The link between Yan Ling, Cai Huo, and You Changjian's sacred source lifeforms could be extremely helpful to a team, regardless of size.

In fact, the more people linked, the stronger the connection between the three sacred source lifeforms would be.

At first, the three of them assumed that at least ten people would be involved in the group battle.

Yet, after losing Capture the General, Qian Yu decided that only five people would participate.

As such, the connection between Cai Huo, Yan Ling, and You Changjian's sacred source lifeforms would not be at maximum strength.

The biggest fear of the three of them was that they would be targeted while they were connected.

If any one of the three of them was killed, their group work would fail even if they were in the midst of using their sacred source lifeforms.

The three of them were young experts from the Freedom Federation and were seven or eight years younger than Qian Yu.

It was heartbreaking to hear what Qian Yu said. He made the three of them sound like burdens.

What do you mean only you and Lu Ou will fight? What do you mean by worrying about us?

Although Yan Ling, Cai Huo, and You Changjian felt that it was likely that Lu Ou would devour them if he exploded into an uncontrolled frenzy, that did not mean that the three of them were going to go down easy.

Rather than rebuking Lu Ou, Qian Yu had supported him.

Qian Yu had made it sound like the three of them would be most useful as Lu Ou's sustenance.

Before Cai Huo and You Changjian could say anything, Yan Ling said, "Qian Yu, the three of us can summon our sacred source lifeforms, but you must promise that you and Lu Ou will protect us during the battle!

"If the enemy targets us or any accidents take place, do you really think that you and Lu Ou will be able to win on your own? It isn't easy for our devils to evolve. However, it is much easier for the feys with the Barren bloodline from the Radiance Federation to evolve.

"If I'm certain of anything, it's that the Radiance Envoy's fey with the Barren bloodline has reached Desolate. Feys with the Desolate bloodline are the equivalent of higher devils. We aren't at much of an advantage. You have secret weapons, but don't you think that they have their own arsenal too?"

Qian Yu's eyes narrowed when he heard what Yan Ling said. He knew that she was trying to underscore the importance of the three of them.

It was true that without the three of them, it was unlikely that Qian Yu and Lu Ou would be able to defeat the Radiance Federation team on their own.

However, Qian Yu was surprised that such pessimistic words came from the ever-high and mighty Yan Ling.

Apparently, she was not exempt from fear either.

Cai Huo and You Changjian's faces were slightly pale.

Although they were looking at Lu Ou and Qian Yu with fear, they still dutifully summoned their sacred source lifeforms.

At that moment, numerous spider images appeared next to Cai Huo.

The tiny spiders had black legs and blackish-red backs. Their abdomens were dark red.

Eventually, the tiny spiders gathered together to take the shape of a demon that had the top half of a beautiful middle-aged woman and the bottom half of a spider.

The girl's eyes were slits, and two sharp fangs protruded past its lips. This gave the woman a malevolent aura.

The girl's hands were outspread and resembled brackets.

There was a gossamer spider web between the hands, and countless small spiders climbed around on the web.

Meanwhile, a stocky boar appeared next to You Changjian.

It had large golden tusks and a pair of golden wings on its back. Its left trotter was covered by thick iron armor that had many detailed engravings all over it.

The engravings resembled hieroglyphs. It was as though the boar was being used as a slab that someone was carving hieroglyphs.

The giant boar stomped its feet, and its head shrunk into its throat.

At the same time, a muscular middle-aged woman pushed out of its back.

Her mouth was filled with long fangs, and a pair of golden wings was on her back.

Its left hand was made of iron, and there were engravings all over it. She let out a continuous stream of wails.

Yan Ling had not wanted to summon her sacred source lifeform at this juncture because the white moths in the sky were clearly the enemy's scouts.

Before they blocked their opponent's sight, their opponent would be able to analyze their sacred source lifeforms and make guesses about their abilities.

However, the circumstances took precedence.

Lu Ou and Qian Yu were fully looking down on the three of them, and Cai Huo and You Changjian had already summoned their sacred source lifeforms.

As such, Yan Ling had no choice but to summon her own sacred source lifeform.

Compared to Cai Huo and You Changjian's ugly sacred source lifeforms, Yan Ling's sacred source lifeform was much easier on the eyes.

A large clam shell appeared by her feet.

At the same time, a 50 square-meter-radius area immediately turned to water.

The shell opened, and a young girl with the lower half of a fish was revealed. Her skin was icy blue.

She resembled the sirens from the Azure Federation's Lantis Mystic Realm but did not have the same sharp ears they did. Her tail was not as beautiful either.

The girl made space for Yan Ling in the clamshell so that Yan Ling would also be able to sit inside it and picked up a large fan from the coral shelf behind her.

There were many thin blue aquatic plants on the fan that resembled strands of hair.

Every time the girl flapped the fan, droplets of water would fly out from it and start swirling around the large clam shell.

Lu Ou said to Yan Ling, Cai Huo, and You Changjian, "All these three sacred source lifeforms have the aura of the gorgon bloodline. No wonder they can be connected."

The Freedom Federation had entered the marsh world a decade earlier than the Radiance Federation became able to enter the abyssal world.

They had explored the marsh world far more than the Radiance Federation had ventured into the abyssal world.

At first, the Freedom Federation's royalty saw the marsh world as a large treasure chest. They often entered the marsh world to explore it and had emptied out all the resources from one of the regions.

All the factions in the marsh world were dependent on a specific resource.

Hence, it was inevitable that the Freedom Federation had become acquainted with the Apostles in the marsh world.

They had even interacted with the Dictators on a few occasions and given a peek of Transform Spirit Dictator's secret.

It turned out that once dimensional lifeforms reached Transform Spirit Dictator's level, they would be able to make a choice.