Firstly, hills would block sight. Secondly, they would greatly restrict the movement of large feys.

However, these were not problems for Lin Yuan because the Source Sand could break through the hills and take control of the granules.

These granules would be even stronger than regular gravel.

Lin Yuan shook his hand, and the amber-button-shaped Source Sand landed by his feet.

The Source Sand changed back into its original form and tunneled underground.

Liu Jie raised his hand and used Spirit Injection on himself and Liu Jie.

He injected a large amount of spiritual power into the Source Sand to enable it to rapidly crush the rocks in the surroundings to generate sand.

In less than a minute, the area in a 2,000-square-meter radius turned into a sandy landscape.

Lin Yuan had worked with Liu Jie before.

Sand was the best cover for insect colonies.

Gao Feng summoned the Breeze Hibiscus and two Spirit Spring Lilies.

The Breeze Hibiscus enabled all the spiritual power in the surroundings to gather at the Spirit Spring Lilies.

The flowers blooming on the Spirit Spring Lilies started spewing out streams that landed on Liu Jie.

A moment later, Liu Jie sensed the overwhelming spiritual power from the streams.

Liu Jie snapped his fingers, and the Dimensional Light Moth instantly appeared next to his head.

The Dimensional Light Moth flew lower and hid behind two rocks that Lin Yuan had intentionally left untouched.

Many Flesh-Mincing Blade Insects, Lightning Gathering Moths, Plasma Caterpillars, and Hurricane Owlet Moths were produced.

The Hurricane Owlet Moths were all the improved versions.

Their large pairs of wings allowed them to fly as swiftly as the Bronze Divine Travel Black Swallow.

The Hurricane Owlet Moths scattered like snowflakes to scout out the location of the Freedom Federation team.

As Liu Jie continued to use more spiritual power, Gao Feng even had to direct some of the spiritual power from the Spirit Spring Lilies at himself.

Gao Feng had given most of his spiritual power to Liu Jie in an instant to enable the latter to produce as large of an army as he wanted.

Insects continued to pour out of the Dimensional Light Moth for eight minutes.

Gao Feng, Zong Ze, and Liu Yifan knew that Liu Jie could produce many types of insects, but they did not know what the exact number was.

On the other hand, Lin Yuan and Liu Jie were aware of the exact number.

The Source Sand produced tunnel after tunnel in the sand underground.

All of these tunnels were filled to the brim with the Flesh-Mincing Blade Insects.

The Source Sand also dug out two spaces that were 600 square meters large each.

One space contained the Plasma Caterpillars, while the other contained the Lightning Gathering Moths. Both groups of insects continuously produced powerful plasma bombs.

Lin Yuan sensed that Gao Feng was faltering, so he raised his hand and used Spirit Injection on Gao Feng.

Blackie had reached Diamond X/Fantasy V.

Spirit Injection replenished all of the spiritual power that Gao Feng had used up.

Liu Yifan had not summoned the Yin-Yang Double Instrument Cow or the Four-Animal Eight-Trigram Deer.

He had only summoned the Peach Prosper Jay so far.

Numerous peach trees sprouted from the sea of sand.

When they first appeared, the peach trees were all bare.

However, they rapidly started to grow leaves.

Once the trees were covered with a significant thickness of foliage, light green peach flowers grew from between the leaves.

Liu Yifan did not choose to turn the flowers into fruits. Rather, he decided to let the flowers fall instead.

The flowers started showering down on Liu Yifan, Gao Feng, Black, Zong Ze, Liu Jie, and the Dimensional Light Moth.

As more and more flowers fell on them, light green peach flower imprints appeared on their bodies.

Soon, a battle skirt with patterns of peach trees and jays appeared on them.

Eventually, miniature Peach Prosper Jays appeared next to each of them.

When the miniature Peach Prosper Jays appeared, Liu Yifan instructed the Peach Prosper Jay to stop the trees from dropping flowers.

Instead, he started turning the flowers into fruits to prepare for the battle.

When Liu Jie felt that the Insect Queen had produced enough insects, he waved his hand and summoned an extremely grotesque black insect that resembled a headless earthworm.

However, this strange insect could extend itself much longer than an earthworm could.

Every person that had participated in the Guard Ye Banquet would have a vivid memory of this strange insect.

This insect-species carcinoma fey was the Hypha Tapeworm that Liu Jie had summoned during the Martial Stage.

The Hypha Tapeworm was extremely adaptable.

Although the sand was very dry, it did not prevent the Hypha Tapeworm from covering the ground with its hypha.

There was a rumor that the Hypha Tapeworm would be able to cover even lava with its hyphae when it reached Gold grade.

Liu Jie's Hypha Tapeworm had reached Diamond/Legend.

The Hypha Tapeworm rapidly divided itself amongst the purplish-black hypha. It did not take long for the carpet of hypha to be covered with black Hypha Tapeworms.

Lin Yuan instructed the Source Sand to bury the Hypha Tapeworm one meter underground.

Underground, the carpet of hypha continued to expand.

The buried Hypha Tapeworms were the second life of the entire insect army.

When the insect army died in battle, the Hypha Tapeworms would take control of their corpses so they would be able to re-enter the battle.

Liu Jie was not done. There was no way he was only going to use one insect-species carcinoma fey when he controlled more than ten.

After fusing with the Firefly Demon Fetus, the Blade Queen Bee had turned into a four-winged fairy and was in the midst of evolving.

Once the Blade Queen Bee comprehended a Willpower Rune from nature, it would be able to evolve to Myth Breed.

The Insect Queen controlled the Blade Queen Bee. As such, it was not limited by Liu Jie's spirit qi professional rank.

The Dimensional Light Moth spat out 80 spike-covered black caterpillars.

Liu Jie ordered the Insect Queen to produce another 80 Shield Ladybugs that were filled with protein.

The 80 Shield Ladybugs were well aware that their duty was only to be sustenance for the Blade Queen Bee's young insects.

The Shield Ladybugs lay in the sand and opened their armor to reveal their soft abdomens underneath. This would give the Blade Worms easier access to consume and take them as hosts.

After consuming the Shield Ladybugs, the Blade Worms would grow into adulthood.

Although the Blade Queen Bee's young insects had already entered the Shield Ladybug's bodies, they were completely silent.

Now, Liu Jie summoned an insect-species carcinoma fey that even Lin Yuan had never seen before.