Inside Red Lion’s private jet.

Yeom Bangyeol wouldn’t accompany us all the way to the U.K., but he was kind enough to guide us inside.

It’s quite incredible that Yeom Bangyeol took matters to himself instead of hiring someone to guide the staff inside the plane.

It seemed that their benefactor and his lawmaker hoobae are getting special treatment.

‘He bought a plane of this caliber to go see Yeom Junyeol abroad?’

Not only were sliding doors installed between wide-spaced seats, but there were also bedrooms, shower facilities, a conference room, a gym, a kitchen, and a minibar.

I thought it was a little too much, but I soon understood why Yeom Bangyeol had these.

“I paid extra attention since this plane will be used by my family. Though our Junyeol-ie’s overseas study didn’t last long so we rarely use it now.”

I would have done the same for my playable characters or Olmu if I had the ability and money.

While imagining giving Olmu his special seat with his toys on our own private plane, I suddenly remembered our flight last summer.

‘Come to think of it, the last time Hwang Jiho and I were in China, we rode a chartered plane back, not a private jet. Was that plane procured locally since we had to return to Korea suddenly?’

On that day, I decided to go back home after receiving Saeum of April’s message.

When Hwang Jiho heard my intention to go back, he prepared a chartered plane right away.

‘It would’ve been faster to rent a plane there than to bring one in from Korea.’

Hwang Jiho probably has his private jet unattended.

It would need some basic maintenance, but I don’t think he often rides it himself.

The reason is obvious of course.

‘Hwang Jiho’s abilities are less strong outside Korea. He would avoid traveling abroad if it isn’t necessary.’

On a chartered flight from China to Korea, Hwang Jiho produced a golden chess board and pieces with his energy waves.

— Moving the alter egos while the true self is outside the Korean Peninsula is quite tricky. In other words... it’s like I need to create a separate hand with energy wave to be able to move the other pieces on the board.

— The ability to think, the precision of skills, and the ability to concentrate are greatly reduced. That’s why I took care of everything important before hopping on this overseas trip.

When I remembered our conversation, I felt relief at my decision not to tell Hwang Jiho about this overseas trip.

There’s a possibility that Hwang Jiho would follow me even though he already has so much stuff to take care of.

And I haven’t figured out how Hwang Jiho can be killed yet.

‘I don’t know how the Black Screen neutralized Hwang Jiho yet. It’s better for him to not leave Korea where his power is weakened.’

While I was deep in thought, I looked around all the major facilities in the jet.

After Yeom Bangyeol completed the tour, he left a message for me and Sung Gukeon before leaving the plane.

“Have a safe trip then. Gukeon-ah, this child overdid himself yesterday. Take good care of him.”

After saying Yeom Bangyeol said his goodbye, Sung Gukeon, and Jeon Muyeong silently looked at me.

Their gaze tells me they’re checking whether there’s something wrong with me.

The two wouldn’t find anything though since I already received treatment yesterday, but it seems like Sung Gukeon wouldn’t let it go easily.

“Perhaps... Was there another incident at the broadcasting station? I saw Professor Ham Geunhyung’s name in the audience. There’s circumstantial evidence too that the Red Lion Team was at the scene.”

“Among the players who participated in dealing with otherworlds, the Nameless Supernova wasn’t listed.”

“He must’ve done something then that wasn’t put in the association’s records.”

Yesterday’s incident was widely reported by the news.

It happened in conjunction with the final broadcast with Playlist so it was inevitable that the public’s attention would be drawn to it.

Perhaps the Red Lion Team did a fantastic job, the incident with Cadmus wasn’t reported at all.

And since it’s not a strange occurrence for the Red Lion Team to overreact to things related to Yeom Junyeol, no one questioned it when the team actively intervened.

“I won’t try to dig up what the Red Lion Team and the Association have covered up. Though I know I’d still do it if I deem it necessary. Hahaha!”

Sung Gukeon laughed cheerfully.

Without having any specific information, it’s an applaudable ability that he was able to grasp the existence of another incident in an instant.

He seemed like a big senior on the surface, but the aura of a re-elected lawmaker cannot be mistaken.

Sung Gukeon changed the subject.

“I see you didn’t bring any luggage, Euishin-ah.”

“I’ll buy necessities there.”

I didn’t have time to stop by my dormitory room to pack, so I came empty-handed.

I’ll be okay even if I don’t shop for necessities since I have some emergency stuff stored in my item window, but I might just go shopping if I felt like it.

“Alright. Tell Muyeong if you need anything.”

Sung Gukeon didn’t ask anything after that.

Sung Gukeon himself was someone who was often at the center of big incidents, so it doesn’t seem unusual for him.

He wasn’t phased too when I told him that we’d be riding on the Red Lion’s private jet.

After takeoff, the three of us moved to the conference room right when the seatbelt sign was off.

I sat opposite Sung Gukeon upon his suggestion, and Jeon Muyeong handed over printed documents to us.

“Please destroy this material after we’re done.”

The data handed over to Jeon Muyeong contained details of the tentatively named “An Old Saint’s Halloween Party”

From the first glance, it doesn’t seem like this information was obtained through general means.

‘This Halloween Party hosted by a royal lineage isn’t well known, but he was able to investigate this much. As expected, Jeon Muyeong is really skilled.’

While I was memorizing the location, time, and strange phenomena that occurred in the previous parties, Sung Gukeon suddenly asked a question.

“Euishin-ah, about the teacher who came to see you off earlier...”

There were two teachers who saw us off.

Sung Gukeon would refer to Yong Jegun as ‘dragon’ instead of ‘teacher’, so I know he’s referring to Kim Shinrok.

“Why did he come all the way here to accompany you?”

It was out of the blue, but his question is legitimate.

Kim Shinrok wasn’t my homeroom teacher, so it’s no doubt that he’d see it strange.

‘I can’t reveal Kim Shinrok’s identity nor can I say he’s a descendant of the Tiger Clan.’

I decided to use the excuse Kim Shinrok made when he came all the way to the Dragon Clan’s territory to see me.

“Professor Kim Shinrok was worried since I am a dormitory student.”

There were hundreds of dormitory students though, so I guess he might still see it strange that the professor would see one off to go abroad.

However, thanks to Jeon Muyeong’s words, my excuse was persuasive enough.

“Professor Kim Shinrok had always been affectionate since long before, even if he can’t express himself well. Maybe because he was a new teacher at that time, but he seemed awkward with the students. Even so, he always showed a caring attitude.”

“I see... So he’s that kind of professor.”

“I’m sure he’s worried about his student going abroad the very next day an incident at the broadcasting station occurred.”

It was my first time seeing Jeon Muyeong, who had always been in passive roles, take such an active step.

Sung Gukeon listened silently to Jeon Muyeong’s praise of Kim Shinrok.

He seemed to have deep thoughts when Kim Shinrok was mentioned, but he wasn’t verbally expressing his thoughts.

“That professor seemed close with that dragon too.”

“I heard that Professor Kim Shinrok has never left Eungwang High. Since he’s been a teacher for so long, it’s not strange for them to know each other.”

Jeon Muyeong didn’t hide his trust in Kim Shinrok.

It’s to the point where every word from Sung Gukeon was dismissed.

I thought this topic would be taken care of even if I didn’t say anything, but I decided to speak up.

“I’m sorry.”

When I found the right timing, I decided to apologize first.

Instead of being flustered by the sudden apology, Sung Gukeon simply asked why with a soft face.

“Sung Gukeon sunbaenim, I didn’t tell you about Professor Yong Jegun in advance even though I knew you were wary of people of royal lineage.”

I know that he’s on good terms with Yeom Bangyeol, but it was something worth apologizing for since we were borrowing authority from royal lineage after all.

“Haha! Yes, it was quite sudden. But it’s alright. In the first place, I wouldn’t have boarded this plane if I didn’t trust Yeom Bangyeol sunbaenim.”

Sung Gukeon smiled, saying that it was okay.

“I don’t know about others of royal lineage or descendants, but I trust Yeom Bangyeol sunbaenim. If the Dragon Clan tries to attack the Korean Peninsula, I’m sure he’ll do his best to dissuade them. I see him with my eyes, and I’m confident in him.”

I’m thankful for his words, but I became curious as to how people of royal lineage and descendants look through his eyes.

Maybe if he’d looked at everyone with those eyes, he wouldn’t have been wary of all of them.

Although, since he has a history with people of royal lineage, I can’t blame him.

‘Sung Gukeon trusted and followed Kim Shinrok too.’

Of course, it’s possible that he believed that Kim Shinrok was human until the end.

“There are some things that we have to recapture this time, so if we were on board a regular aircraft, we would have to go through complicated procedures. It’s a good decision, hoobae-ah.”

Sung Gukeon reached over and tapped my shoulder.

“As we all know, the primary goal of this expedition is to recover the ‘Imoogi’s Exorcism’”

Sung Gukeon floated a hologram of Imoogi’s Exorcism.

‘If an old student of Artist Hong Kyungbok hadn’t sold Min Geurin’s work abroad, all of this wouldn’t have happened.’

Sung Gukeon explained further.

“Oh, I heard about the story of this painting from you, but I have heard more details from Artist Hong Kyungbok.”

It seems like Sung Gukeon knows something more than the painting’s whereabouts.

He briefly explained the last page of the data by floating it on a hologram.

“From when the painting was commissioned to production, how the materials were procured, and how to determine its authenticity... I wrote it all down so please check it out.”

I memorized the last page.

Thanks to Sung Gukeon’s explanation and the data prepared by Jeon Muyeong, the small details easily entered my head.

After the briefing, Sung Gukeon revealed another shocking thing.

“I got a list of sales that will be put up for the Halloween auction in advance. I thought it would be easier than I thought. But ‘Imoogi’s Exorcism’ is not the main thing.”

A piece by my playable character isn’t the main event?!

Even though that means our quest will be a little easier, it didn’t feel very good.

“Haha! I understand how you feel, Euishin. The party is not on our home grounds. Let’s think of this positively.”


While I tried to control my emotions, Sung Gukeon continued his explanation.

“The auction features one of the four greatest treasures of Tuatha de Dannan (Tribe of Danu). Since it’s related to superior beings, it easily beats Imoogi’s Exorcism.”

A total of four treasures of the People of Goddess Danu.

First, the Lia Fáil (Stone of Destiny), a stone that is said to make a noise when someone who’s fit to be a king touches it.

Second, the unescapable Sword of Nuada.

Third, the five-pronged Spear of Lugh that is said to guarantee victory.

And fourth, a symbol of abundance, the Cauldron of the Dagda.

I still don’t know which of the four items is up for auction, but it was shocking, to say the least.

“...One of them is being auctioned?”

“Yes, there’s no doubt about it.”

Those divine treasures had been a symbol of divine right and a subject of awe.

A treasure that can only be possessed by people with the permission of superior beings is now set to be auctioned.

‘There’s only one thing I can think of that can do such a wicked thing.”

There were people allied with the Tribe of Danu in the mythology, but they were desperately defeated in several war confrontations.

Their opponents were often described in the myths as brutal and vicious invaders.

“So at the center of the auction is the Fomarians of the Demon Race.”

So it seems we will be dealing with the Demon Race at this Halloween Party.