Liu Yifan felt that the easiest way to tackle this problem would be to continuously use powerful offense.

Yan Ling needed to use her own spiritual power for the Gorgon Clam to use Red Algae Flow to recover the Gorgon Teeth's vitality.

If a series of powerful explosions caused Yan Ling to use up all her spiritual power, she would not be able to continue supplying her sacred source lifeforms with spiritual power.

Any other of the four Radiance Envoys would be able to carry out this plan.

Alas, he was a defense-type spirit qi professional that leaned toward support. As such, he would not be able to produce strong effects.

In his previous team, every Radiance Envoy had its own role and specialization.

Liu Yifan never felt that a lack of combat power was a weakness until now.

But now, it was too late. There was no way for him to back out to allow another Radiance Envoy to take his place.

He had considered having Zong Ze, Liu Jie, and Black carry out the attacks instead.

However, no matter how strong they were, they were still only B-rank spirit qi professionals. As such, the limit of their feys' power was Diamond X/Fantasy V.

Although all of them had combat abilities beyond their level, which was proven by Black's battle against Han Qi, it would be impossible for them to roll grades multiple times.

Normally, it took about 5% to 8% of the spiritual power in a person's body to use their sacred source lifeform's ability once.

This meant that Yan Ling would be able to use Red Algae Flow at least 12 times.

Moreover, there was no way that the rest of the people from the Freedom Federation would stand by and watch as Yan Ling was attacked and the link between the three sacred source lifeforms was broken.

Liu Yifan was at a loss for a strategy.

At that moment, after Lin Yuan was done explaining the three sacred source lifeforms, he went on to say, "Gao Feng, your sacred source lifeform will be able to break the link between the three sacred source lifeforms. Later, ignore the Gorgon Threads and the Gorgon Teeth. Target the Gorgon Clam's ability, Red Algae Flow first. Given that your sacred source lifeform has 6 Stars, it should be easy for it to use Memory Magic Cut on Red Algae Flow."

"No problem. But Black, you have the most spiritual power out of everyone here. The Gorgon Clam's second ability Spirit Boiling Paralysis will immediately immobilize you. Should I use Memory Magic Cut to seal off Spirit Boiling Paralysis?" replied Gao Feng.

Lin Yuan mulled for a moment before he shook his head and said, "The Memory-Consuming Eight Tunes Box is still in its adolescent phase and hasn't reached 7 Stars yet. It will only be able to use Memory Magic Cut to seal off two sacred source lifeform abilities. It goes without saying for Qian Yu, but I can't shake the feeling that there's something up with the white-haired young man. It takes almost 30 seconds for Memory Magic Cut to switch targets. In a battle, such time doesn't exist. Why don't you save one of the spots for Qian Yu and the white-haired young man?"

Lin Yuan's gaze moved to Zong Ze. "Big Brother Zong, the best way to tackle the situation is to kill Yan Ling. Once she's dead, the connection will be broken. But there's also another option. This would be to kill You Changjian. Without the Gorgon Teeth, the Gorgon Threads and Gorgon Clam might be able to continue working together, but the effects will not be as serious. However, as per the third request we made, we can't attack You Changjian before we kill all his other teammates. Ergo, the only thing we can do is target Yan Ling!"

The five of their minds were linked.

Zong Ze was not stupid. He was a top young expert from the Radiance Federation and had high battle intelligence. Thus, he immediately understood what Lin Yuan meant.

He took a deep breath and replied, "Yan Ling is the heart of the connection. She will definitely be guarded by the rest."

Zong Ze paused for a moment before he continued. "Leave Yan Ling to me! As long as the rest of you can restrain two of their members, I will try to kill Yan Ling while she's only being protected by two people."

Zong Ze's expression was relaxed when he said this, but he had actually made the grave decision of putting his life on the line.

Zong Ze was not just replying to Lin Yuan but was also making a declaration to his other teammates.

He was not just saying that he would try his best but issuing an iron order to himself that he would carry out even if it cost him his life.

Lin Yuan heard the resolution in Zong Ze's voice.

Spirit Boiling Paralysis would only cause Lin Yuan's body to be unable to move, but it would not prevent him from summoning feys and using abilities that did not require movement.

Thus, he was unbothered by the effects of Spirit Boiling Paralysis.

Lin Yuan released Chimey.

In the Command Phoenix New Day Sparrow state, Chimey was a sound- and light-type fey.

But when it turned into the Non-Burning Nirvana Sound Sparrow, it would be fire- and sound-type.

When Chimey was in the Non-Burning Nirvana Sound Sparrow state, it was extremely compatible with Zong Ze's abilities.

Moreover, the sun in Chimey's body would be able to greatly raise the effects of fire-type abilities of fire-type feys.

When Chimey used Double Sun Reins, it would be able to sing to the sun to borrow its energy to replenish itself.

Chimey would be able to use this to continuously enhance the Fiery Sky Hou.

Zong Ze, Gao Feng, Liu Jie, and Liu Yifan saw a sparrow appear in front of them.

It had a large fan of tail feathers that was covered in sun patterns. There were a total of 99 suns on its golden tail.

Two tail feathers were blue and much longer than the other tail feathers. These two tail feathers had misty chords strings on it that resembled that of a zither.

The colors blue and gold were perfectly melded together on the bird.

The sparrow flapped its wings, and golden birds appeared, circling around the gold and blue sparrow.

There were numerous phoenixes among the flying birds, and they created a symphony of phoenixes and birds.