Thus, Gao Feng did not need to be protected.

Liu Jie assigned the Demon Flower Fragrance Shield Stinkbug to Lin Yuan to protect him.

After snapping his fingers another two times, Liu Jie summoned the Dead Soul Demon Insect.

The Dead Soul Demon Insect was still using the Orchid Petal Knife Mantis as its host as it tunneled into the sand.

The Dead Soul Demon Insect would be able to use the Orchid Petal Knife Mantis to assassinate targets.

Once the Orchid Petal Knife Mantis' body was damaged, the Dead Soul Demon Insect would be able to find the opportunity to take control of another life.

Soon after the Dead Soul Demon Insect appeared, Liu Jie summoned a flat insect-species carcinoma fey that left black marks in its wake,

Liu Jie ordered two of the Hurricane Owlet Moths to carry this insect-species carcinoma fey to the edge of the sea of sand.

Lin Yuan took this opportunity to use True Data to check on this insect-species carcinoma fey and saw it was called the Earth-Wrecking Old Burial Insect.

It could make the earth non-viable, which would be extremely beneficial to other insect-species carcinoma feys.

The sea of sand started to expand visibly.

As the Parasite Decay Locust mothers continued to make a ruckus, the young Parasite Decay Locusts all entered a frenzied state.

But after the young Parasite Decay Locusts consumed the non-viable earth, they were able to feed the mothers even faster.

Soon, the army of Parasite Decay Locusts charged outward.

Lin Yuan had heard of the Earth-Wrecking Old Burial Insect.

It was extremely easy to pick out because soil turned non-viable wherever it appeared.

The Earth-Wrecking Old Burial Insect did not reproduce.

But, it was plenty dangerous on its own because once it encountered other insect-species carcinoma feys, they would be the cause of disasters only a few days later.

Liu Jie summoned seven insect-species carcinoma feys.

In a flash, a miniature disaster was generated.

Not only was the audience on Star Web dazed, but so were the members of the Radiance Hundred Sequence, the members of the Radiance Federation's royalty, with the exception of Night Leaning Moon, Li Yang, and the Goddess of Mercy.

Li Yang only had one thought in his mind. What the hell is up with the Radiance Federation!? Are they nurturing a monster? How is he able to control so many insect-species carcinoma feys at one time?

It would be easier to swallow if the insect-species carcinoma feys were only Bronze or Gold. However, they were all Diamond X/Legend.

Luckily, the area was only ten square kilometers.

If the area was larger than 100 square kilometers, Night Leaning Moon's disciple would only need a short period to prepare, and the disasters created by the insect-species carcinoma feys would be enough to take on the load of the entire team.

Even if Lu Ou fused with his devil, he would not make it to the center.

In a large area, Liu Jie would be invincible.

Zong Ze had seen Liu Jie fight on the Martial Stage.

At that time, Liu Jie had only used three carcinoma feys.

This time, Liu Jie was using seven. Zong Ze gulped and asked, "Liu Jie, can it be that you have even more insect-species carcinoma feys?"

Liu Jie replied honestly, "When I last talked about my power, I only said that I have the Insect Queen. I forgot to mention that I have taken control of a total of 17 insect-species carcinoma feys. Besides the one that isn't with me, three of them are only suited to fight in the water. I have 13 usable ones in this situation and haven't summoned six because I think wielding seven at once is my limit. In my opinion, these seven are the best choices."

Zong Ze had always wanted to challenge Liu Jie to an individual fight.

The idea had popped into his head after the Guard Ye Banquet ended.

But now, Zong Ze abandoned the idea.

In a dueling ground of only 300 square meters, he would be able to defeat Liu Jie easily.

But if they were in a large space, Liu Jie would outlast him without breaking a sweat.

Thus, there was no point in them sparring against each other.

Zong Ze's strength lay in dominating the environment and his overwhelming combat ability.

However, after witnessing Liu Jie's abilities, Zong Ze felt that Liu Jie was already worthy of being a Radiance Envoy.

Nevertheless, Zong Ze had no idea that Liu Jie and Night Leaning Moon had already agreed that Liu Jie was going to give up on being a Radiance Envoy.

Rather, he was going to be Lin Yuan's Radiance Knight.

Lin Yuan was not idle while Liu Jie was setting up his formation.

He did not summon Red Thorn but instructed it to release 40 of its special spore cavities.

These spore cavities spewed out spores, and Red Thorn did not hesitate to use the Eyes of Relinquish.

The ground had already been devastated by the Parasite Decay Locust.

But now, numerous brutal vine ramets grew out of the ground.

The brutal vine ramets contained energy from the Eyes of Relinquish, so they could thrive despite the lack of corpses to draw energy from.

In two seconds, they grew from ten centimeters to one meter. In less than 40 seconds, they were longer than ten meters.

The brutal vine ramets grew outward continuously.

Because of the order that Liu Jie had given the Parasite Decay Locusts, they did not attack the brutal vine ramets and flew around them instead.

The sea of vines and insects melded together perfectly.

The Radiance Federation was done setting up.

However, the team of five from the Freedom Federation had cracked after they were transported to the battleground.

The cracks had mainly come from You Changjian and Yan Ling.

From the moment Yan Ling entered the battleground, she demanded that Cai Huo and You Changjian summon their sacred source lifeforms so the three sacred source lifeforms could become linked.

However, the two of them refused. They said they preferred to save spiritual power and only summon their sacred source lifeforms when encountering opponents.

Before they could argue for long or decide on the best way to take on the Radiance Federation team, they suddenly heard a loud buzz coming from the nearby forest.

It sounded as though a large swarm of something was flying toward them.

Lu Ou smiled and said, "I just happen to be hungry! Finally, there's something to eat!"

While he spoke, four black horns suddenly jutted out of his short white hair.