The audience on Star Web was well and truly stunned by Liu Jie's combat power. Or rather, they were astounded by the insects' discipline.

Many of them were wondering how Liu Jie climbed up to Sequence #1 of the Radiance Hundred Sequence immediately after his absence.

Was it just because he was Chief Guard Ye's disciple?

All of the audience was now aware of how horrifying his power was.

None of the insects that the Dimensional Light Moth spat out was below Diamond grade.

Many spirit qi professionals who had adventured into alien insect dimensional rifts agreed that the insect army was just as terrifying as a Class 4 alien insect dimensional rift. In fact, even the alien insects in the Class 4 alien insect dimensional rift were not as powerful.

Liu Jie was leading the insect army on his own.

As the insects followed his orders to a tee, an overwhelming aura of nobility emanated from Liu Jie.

Liu Jie was truly embodying his title as the Heart of Insect Swarm.

The new insect-species carcinoma fey that Liu Jie summoned was a plain yellow and brown locust.

The locust was only around half the size of Liu Jie's hand.

Its abdomen was distended like a ball.

This plain locust was not the Poison Dust Locust, but it brought up a horrific memory for the residents of Golden Edge City.

The Sawtooth Devour Ant had almost caused the residents of Golden Edge City to starve to death in the city.

The Sawtooth Devour Ant could consume everything in its sight. Once it was full, it would go into a breeding state to produce a new Sawtooth Devour Ant.

It only took a few hours before the new Sawtooth Devour Ant hatched. Once it was hatched, it only needed one meal before it was fully grown.

The Poison Dust Locust had saved Golden Edge City.

However, the Poison Dust Locust was no hero, as it spread poisonous vapors around the city.

Although Creation Masters had used special spirit fluids to enable agriculture to become viable again in the city, the output was still far too low.

The disaster had turned Golden Edge City from a prospering city that brought in immense profit annually to a struggling city that struggled to stay afloat.

The upheaval of Golden Edge City's finances caused it to fall in the city rankings from number 7 to number 28.

Lin Yuan used True Data to check on the locust in Liu Jie's hand.

He saw that this insect-species carcinoma fey was called the Parasite Decay Locust.

Lin Yuan was speechless when he learned about the Parasite Decay Locust's exclusive skills.

In terms of toxicity, the Poison Dust Locust was stronger than the Parasite Decay Locust.

However, in terms of the ability to destroy the natural environment, there was no doubt that the Parasite Decay Locust deserved the throne.

Lin Yuan knew Liu Jie had summoned the Parasite Decay Locust to destroy the surroundings.

Since they were going to use formations to fight, they had no need for the natural environment.

If the enemy wanted to take them on, they would have to get through their formations.

Thus, they could rely on the environment to do so.

Liu Jie's idea was simple. Since they had no use for the environment, he was not going to allow the enemy to use it either.

Liu Jie shouted, "Parasite Decay Locust, spread your descendants throughout the entire battleground! Take over any and all living plants! Suck all the water dry! Gobble up all the mountains and stones!"

The Diamond X/Legend Parasite Decay Locust flew up into the air.

The Parasite Decay Locust was female, and its stomach was so abnormally huge that it slowed the Parasite Decay Locust down.

It slowly flew over to the edge of the yellow sand and tunneled into the branch of an ancient-looking tree.

The tree started to sway in less than ten seconds, and holes appeared all over its branches.

A green storm of what looked to be sand burst out from within the tree.

Lin Yuan, Liu Yifan, Zong Ze, and Gao Feng could clearly see that the sand was actually young locusts.

They watched as the locusts landed on the next tree and started to break it down.

The Parasite Decay Locust did not completely consume the tree but made the branches into its nest.

Once it took over the tree, the Parasite Decay Locusts would rapidly grow into the mother.

The mother would then produce numerous young insects within the tree.

At the same time, once the young locusts grew up, they would carry any bits of wood or grass back to feed the mother so that it would be able to produce even more young insects.

In the short span of two minutes, all the grass, rocks, and water in an almost 10,000-square-meter radius vanished.

The larger trees housed the mothers.

Since the mothers had pulled the front lines too far apart, they could not receive nutrition quickly enough and were letting out ear-splitting cries to hurry the young insects.

The Parasite Decay Locusts entered a crazed state and were on a hair trigger.

The Parasite Decay Locusts formed a no-man's land.

At that moment, 80 cries of agony ripped through the air.

The 80 Shield Ladybugs that had intentionally exposed their abdomens finally became nutrition for the Blade Worms.

The Blade Worms were now fully grown.

80 Blade Worms that were almost eight meters long, each with spikes all over their bodies, appeared by Liu Jie's side.

After being specially nurtured by the Blade Queen Bee and nourished by the 80 Fantasy III Shield Ladybugs, the Blade Worms reached Diamond X/Fantasy III.

A few of them that had not grown up properly only reached Diamond X/Fantasy II.

These Blade Worms were all the Blade Queen Bee's strongest weapons.

Even after the Blade Worms died, their bodies would be reused to attack the enemy.

When Liu Jie fought Long Tao, he only summoned the Demon Flower Fragrance Shield Stinkbug and the Quiet Floating Hat Insect.

The Parasite Decay Locust had sucked up all the water.

Hence, there was no need for Liu Jie to summon the water-dependent Quiet Floating Hat Insect.

However, he did summon the Demon Flower Fragrance Shield Stinkbug.

As per the third request, Gao Feng could not be attacked until the four others had fallen.