Although Lin Yuan's body became paralyzed at the same moment that he saw Qian Yu, he had already used True Data to check on the giant armored fish behind Qian Yu.

Lin Yuan thought, I can't believe a fey's bloodline can return so far into its ancestry.

Long Tao's Sea King Chalk Mosasaurus had 'mosasaurus' as part of its name. Similarly, Qian Yu's Cambria Abundant Fish had 'cambria' in its name.

As the sea released by Cambria Descend flowed out, the humid forest became bone-chillingly cold.

If Liu Jie's insect-species carcinoma feys had not absorbed all of the elemental energy in the area, except for fire-elemental energy, the sea would have drowned the entire battleground.

Nonetheless, the water plowed over toward Lin Yuan, Liu Yifan, Zong Ze, Gao Feng, and Liu Jie.

Lin Yuan and the rest knew that they could not enter the water under any circumstances.

Otherwise, the pinnacle Myth II Cambria Abundant Fish would trigger the water and rip all of them apart.

There was no way the bodies of spirit qi professionals would be able to hold up against the attack of a fey that had created and was controlling an entire territory.

Thus, Lin Yuan injected a large amount of spiritual power into the Source Sand underground.

Almost 1,000 meters underground, the Source Sand created a wall of sand in an instant.

Immediately after, lines of chain blades rose appeared on the wall. They formed strong pillars that fortified the wall of sand. As such, they would not fall under the water pressure.

After one wall of sand appeared, more walls forced their way out of the flat sand.

Qian Yu smiled menacingly and said, "Stupid tricks! Cambria Abundant Fish, use Hegemon Water Pressure!"

The Cambria Abundant Fish's body immediately turned purplish-red, and the aura of a hegemon from the Cambrian age swept through the sea.

The Cambria Abundant Fish took a deep breath, and the entire sea shrunk.

Soon, the Cambria Abundant Fish opened its mouth, and a beam of light as blue as water shot out at the walls of sand.

Lin Yuan noticed that the impact of the water had cracked the radium surface.

He immediately became certain that the pinnacle Myth II Cambria Abundant Fish's ability was stronger than that of Endless Summer when it had been Myth III.

One of the reasons for this was that Endless Summer was a support-type fey. Secondly, it also involved how Qian Yu had nurtured the Cambria Abundant Fish.

It was difficult to imagine how many resources Qian Yu had poured into the Cambria Abundant Fish to result in such a severe return to ancestry.

Lin Yuan knew that if the Cambria Abundant Fish used Hegemon Water Pressure another two times, the radium chain blades would snap, and the walls of sand would be washed away.

However, the Radiance Federation team would not sit back and allow the Cambria Abundant Fish to release a string of attacks.

When the Cambria Abundant Fish used Cambria Descend, Liu Jie instructed the Insect Queen to recall the Earth-Wrecking Old Burial Insect.

The Earth-Wrecking Old Burial Insect's strength lay in how it cooperated with other insect-species carcinoma feys.

The opponent had killed the Parasite Decay Locusts, and some of the ground that had been contaminated by the Earth-Wrecking Old Burial Insect had been washed away by the sea produced by the giant fish.

If the Earth-Wrecking Old Burial Insect was killed, the Spirit Guards did not have any replacement.

Meanwhile, the Spirit Guards still had two more of the Parasite Decay Locusts.

Moreover, the Earth-Wrecking Old Burial Insect had created enough contaminated earth for the insect army's utilization.

After recalling the Earth-Wrecking Old Burial Insect, Liu Jie raised his hand and tossed out the Quiet Floating Hat Insect that he had used against Long Tao.

The Quiet Floating Hat Insect's strength lay in its ability to turn all bodies of water its tentacles came into contact with into glue. This would give it control over the water territory and the feys within it.

However, the Quiet Floating Hat Insect needed to be protected to give it the chance to unleash its true power.

Before it had the chance to produce insects and generate glue, it had almost no way to protect itself.

If Qian Yu noticed that the Cambria Abundant Fish was being targeted, the Quiet Floating Hat Insect would immediately be killed by the water currents.

Thus, Liu Jie hid the Quiet Floating Hat Insect deep in the sand and delivered his thoughts to Lin Yuan through their mental link.

Lin Yuan used the sand to protect the Quiet Floating Hat Insect while it produced young insects near to the water.

The young insects' feelers glued the entire sea of sand together.

The small insects reached out through the sand and quickly turned the water produced by the Cambria Abundant Fish into glue.

The water was being sustained by the water-elemental energy from the Cambria Abundant Fish's body.

The water-elemental energy was over ten times more concentrated than in nature. Thus, the glue from the Quiet Floating Hat Insect was also even stickier.

Qian Yu had noticed this but ignored it.

He had recognized the Quiet Floating Hat Insect.

If he had encountered the Diamond X/Legend Quiet Floating Hat Insect in an expansive sea, he would have turned tail and fled.

However, this body of water was relatively small.

Even if the entire territory of water turned to glue, the Cambria Abundant Fish could easily struggle and free itself from the glue trap.

The Cambria Abundant Fish was of a higher grade than the Quiet Floating Hat Insect.

What Qian Yu needed to do now was to instruct the Cambria Abundant Fish to direct the water at the walls of sand until they collapsed and the other team drowned.

However, something unexpected occurred.

The sea of flowers that had been submerged underwater did not wither.

Rather, numerous two to three-meter-tall red flowers grew out from the sea of flowers.

All the red flowers had strange gill-shaped petals. When they opened, they revealed five to six-meter-long lamellas. As such, the flowers resembled jellyfish.

The flowers did not attack immediately.

Rather, they were lined up neatly as though they were waiting for something.

This situation made for a terrifying sight.