Blackie had evolved to Diamond X/Fantasy V.

The amount of spiritual power that accumulated in the imprint every day was on another level from just a month ago when Blackie had been Gold grade.

Liu Jie, Liu Yifan, Zong Ze, and Gao Feng all looked at Lin Yuan in amazement.

However, Lin Yuan could not be bothered with this because he needed to learn about what abilities the three sacred source lifeforms had before they arrived.

He would then be able to give Gao Feng the proper instructions so that the latter would know how to use the Memory-Consuming Eight Tunes Box to break the connection between the three sacred source lifeforms.

Lin Yuan injected his spiritual power into his wrist where Morbius was.

Under Lin Yuan's sleeve, hidden from the view of everyone, Morbius lit up with a faint rust-colored light.

It did not take long for Lin Yuan to hear back from Morbius.

The three sacred source lifeforms' data appeared in Lin Yuan's mind.

He was shocked when he read through their data.

He now knew how they managed to destroy Red Thorn's sea of flowers.

The information he had obtained from Yin Lin mentioned that Yan Ling, Cai Huo, and You Changjian's sacred source lifeforms could be linked.

Before the group battle began, Lin Yuan learned the names of the five participants from the Freedom Federation envoy group.

Yan Ling's clam sacred source lifeform was called the Gorgon Clam.

[Sacred Source Name]: Gorgon Clam

[Sacred Source Species]: Source genus/Sacred Source species

[Sacred Source Star Grade]: 4 Stars

[Sacred Source Type]: Water


Red Algae Flow: Red algae will be released, and a link will be formed between chosen targets. The targets linked by the red algae will share the damage with the red algae. When the targets sustain damage, they will recover some vitality. Spirit qi can be used to adjust the recovered vitality and divided among the targets.

Spirit Boiling Paralysis: Draw out a designated area, and the target that has the highest amount of spirit qi within the area will be paralyzed. After paralyzing the target, the target's spiritual power will drop, and the target of paralysis will move on to the next body that contains the most spirit qi.

The sacred source lifeform next to You Changjian, with the body of a boar and two tusks sprouting from its mouth, was called the Gorgon's Teeth.

[Sacred Source Name]: Gorgon's Teeth

[Sacred Source Species]: Source genus/Sacred Source species

[Sacred Source Star Grade]: 4 Stars

[Sacred Source Type]: Gold


Cracked Body Remolded: When under attack, it can absorb all the damage sustained by targets. Once the limit is reached, the body will crack, and all the absorbed damage will transform into vitality that will be divided amongst the linked targets. The cracked body can be recovered when healed by vitality.

Teeth's Gift: A portion of its power source can be given to a target to temporarily share its power with the target.

The sacred source lifeform next to Cai Huo that had hands that were covered with spider webs was called the Gorgon's Threads. It had been responsible for destroying the sea of flowers.

[Sacred Source Name]: Gorgon's Threads

[Sacred Source Species]: Source genus/Sacred Source species

[Sacred Source Star Grade]: 3 Stars

[Sacred Source Type]: Poison


Corrosive Poison Exploding Heart: Each time it's attacked, it will immediately cause a corrosive poison imprint to appear on a target. Once the imprints accumulate to three layers, they will turn into a corrosive poison that can be exploded. The explosion will be aimed at the target's energy source.

From the names of the three sacred source lifeforms, Lin Yuan knew why they were able to attack cooperatively.

Although Lin Yuan was also expanding into the marsh world, he had never heard of the gorgons.

He had managed to establish his own base in the marsh world but had yet to thoroughly explore the marsh world.

This was because he wanted to create his own faction in the marsh world and because he had not had the time to properly explore the marsh world due to being preoccupied with his business in the Divine Wood Federation.

At this moment, Morbius said, "Partner, these three sacred source lifeforms were formed from dead source-type lifeforms that had come from the same dimensional lifeform. According to my investigation, their aura is similar to that of the Medusa Snake Demon from the marsh world. Partner, if you kill them, I can use the power of my source to fuse their bodies. The precious instrument made from their fused bodies will take on part of their original abilities."

When Lin Yuan heard what Morbius said, a wry smile appeared behind his silver mask.

According to his observation, Yan Ling's sacred source lifeform was the leader of the three sacred source lifeforms.

The Gorgon Clam's second ability Spirit Boiling Paralysis perfectly countered him when he opened the Spirit Qi Imprint.

Once he entered the area where the Gorgon Clam had used Spirit Boiling Paralysis, he would be instantly immobilized.

Nonetheless, he had no choice.

If he had not used the Spirit Qi Imprint, he would not have been able to check on the three sacred source lifeforms' data.

You Changjian, Yan Ling, and Cai Huo's sacred source lifeforms' Stars were not high.

This was only to be expected.

Before the Guard Ye Banquet started, Zong Ze's sacred source lifeform had only been 3 Stars. It only evolved to 4 Stars during the Guard Ye Banquet.

Zong Ze was already 22 years old this year.

Yan Ling, Cai Huo, and You Changjian were clearly around 20 years old.

Given their age, they had clearly invested a lot of effort into raising their sacred source lifeforms' Stars to such a level.

Gao Feng's sacred source lifeform had only been able to reach 6 Stars because Cicada Song had fed the Alleviating Wind's source to the Memory-Consuming Eight Tunes Box.

Because of this, the Alleviating Wind would not be able to increase its Stars for a long time.

Taking Lin Yuan as an example, his sacred source lifeform had also only recently reached 4 Stars.

He had invested a lot of effort into increasing the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen's Stars.

Given its Stars, the Memory-Consuming Eight Tunes Box would be capable of controlling Yan Ling, Cai Huo, and You Changjian's sacred source lifeforms using Memory Magic Cut and Exile Tuning.

Without knowing what the three sacred source lifeforms' abilities were, their abilities seemed infallible.

But now that Lin Yuan knew what their abilities were, he immediately found the crux of their connection.