sung Gukeon narrowed his eyes when he belatedly saw Yong Jegun.

He spoke with the least courtesy he could give.

“Though I haven’t heard that a dragon will be joining us.”

“I just came to see him off. My student will be with an old student of mine that I hadn’t seen for a long time after all.”

As if he weren’t damaged at all by Sung Gukeon’s sharp words, Yong Jegun smiled pleasantly.

He quickly stepped aside, revealing Kim Shinrok who was hidden behind him, and Yeom Bangyeol.

Kim Shinrok and Sung Gukeon made eye contact.



In a situation where no one seemed to want to speak, it felt as if time had stopped.

Unlike what Yong Jegun said, it seemed like Yeom Bangyeol sensed something and so he silently watched the situation.

“You are...”

Sung Gukeon tried to ask something, but his words were cut off.

It was an uncharacteristic thing for Sung Gukeon.

‘Don’t tell me he recognized him?’

Kim Shinrok freely changes his face using the skills he learned from Cheongho.

I wouldn’t know since I have no idea what Kim Shinrok used to look like, but perhaps Sung Gukeon sensed a similarity.

Or maybe he just feels it in his gut that his teacher was in front of him.

“...Oh, Professor Kim Shinrok? Professor, it’s me, Jeon Muyeong.”

It was Sung Gukeon’s secretary, Jeon Muyeong, who broke the heavy silence.

Kim Shinrok and Jeon Muyeong’s expressions seemed welcoming of each other, perhaps they were quite close before.

Kim Shinrok forced the corners of his mouth up to answer with a smile.

“...Yes, it’s me. It’s been a while.”

“You don’t need to speak so formally, professor. I graduated already but I owe you a lot so...”

“Is he a teacher of yours?”

“Yes, it’s impossible to forget.”

The playable character I knew was a sharp and strong secretary, but in front of Kim Shinrok, he looked like an ordinary student beaming to see his old teacher after a while.

As if to boast to Sung Gukeon, Jeon Muyeong introduced Kim Shinrok.

“He’s the adviser to the Jiikhoe, sir.”

So Kim Shinrok had been Jiikhoe’s adviser way back?

When Jeon Muyeong was a freshman, Sung Gukeon became the student representative, the private inspection system was abolished and the Jiikhoe was established.

Even after Sung Gukeon graduated, the Jiikhoe performed properly.

And it was since then that Kim Shinrok assumed this new identity.

‘Did he become the advisor to Jiikhoe as soon as Sung Gukeon graduated?’

My guess was almost confirmed by Jeon Muyeong’s explanation.

“No one else was willing to be the adviser to Jiikhoe, perhaps because you had just graduated at that time, sir. That’s when Professor Kim Shinrok came forward. Professor Ham Geunhyung was also a prospect, but he was busy at that time so...”

“It’s my first time hearing of this, Muyeong-ah. I only heard that it was a good teacher who became an adviser.”

“It was right after you graduated so perhaps people were shushed about it.”

Jeon Muyeong talked about this and that happily, but Kim Shinrok was clearly trying to contain his expression.

And after Jeon Muyeong, Yong Jegun spoke.

“Shinrok-ie is still the adviser of Jiikhoe.”

“...I wasn’t the adviser all this time.”

“Is that so? Then the Jiikhoe members this time are lucky. They wouldn’t have to worry since Professor Kim Shinrok is with them. You’ve always been someone who cares a lot for students, Professor.”

Sung Gukeon didn’t have a big reaction.

I couldn’t know if he was wary of Yong Jegun or Kim Shinrok himself.

“I see. Thank you, Professor. I look forward to your continued service to the Jiikhoe.”

After greeting in a conventional manner, Sung Gukeon took his eyes off Kim Shinrok.

“Alright, let’s get ready for departure.”

“Right, we can’t hold you for too long.”

Sung Gukeon began to walk forward as he talked with Yeom Bangyeol.

I couldn’t see Kim Shinrok’s expression as his head was bowed a little.

Before we boarded the plane, something suddenly came to mind.

‘Ah, I should send a message.’

I opened a message window full of unread messages and entered a text.

[Me] I’m headed to the U.K.

As soon as I sent it, a phone call came.

But since I had to board the plane, I didn’t answer it.

It’s not that I didn’t want to pick up.