Lu Ou's long and slender black fingernail pierced the head of the Parasite Decay Locust.

Soon, an intense supernatural aura rose from his back. It was as though a lifeform was establishing itself as a ruler.

At that moment, Lu Ou said in a hoarse and muffled voice, "Clan Adjudication!"

In a flash, the sound of the Parasite Decay Locusts' flapping wings vanished.

Even the cries of the Parasite Decay Locust mothers halted.

In the distance, Liu Jie furrowed his brow.

He took a deep breath and said to Lin Yuan, Zong Ze, Liu Yifan, and Gao Feng, "The Parasite Decay Locust mothers are dead. So are the young and adult insects. All of them have been wiped out."

Liu Jie could scout out the surroundings using the Hurricane Owlet Moths.

Due to the Insect Queen's high intelligence, the Hurricane Owlet Moths all became Liu Jie's eyes.

Although the Parasite Decay Locust mothers had reached Diamond/Legend, their intelligence was no different from Silver feys.

As such, they were completely unable to communicate and could only be controlled through the Insect Queen.

The Parasite Decay Locust mothers could control the young insects but could not tap into the adult insects in any way.

Hence, Liu Jie had no idea what happened in the distance.

Liu Jie hurriedly instructed the Hurricane Owlet Moths to fly out to find out what had happened.

Luckily, the deaths of the insect-species carcinoma feys that the Insect Queen controlled negatively impacted it.

The Insect Queen used psychotoxin and spiritual energy to control the insect-species carcinoma feys.

Now that one of the insect-species carcinoma feys was dead, some of the Insect Queen's spiritual energy was freed up.

Liu Jie summoned another insect-species carcinoma fey.

This one had a very unusual appearance. Its reflective green shell was covered in bright feelers. The two wings on its back were even more eye-catching than that of a butterfly.

This insect-species carcinoma fey was called the Spirit-Burning Golden Turtle.

It could release vapors that would set fire to the spirit qi and elemental energy in the environment.

However, under the Insect Queen's control, the Spirit-Burning Golden Turtle would be able to restrain itself to leave elemental energy that the Insect Queen needed alone.

Given Liu Jie's understanding, their team only needed fire-elemental energy.

If he set fire to other types of elemental energy, the concentration of fire-elemental energy would also increase. This would be beneficial to Zong Ze's combat.

As such, Liu Jie ordered the Spirit-Burning Golden Turtle to set fire to all the wind- and water-elemental energy in the air.

It would not be able to set fire to the earth-elemental energy in the ground.

Moreover, the Source Sand needed to use earth-elemental energy.

From the moment Liu Jie said that all the Parasite Decay Locusts had died, Lin Yuan had started to wonder what kind of power had managed to do such damage.

This circumstance indicated that the Freedom Federation had the ability to fend off insect-species carcinoma feys.

While Lin Yuan was pondering over this issue, Lu Ou turned to say to Yan Ling, Cai Huo, and You Changjian, "I already told the three of you to stop fighting. But you let my words slip out of your mind after only a few minutes. If this happens again, I will eat you and just explain the reason to the members of royalty who favor you."

While Lu Ou spoke, his expression was relaxed.

However, anyone who knew him knew that he never made empty promises.

Lu Ou shook his sleeve, and another him appeared next to him.

However, this Lu Ou was different from the original one because he had not activated the devil in his body.

Compared to the Lu Ou, who had activated his devil, this new Lu Ou looked like an angel.

However, Qian Yu looked at the original Lu Ou with more fear in his eyes than he did the other Lu Ou.

Qian Yu said in a low voice, "Lu Ou, I can't believe you've nurtured the bloodline of the Disaster World Faceless Beast that Na Na gave you to such a degree!"

There had been a rumor in the Freedom Federation that many young boys had gone missing in recent years.

All of those young boys shared a common trait—they were all less than 20 years old, and their birthdays fell on 27th May.

Lu Ou's birthday also happened to be 27th May.

The Disaster World Faceless Beast needed to experience life before it changed into human form.

It turned out that the missing young boys were linked to Lu Ou.

Qian Yu always felt that Lu Ou had an upstanding character.

But now, he discovered that Lu Ou's heart was as black as night. Under his innocent appearance was swirling evil.

This should not be surprising! How pure could a person linked to a devil be?

Lu Ou stretched and said, "There isn't a time limit for this group battle. It will only end when the victor emerges. Since the Radiance Federation decided to broadcast the battle on Star Web, we will just kill whatever and whoever appears. We will let the people of the Radiance Federation know what the Freedom Federation is capable of."

Qian Yu coughed and said to Lu Ou, "Killing whatever and whoever appears is feasible. However, the other team has already discovered us. Look, a few white moths are flying above us."

Lu Ou seemed to know what Qian Yu was thinking. He raised his hand and looked at his black fingernails as he said, "I can only use Clan Adjudication three times per year. I used it just now because those insects were insect-species carcinoma feys. If I didn't use Clan Adjudication, your Cambria Abundant Fish would not have been able to kill those Platinum and above insect-species carcinoma feys. You would have needed to summon another fey. It was better that I stepped in than you using more of your spirit qi. That was the first time that I used Clan Adjudication this year.

"Qian Yu, we have to win this battle. The three of them aren't thinking as one mind at all. They're just fully reliant on the link between their sacred source lifeforms. In this world, no power is invincible."

"Since you said that, I shall preserve my spiritual power while we're heading over and leave everything to you," said Qian Yu.

Qian Yu turned his gaze to Yan Ling, Cai Huo, and You Changjian and said, "Lu Ou might have said that we'll just attack whatever appears, but the three of you should still summon your sacred source lifeforms. There's no need to hide your main feys either. If the three of you can't be useful, you might as well let Lu Ou eat you. That way, Lu Ou and I can just fight without worrying about you."