Qian Yu immediately ordered the Cambria Abundant Fish to use Water Explosion Ice River.

A river of ice sealed in all the red flowers.

However, it did not end there.

The red flowers released digestive fluids that spread throughout the territory of water.

The digestive fluids of Red Thorn's child ramets were extremely poisonous and corrosive. They could even corrode metal spiritual ingredients.

The corrosive properties spreading throughout the entire water territory did not affect the Cambria Abundant Fish, but Qian Yu, Cai Huo, You Changjian, and the rest all felt as though knives were stabbing them.

The Gorgon Teeth sustained the damage while continuously using Cracked Body Remolded.

You Changjian sensed he had already used up half of the spiritual power in his body.

He looked at Qian Yu and gestured at him twice.

A look of indignance immediately spread across Qian Yu's face.

He was about to instruct the Cambria Abundant Fish to use Cambria Descend when he suddenly steeled himself and exclaimed, "Cambria Abundant Fish, use Cambria Tide and Tail of the Fish King!"

When the Cambria Abundant Fish used Cambria Tide, the walls of sand on Lin Yuan's side seemed to turn to a shore.

Small waves rolled across the sea.

The territory of glue created by the Quiet Floating Hat Insect also became a part of the tides.

The tides smashed through the chain blades and rushed toward the Radiance Federation team.

It was as though the sea would swallow Lin Yuan, Liu Yifan, Zong Ze, Liu Jie, and Gao Feng at any moment.

The five of them had already come up with a way to deal with the Cambria Abundant Fish's attack.

Liu Yifan intended to use the miniature Peach Prosper Jays to defend his teammates.

Qian Yu was indeed skilled at fighting. However, Liu Yifan could defend just as well as Qian Yu could attack.

Thus, at the exact moment that the water made contact with Lin Yuan, an enormous blue lotus leaf appeared under Lin Yuan's feet.

This lotus leaf seemed to become the source of water for the entire area as it absorbed all the attacking waves.

While the water was being absorbed, two types of flower buds appeared on top of the blue lotus leaves.

The smaller of the two flowers bloomed, and the aura released dazed the Cambria Abundant Fish.

The large light blue flower bud did not show any signs of blooming. It was as though it had not absorbed enough water-elemental energy.

The changes below Lin Yuan's feet not only shocked his teammates but Lin Yuan himself was also astonished.

Looks of disbelief also appeared on the faces of Qian Yu, Lu Ou, and the rest.

None of them understood what was going on.

Although Qian Yu and Lu Ou were geniuses, they did not have the right to receive the blessing of Heavenly Family Feys.

The two of them might not know what was going on, but Li Yang and the Goddess of Mercy were members of the Freedom Federation royalty. Hence, they were aware of what had just happened.

Li Yang's gaze fell on the Radiance Federation's royalty as he said, "Doesn't such a technique verge on cheating?"

The Spacetime Elder had been nursing a grudge against Li Yang for years.

Li Yang had killed one of the Spacetime Elder's long-time subordinates in a public fight for resources.

The Spacetime Elder hissed. "Is there something wrong with your eyes? It's clearly the blessing of a Heavenly Family Fey. It can only be attributed to Black's own capabilities. The Freedom Federation is free to receive blessings of its own. Even if this was actually the Major Federation Meeting, it's not considered cheating, even if one has the blessing of every Heavenly Family Fey. It's all attributed to their own abilities!"

Li Yang scoffed but knew that Qian Yu was in a sticky situation.

Qian Yu's talent lay in his affiliation with power offense feys. He could contract any power offense-type feys.

But for some reason, ever since the Goddess of Mercy started nurturing Qian Yu, she only let him contract water-type source-type lifeforms. As a result, his combat style was very skewed.

Now that Black had the blessing of a water-type Heavenly Family Fey, only water attacks that had Creation Breed power and above would have an effect.

Moreover, such blessings would cover a certain area.

If Black and his four other teammates stuck close together, they could also benefit from the protection.

After the water-elemental energy that had been meant harm Lin Yuan disappeared, the large blue lotus leaf and flower buds vanished as well.

Lin Yuan had completely forgotten about Blue Lotus' blessing.

From now on, any water-type attack would be deflected by Blue Lotus' blessing.

When Qian Yu saw You Changjian urging him, he finally relented and removed the territory of water created by the Cambria Abundant Fish.

Otherwise, Qian Yu would have wanted to use the Cambria Abundant Fish to attack Black a few more times to force more of his techniques out. He wanted to know how Black was managing to stand toe-to-toe against him.

After checking on the Cambria Abundant Fish, Lin Yuan's gaze shifted to Lu Ou.

Liu Yifan had already mentally communicated with his four teammates that the four horns on Lu Ou's head were proof that he had contracted one of the seven major devils.

What Lin Yuan did not understand was why there was a duplicate of Lu Ou next to him.

Out of curiosity, Lin Yuan used True Data to check on the duplicate Lu Ou.

His eyes soon widened, and an incredulous expression appeared on his face.

Lin Yuan could sense that Lu Ou was a B-rank spirit qi professional.

Normally, he should not be able to contract feys that were beyond Diamond X/Fantasy V. He should not be able to own a Myth Breed fey.

So why was this fey that Lu Ou was using beyond this limit? Moreover, its abilities and exclusive skills were very special!

Lin Yuan felt that this fey's abilities and exclusive skills surpassed that of a regular fey.

If a comparison had to be made, it would be comparable to a fey like Chimey that had managed to evolve itself to the point that it was able to produce its own sun or Genius that could communicate with the heavens.

As long as this fey was around, this battle would be a tough one.

However, Lin Yuan could not concern himself with this for now.

He immediately shared the Disaster World Faceless Beast's abilities and exclusive skills with his four teammates.