When the giant volcano appeared in the far north region, it erupted continuously for almost two years.

As a result, the entire climate of the region had changed drastically, and the three cities in the region were also seriously affected.

At that time, Zuo Ming had gone to personally handle the matter.

He found many tropical plants growing on the surface of the ice.

This was enough to show how terrifying the Fire Lava Sand Insect was.

The Fire Lava Sand Insect was rare and was able to produce serious effects by itself.

The Fire Lava Sand Insect that Liu Jie possessed was the one that Zuo Ming had found in the north region.

However, it had only been pinnacle Silver grade when Zuo Ming found it. Now, it was Diamond/Legend.

Liu Jie planned to use the Fire Lava Sand Insect to create an active volcano and use the fire-elemental energy to aid Zong Ze.

Since this battle was taking place in reality in the Radiance Federation, Liu Jie was very reluctant to use such a radical method that would harm the Radiance Federation's earth.

The earth that the Earth-Wrecking Old Burial Insect had contaminated was very nutritious for insect-species carcinoma feys but would result in the ten square kilometer battleground needing to be redone after the fight.

All the contaminated earth would have to be shipped and handled elsewhere. If even a handful was left behind, it would contaminate the rest of the earth.

At first, the Earth-Wrecking Old Burial Insect had been the furthest extent that Liu Jie was willing to go.

But now, Liu Jie knew that Zong Ze's attack would be the defining move that made the difference between their loss and victory. At the same time, it would also decide if the Radiance Federation would be able to safeguard its honor.

Hence, after careful consideration, Liu Jie eventually decided to summon the Fire Lava Sand Insect.

Liu Jie said, "Black, the Fire Lava Sand Insect can produce a volcano of around 500-square-meters wide. It has been tortured by the Insect Queen's spiritual energy all this time and is beyond sleepy. If it's allowed to slip into a rock crack, it will definitely fall asleep in less than ten seconds. Find two lava rocks to create a crack that the Fire Lava Sand Insect will be able to snuggle into. Before Zong Ze strikes, I will instruct the Insect Queen to stop torturing the Fore Lava Sand Insect with its spiritual energy and coax it to sleep."

All of them were willing to scrap the bottom of the barrel for the sake of Zong Ze's attack.

At that moment, five figures appeared within the sea of flowers in the distance.

Lu Ou led the group. But unlike before, there were now four sharp horns jutting out of his head.

This sight left a deep impact on Lin Yuan, Lin Yuan, Liu Jie, Zong Ze, and Gao Feng.

Lin Yuan, Liu Jie, and the rest had not had much interaction with devils. However, Liu Yifan had plenty of experience with them.

He had witnessed the terrible might of devils during the last Major Federation Meeting, where he had participated as a substitute.

He knew that the young man who had fused with a devil and now had four horns sprouting from his head had definitely formed a contract with a higher devil.

Liu Yifan's expression turned stern.

In order for him to possess a higher devil despite only being a B-rank spirit qi professional, the higher devil had to be one of the seven major devils from the Demon Church.

The seven major devils were the equivalent of the feys with the Desolate bloodline.

However, the Peach Prosper Jay had only recently reached Desolate. Thus, there was still a ways to go between it and one of the seven major devils.

After all, there was a long way to go between a fresh Desolate bloodline and pinnacle Desolate.

Given that the Freedom Federation was even willing to send out such a figure, it meant that they intended to mercilessly kill all of them.

According to the information he received from the members of royalty, the people they should be the most cautious of were supposed to be Qian Yu, Cai Huo, Yan Ling, and You Changjian.

Yet, it turned out that Lu Ou was the Freedom Federation's true trump card.

Luckily, the Radiance Federation also had their own trump card in the form of Black.

Even until now, Liu Yifan could not see through Black.

As the five people from the Freedom Federation drew nearer, Lin Yuan suddenly found himself unable to move.

Lin Yuan immediately knew that Yan Ling had instructed the Gorgon Clam to use Spirit Boiling Paralysis.

He had sensed Red Thorn's rage some time ago when the Freedom Federation team was ripping apart the sea of flowers.

Morbius had already sensed the three sacred source lifeforms' abilities, so Lin Yuan did not order Red Thorn to repair the sea of flowers to continue attacking the other team.

However, Red Thorn had become accustomed to walking on a bed of roses and could not stand being treated in such a way.

If Lin Yuan had not stopped it, Red Thorn might have swallowed tens of the Eyes of Relinquish and unleashed a devastating calamity.

Lin Yuan did not tell Zong Ze about this, but he had also done so in order to help Zong Ze with his imminent attack on Yan Ling.

When Qian Yu spotted the Radiance Federation team, he strode forward and shouted over to Liu Yifan, "I knew that you would choose a formation battle. However, a formation battle is useless against us!"

Liu Yifan did not waste time replying to Qian Yu. With a wave of his hand, he summoned the Gem Witch.

Even after he summoned the Gem Witch, Qian Yu continued blathering on.

As such, Liu Yifan said, "Even if we don't know the full ins and outs of each other, we've still crossed swords on numerous occasions. If not for the mysterious methods of the three people behind you, you would never have made it here in half an hour."

Liu Yifan's words had zero intention of insulting Qian Yu.

Qian Yu did not have the ability to wipe out insect-species carcinoma feys.

If someone else on their team had not used another method to kill the Parasite Decay Locusts, Liu Jie's other insect-species carcinoma feys and the insect army below the sea of sand would have resulted in a stampede.

In such a circumstance, there was no way for Qian Yu to make his way over to the Radiance Federation team within half an hour.

Cai Huo, Yan Ling, and You Changjian had been suppressed by Qian Yu the entire journey. Their displeasure toward Qian Yu was about to overflow.

Liu Yifan's words had the hidden meaning of acknowledging Yan Ling, Cai Huo, and You Changjian's contribution to the team.

After hearing what Liu Yifan said, the three of them subconsciously straightened their postures.

Meanwhile, Qian Yu's countenance darkened.

He saw Liu Yifan's words as insulting.

Qian Yu sneered. "Since we've met, let's not waste time and get into it!"

He barked at the Cambria Abundant Fish, "Cambria Descend!"

In an instant, an ocean of water-elemental energy burst out from within the giant armor-skinned fish.