They would have to start over if they chose to take human form.

But once they reached that level again, there was a high chance that they would be able to cross that step.

This was why the Apostles and Dictators were willing to manage the factions.

Yan Ling, Cai Huo, and You Changjian's sacred source lifeforms had come from the marsh world. The Freedom Federation's royalty had exchanged resources for them.

Once the bloodlines of dimensional lifeforms like the Medusa Snake Demon reached a certain level, they would be able to fuse with the bloodline of another lifeform.

After the fusion, they would be able to gain the other lifeform's abilities and become a completely new sacred source lifeform.

These sacred source lifeforms were called gorgons.

The Freedom Federation's royalty had once come up with a plan to obtain more sacred source lifeforms from the Dictators.

For this plan, they had even captured a large number of Medusa Snake Demons that their Class 5 Creation Masters nurtured together.

Alas, the plan eventually failed.

If they had been able to obtain more sacred source lifeforms with the gorgon bloodline to join Yan Ling, Cai Huo, and You Caijian's team, they could have strengthened their connection even further.

Yan Ling said to Qian Yu and Lu Ou, "Are you really not going to shoot down those moths in the sky?"

Lu Ou strode forward and said, "You don't need to worry about that. There's no point in holding back secret weapons in this battle. There's no way the other side knows what abilities your three sacred source lifeforms have. If we shoot down their scouts, they'll just send more. According to the information we know, Night Leaning Moon's disciple Liu Jie has a source-type lifeform that can produce many types of insects. Even if I use Clan Adjudication, it won't be of any help because that source-type lifeform doesn't have the same genes as those white moths. Moreover, I can't use my devil's abilities so casually."

Lu Ou had used Clan Adjudication casually before in the past.

Clan Adjudication's abilities could not be accumulated.

If the three chances a year were not used up, they would go to waste. Even in the next year, only three chances would be allowed.

Hence, Lu Ou would only use Clan Adjudication casually when he wanted to experiment with its power and knew that he would not need all chances for more pressing purposes.

Eventually, Lu Ou realized that Clan Adjudication targeted the souls of feys.

If it was used on a large clan, its negative impacts would be inflicted on Lu Ou and cause harm to his soul.

Lu Ou only used the ability on lifeforms like the insect-species carcinoma feys, which had small clans.

As the Freedom Federation group advanced, they saw that the battleground's geographical formations had all been destroyed.

Besides the trees that used to house the Parasite Decay Locusts, even large boulders had been ground into flakes.

Before they could get far, they realized that there were noises coming from under their feet.

Lu Ou immediately jumped backward.

He stepped on the ground in front of him experimentally to ensure that it was solid before he said to Qian Yu, "It looks like Black's sand-type source-type lifeform has reached this far."

Almost immediately after Lu Ou spoke, a pool of quicksand appeared where he had just stepped away from.

Numerous vines rose out from the sea of sand and wrapped around the five people.

Lu Ou did not try to dodge the vines because Yan Ling had already instructed her sacred source lifeform to use its large fan.

As the fan flapped, the seaweed on it grew rapidly until it linked Cai Huo, Yan Ling, You Changjian, Qian Yu, Lu Ou, the Disaster Faceless Beast, the three sacred source lifeforms, and the Cambria Abundant Fish together.

Soon, the wails of agony let out by You Changjian's half-boar and half-woman sacred source lifeform intensified.

The spider web between the hands of Cai Huo's half-spider and half-woman sacred source lifeform started to glow with a sinister purplish-red light.

Although the brutal vine ramets had already made contact with all of them, all the damage was absorbed by the three of them.

A totem appeared on the iron-covered left hand of You Changjian's sacred source lifeform.

Eventually, the half-boar and half-woman sacred source lifeform seemed to reach the maximum extent of damage it could take and exploded.

At that moment, the half-boar and half-woman sacred source lifeform rematerialized and supplied a well of vitality to everyone present.

The vitality seemed to amount to the damage that the half-boar and half-woman sacred source lifeform had sustained.

Soon, Cai Huo's half-spider and half-woman sacred source lifeform shook its hand, and the spiders on the spider web crawled over to the brutal vine ramets.

When the spiders arrived at the brutal vine ramets, a black and red spider imprint appeared on the vines.

Every attack made by the brutal vine ramets would result in another spider imprint appearing.

Once three layers of spider imprints appeared, a purplish-black noxious gas would explode from within the vines, causing the vines to start to wither rapidly.

As long as Lu Ou, Qian Yu, You Changjian, Yan Ling, and Cai Huo continued to move forward while the three sacred source lifeforms were linked, the attacks from Red Thorn and the Source Sand would eventually diminish.

If Red Thorn's brutal vine ramets continued to attack, the sea of flowers would eventually be destroyed by the poisonous vapors.

Unlike the swarm of Parasite Decay Locusts that Liu Jie had ordered the Insect Queen to generate, Lin Yuan was able to see what was happening through Red Thorn's sea of flowers.

Lin Yuan frowned when he sensed what was happening because he could not figure out what ability the three sacred source lifeforms were using.

Normally, he would just wait for the five of them to arrive so he would be able to use True Data to check on the three sacred source lifeforms' abilities.

However, Morbius had told him that when it was awake, it could use a large amount of spiritual power to use True Data itself. This would enable it to check on enemies through the eyes of the feys on the same side as them.