Chapter 718: Ringer's Demiplane

"Let's go then. I'm curious about this Demiplane, too." Charles said as he flew towards the mansion's right side, where the cylindrical magical tower building was located. It was a seven-story tower with a dome-shaped structure on the top.

"There is nothing much special. If not for my help, they wouldn't even succeed in creating a Planar Teleportation Array." Runeth also followed alongside Charles, and soon both arrived at a 300-meter tall white tower.

Before long, Charles and Runeth arrived before the Magic Tower and walked in while knocking down the guards at the entrance.

The ground floor was nothing but an oversized foyer with a magical chandelier hunt at the center of the ceiling, illuminating the whole area in bright yellowish light.

"Where is that entrance to the Ringer's Demiplane located?" Charles asked.

Instead of responding, Runeth raised his hand and pointed his finger at the ceiling before opening his mouth.


A second later, two magic circles appeared under Charles's and Runeth's feet, enveloping them in white light.

A second later, Charles and Runeth stood before a mysterious wall resembling a portal door. The magic portal gate stood as an awe-inspiring marvel, seamlessly integrated into the wall with a diameter of precisely 2 meters. Crafted with meticulous precision, it radiated an otherworldly aura. The surface of the gate was a seamless expanse of obsidian-black material, cool to the touch and adorned with intricate, glowing runes that seemed to dance with spatial elemental energy.

Multiple layers of forcefield arrays encased the portal in an invisible embrace, creating a mesmerizing display of shifting energy patterns. These protective layers formed a transparent, shimmering barrier that enveloped the gate, giving the impression of a mystical cocoon safeguarding the secrets. The forcefield glowed in various hues, ranging from a serene azure to a vibrant violet, depending on the magical energies coursing through it at any moment.

Upon closer inspection, the runes etched onto the surface of the gate revealed a complex and ancient script, hinting at the potent spells and enchantments that bound the portal's magic. The runes pulsed softly, synchronized with the subtle hum emanating from the depths of the gateway.

Without even activating his wisdom eye, Charles could tell that the Array of circles engraved to cover the entrance was beyond the norms.

"Hmm, there is indeed a sign of someone trying to tamper it," Runeth spoke as he approached the forcefield array and touched it with bare hands.

"It's called 'Multi-force Arcane Array.' Unless you are a Rank-7 Rune Mage, it's almost impossible to break it. But it's actually surprising that your father managed to decode this whole Array and even activated the warning message I engraved."

Once he finished speaking, he closed his eyes and started reciting a change in rune language. At the same time, the first layer of the forcefield began to break at multiple places and soon started to crumble like broken glasses, releasing dense spatial energy in all directions.

But Runeth didn't stop at all. He continued reciting the chant and broke the layers one by one.

As he finally broke the final layer, the whole room was enveloped in dense spatial energy, causing spatial disturbance in multiple areas.

"Eltedaf!" Runeth suddenly walked closer to the gate and uttered a unique word.

A moment later, all the spatial energy gathered inside the room suddenly sucked towards the gate and soon pushed it open, revealing a gigantic portal.

"This is the gateway to the Demiplane." Runeth spoke as he took a step forward and walked inside.

Charles gazed at the opened portal with a mix of anticipation and curiosity. The gateway seemed to completely nullify his wisdom power, making it impossible for him to even try destroying it. The air around it felt charged with magical energy, and the swirling vortex within the portal hinted at the vastness on the other side.

Runeth gestured for Charles to follow, and together, they stepped through the threshold. The moment they crossed into the portal, a surge of energy enveloped them, distorting their surroundings and warping their senses. The transition was disorienting, and for a brief moment, Charles felt as though he was suspended in the void. But after a quick check-up, he found a light ahead and instantly moved forward.

A heartbeat later, Charles found himself standing in a landscape that defied description. The surroundings were completely dark; the sky was filled with countless stars and a strange, deep, bluish, moon-like star. The ground beneath his feet felt solid, yet it radiated a dense dark energy that resonated with the very essence of the Demiplane.

Charles instantly activated his [Dark Vision] skill and was soon stunned.

Before them, a surreal landscape filled with nothing but eerie plants and trees; towering crystalline structures also rose from the ground, emitting a soft glow that illuminated the surroundings dimly. Strange flora with petals, unique mushrooms that shimmered in iridescent colors adorned the darkness, and strange worm-like creatures crawled here and there.

"This is the Ringer's Demiplane," Runeth explained, his eyes scanning the surroundings with a sense of familiarity.

"Don't try to touch any of the worms here, each one contains a hint of consciousness of a fallen Dark God named Ringer. Even though he had been fallen from the divine throne, his divine kingdom was shattered into countless pieces and spread across all over the universe, along with his consciousness."

"Oh? Now that I think about it, I heard about such a name when I was in the Miracle City." Charles said with a frown and soon focused on a single worm. It appeared to be around 1 inch long, round-shaped body, and seemed to have a pattern of a closed eye on its back.

Just as his wisdom power touched the worn, it suddenly stopped moving and shivered.

Simultaneously, the strange closed-eye pattern on its back suddenly started to change and formed into an open-eye-like one.

On the other hand, all the strange worms that crawled in the woods, ground, mushrooms, and even the crystals suddenly stopped moving and slowly glanced in his direction.

A second later, Charles felt countless eerie gazes from all those worms and a strange sense of disgust and uneasiness.

"Don't let your guard down, lad. Even though you became a Legend Rank powerhouse, you are still nothing in front of a God. They are the strangest beings in this universe and are scary too. This Dark God is also a terrifying one and was once reached the pinnacle in strength. Not only that, but his true body is actually a worm called 'Mind Worm' capable of invading one's consciousness and even controlling other Gods." Runeth said with a hint of worry.

"Anyway, let's not mess around and go to Eddie's base first." Saying so, Runeth took a step forward and started walking in the direction of another greyish tower located more than a kilometer away from them.

Charles nodded, acknowledging Runeth's warning about the eerie consciousness-laden worms and the potential dangers of the fallen Dark God's influence. He followed closely behind Runeth as they navigated through the surreal landscape of the Demiplane, the strange creatures and dark flora creating an otherworldly atmosphere.

The journey through the Demiplane was not without challenges. As they walked, the ground beneath them seemed to shift, and the ambient magical energies played tricks on their senses. Shadows moved independently, and the distant crystalline structures occasionally emitted eerie sounds that echoed through the darkness.

After a considerable walk, they reached the greyish tower, which appeared to be the entrance to Eddie's base within the Demiplane. Unlike the magical tower they had entered from the Edhen plane, it had a more foreboding and ancient presence. The structure was carved from a dark stone that absorbed the ambient light, giving it a solemn appearance.

Runeth approached the entrance and inspected the intricate runes engraved on its surface. Charles noticed that these runes differed from those on the portal gate, carrying a distinct energy hinting at powerful protective wards.

"This is actually a tower belongs to that Dark God. Eddie found it when he got into this dimension and soon picked it as his base Demiplane. Let's go inside."

Without hesitation, Charles and Runeth entered the dark tower, the heavy doors closing behind them with a resounding thud. The tower's interior was dimly lit, with a bluish glow emanating from strategically placed magical sources. The air felt thick with ancient energy, and Charles couldn't help but feel a sense of mysteries hidden in the carvings on the stone walls.

The atmosphere shifted as they ascended through spiraling staircases and passed through winding corridors. The ambient magical energy intensified, creating an almost palpable tension. Runeth guided Charles with confident strides, leading him deeper into the heart of Eddie's base within the Demiplane.

Eventually, they reached a vast chamber at the pinnacle of the tower. The room was adorned with arcane rune symbols and magical arrays, and a large circular platform dominated the center.

But Charles's attention was completely drawn to the head-sized crystal placed on the altar-like pillar at the center of the chamber.

"This place is the Planar Teleportation Array Circle." Runeth explained as he walked towards the altar-like pillar.