Thus, the link between the three sacred source lifeforms depended on the Gorgon Clam's ability, Red Algae Flow.

It linked the Gorgon Threads and Gorgon Teeth to the Gorgon Clam.

The Gorgon Teeth's ability Cracked Body Remolded, and the Gorgon Threads' ability Corrosive Poison Exploding Heart were only able to produce such powerful effects due to the link from Red Algae Flow.

According to the data about the three sacred source lifeforms from True Data, Cracked Body Remolded absorbed the damage from itself and linked targets.

It was considered a powerful defensive ability.

When it reached its limit of the damage it could sustain, its body would crack, and the sustained damage would change into vitality that could be divided among itself and the other linked targets.

Red Algae Flow would result in targets recovering their vitality after sustaining damage. Spirit qi could be used to direct the recovered vitality to a specific target.

As such, all the vitality that was released as a result of the Gorgon Teeth's body breaking could be directed back to it. It would cause the Gorgon Teeth to regenerate and make it appear invincible.

The Gorgon Threads was a poison-type sacred source lifeform, and Corrosive Poison Exploding Heart was a very powerful counterattack ability.

Each time it sustained an attack, it would counterattack by placing a corrosive poison imprint on the target.

Once it was attacked thrice, there would be three layers of the corrosive poison imprint. This would produce the poisonous spider that automatically sought out the source of the enemy's energy and exploded there.

This ability would have been very easy to dodge if not for the ability Red Algae Flow because all they had to do was avoid attacking the Gorgon Threads.

But because of their link, any attack that hit any member of the team would result in a corrosive poison imprint being formed.

The energy source of the ramets produced by Red Thorn lay in the small corrosive cavity of the brutal vine ramets.

After the Source Sand turned to sand, the entire sea of sand would be part of its body, and it would not have any energy source.

Hence, Red Thorn's sea of flowers had been damaged while the Source Sand had been completely unharmed.

Lin Yuan turned to Gao Feng and was about to tell him about what he had just learned when he remembered that two members of the Freedom Federation's royalty were watching this battle.

Lin Yuan did not want to reveal that he had an almost unfairly powerful investigative ability. Thus, he used Connected Tails through himself.

All of the Star Web audience had been looking forward to the reappearance of the white cat tails.

But unlike last time, the tails did not attack.

Rather, four cat tails burrowed out from behind Black.

These cat tails were like long belts that gleamed with a beautiful glass-like light.

They shot toward Zong Ze, Liu Jie, Liu Yifan, and Gao Feng, thus linking the four of them.

One sacred source lifeform from the Freedom Federation team had linked their entire group.

Now, the Radiance Federation team was doing the same.

However, there did not appear to be anything special about this link. It did not seem to be making any difference.

The high-class Creation Masters among the audience on Star Web were already starting to guess the abilities of the four gleaming cat tails.

Black had only used the cat tails three times. Every time, it resulted in stupefying displays.

But not one time did Black summon the fey that the cat tails belonged to.

It was extremely mysterious!

Nonetheless, these four cat tails seemed too ordinary.

However, the audience soon learned from Liu Yifan, Zong Ze, and Gao Feng's expressions that there was more to the cat tails than what met the eye.

Liu Jie had been on the receiving end of Connected Tails before. Hence, he was not unfamiliar with the feeling of being linked with Lin Yuan's mind through the cat tails.

It was as though the other parties would instantly be able to read what he was thinking.

Zong Ze and Gao Feng rarely engaged in group battles.

But they still knew that this ability Lin Yuan was using was very strong and that it was very helpful to the battle.

Liu Yifan had constantly been in group battles in recent years. Thus, he was well aware of how precious this ability was. There was no question that it had reached strategic-class.

Liu Yifan felt that this ability was enough to guarantee Black a spot as a Radiance Knight as long as he had a decent level of combat power.

This ability was just too important in a team.

Even teammates working together for a long time would slip up in panic due to a breakdown in communication.

Black's ability would completely eliminate the possibility of such slip-ups.

Black was the most powerful black horse of the Radiance Hundred Sequence.

From his battle against Han Qi, he had already proven himself to be a top young expert.

Liu Yifan sighed.

He was all but certain that as long as nothing abnormal occurred, Black would definitely be part of the next batch of Radiance Envoys.

Before Liu Yifan could continue marveling over Lin Yuan's capabilities, he heard Lin Yuan telling them about the three sacred source lifeforms' abilities through their link.

Despite having garnered a wealth of experience, Liu Yifan's eyes still widened with surprise.

Immediately after using the cat tails to create a perfect bridge of communication between the team, he was now demonstrating an inexplicable investigative ability.

They were so far away from their opponent that Liu Yifan could not even catch a glimpse of their shadows.

Yet, through some unknown method, Black had managed to see through the abilities of the opponents' sacred source lifeforms.

This implied that Black was an exceedingly powerful Creation Master.

Liu Yifan hung onto every word that Black was saying as he carefully memorized the abilities of the three sacred source lifeforms.

The longer he listened, the deeper his heart sank.

Once the three sacred source lifeforms were linked, the connection was unbreakable.

Their abilities slotted together so perfectly that it would be very hard to tackle using regular methods.