Chapter 172 – Florida Man Chased High-Schooler from Shooting Range for Bringing Multiple Girlfriends on a Date and Skipping Zaza Smoking Schedule

As Leo couldn't upgrade the shopping mall to a higher level, he had no choice but to complete the main tasks at hand. He visited all three workshops.

Three cauldrons would be making True Immortal Pills to steadily supply Leo with lifespan income. One cauldron was dedicated to the Floridian Dantian Pills. One was for elemental grain pills as Leo could quickly mass-produce a batch of pills every hour.

As for the last cauldron, Leo left it idle so that he could research new stuff. He inspected all the random items that he had been collecting in the past months.

A massive gemstone-like rock still sat in one of Leo's spatial rings. As he couldn't take it out inside the building, he exited the store and ejected the entire thing on the road.



Superconductor Obsidian of Holy Lich

This 10,000-year-old mineral is the crystallization of a dead Archlich's dantian core. As the former master of this dantian crystal was as strong as a celestial king, this mineral inherited his physical strength. If it's used to make weapons, it will surely be extremely durable.

Cannot be used in alchemy.

Can be used to make weapons or converted into metals


This was something that Leo had extracted from the ground long ago. He already researched it, but he hadn't shown it to the gunsmith workshop mannequins yet.

Because it was too large, Leo karate-chopped the huge obsidian into smaller pieces and stored them in his spatial ring. He then transported them to the gunsmith workshop.

Upon arrival at the gunsmith workshop, Leo discovered that it also had a front desk office like the alchemy offices. When he got inside, the layout and the structure appeared the same as the alchemy workshop's interior.

Leo walked straight to the storeroom and dropped all the obsidian there for the mannequins to do something about them. He also checked the room and discovered a dozen cubic blocks of sacred wood. However, he also spotted a hundred matchlock rifles and sacred wood bullets.

'I should upgrade this workshop's technologies. Matchlock and flintlock rifles are outdated. At least, they should make the breech-loader ones. I wish the mannequins could make the modern guns.'

Leo opened the gunsmith menu and assigned one extra point to the technologies.


Gunsmith Workshop Level 10

Gunsmith Mannequin (1/1)

Handloading Mannequin (1/1)

Firearm Technology (3/6)

Product Quality (2/6)

Structure Quality (3/6)


After putting an additional point to the technology, changes occurred in the storeroom. Leo also received notification messages.

<Firearm Technology has been upgraded. The workshop will stop producing outdated weapons.>

<Would you like to upgrade your outdated firearms and ammunition to a new version? You have 146 outdated weapons and 6,500 ammo in your storeroom. The upgrade fee is 7,960 years.>

<Please be advised. The outdated weapons outside of the workshop's storeroom cannot be upgraded. Please bring them back to the workshop's storeroom.>

Leo was overjoyed. Even though the upgrade fee was expensive, he agreed, "Do it!"


All rifles on the weapon rack transformed. Instead of changing into flintlock rifles according to the world's timeline, it skipped the musket era to the Civil War period.

146 breech-loading rifles glittered as if they had been freshly assembled with brand-new parts. The models looked similar to M1819 Hall, but they emanated mild metal, wood, and earth Qi.

The ammo section was also changed. They got slightly longer, and the wooden bullet head was coated with unknown black material.

"Hoh, boy. What the hell did my system do?"

Leo rubbed his chin. He thought of feeding a Floridian Dantian Pill to everybody and distributing these guns to them. If they had 10,000 years' worth of training from the pill, wouldn't they all become John Wicks?

Inspired by the idea, Leo grabbed one of the rifles, and some bullets, and rushed out to find his guinea pig, aka Gao Yan.





Han Hao, Han Meng, and Tiger Swordsman were at the makeshift shooting range, playing with their flintlock rifles. A dozen tamer girls were also there with them as they were also interested in the firearms.

Gao Yan became a new member of the shooting range. After the tournament, he realized how important the firearms were. Without Leo's artifacts, he would have never beaten Yan Zhu, who was two major realms stronger than him.



Gao Yan practiced shooting with his pistol, using the rubber ammo that Leo had given him. His posture was firm when he held his gun with both hands.

After emptying a magazine, Gao Yan lowered his gun. He reloaded the magazine and changed his posture. Instead of holding the pistol with both hands, he only used one hand.

Gao Yan visualized Yan Zhu in front of him. Then, he shot the invisible enemy.


His hand, wrist, and arm never moved. As the vanilla CZ 75 model had a low recoil, the upgraded version improved the feature by miles. While using regular ammo, Gao Yan didn't feel anything.

The trigger felt as light as a feather.

But as soon as Gao Yan added his Qi to the bullet, things changed.


The pistol became a cannon. Gao Yan's arm bounced, and he lost his posture.

Gao Yan gasped for air and held his wrist. His entire arm trembled as he couldn't withstand the recoil.

Han Hao took the gun off Gao Yan's hand and helped him sit. He also passed Gao Yan a canteen of cold water.

"Take it easy, Gao Yan. What gets into you?"

Gao Yan wryly smiled and received the canteen from the elder. He then told Han Hao what he experienced during the tournament.

Listening to the boy, Han Hao and Han Meng were impressed. They also glanced at the pistol in envy.

"I see. That's why you're putting more importance to the weapon skill and accuracy."

Gao Yan nodded, "Yes. The accuracy and aiming parts are easy. But when it gets real, it's very hard to aim accurately and adapt to the recoil. I just injected 10% of my Qi into the gun, and it became like that. Also, it has a lot of weaknesses. If it were me, I could have dodged every attack from the guns."

"Yeah. Your opponents can just dodge the bullet if they pay attention to where the muzzle is aiming at. That's why you shouldn't be overly relying on it, but you can't neglect gun skills either."

"That's why I'm training hard. I'm planning to keep this as a trump card in the future."

"Good choice!"

The elders liked Gao Yan even more while the girls secretly admired the young man.

While everybody exchanged their insight, Leo walked toward them and interrupted their conversation.

"I've finally found you."

The tamer girls, Han Hao, Han Meng, Tiger Swordsman, and Gao Yan stood up. They saluted Leo.

"Greetings, senior."

Leo pursed his lips and gazed at Gao Yan and Tiger Swordsman.

"You two have just returned, but you're here training. Aren't you tired?"

"Of course not, sir!" Tiger Swordsman laughed, "I didn't get to do anything."

"What about you?" Leo looked at Gao Yan. "You got burnt back then. Are you alright?"

Gao Yan's face and skin were already healed. He didn't look like someone who got hit by an explosion.

"I'm perfectly fine, senior. My dao avatar healed me."

Leo wryly smiled and glanced at Thora, who had always been behind Gao Yan. Somehow, Leo envied the boy for having a caring waifu.

As everybody was energetic, Leo revealed his new item. He flickered a superior-grade Floridian dantian pill to Gao Yan.

"Eat that and get some rest."

"Err, eh?"

Gao Yan caught the black pill and gazed at it in astonishment. It was twice larger than standard cultivation pills. Moreover, it emanated a strange aura.

Thora instantly recognized Qi. She exclaimed and told Gao Yan.

'That's lightning Qi! There are wind and poison Qi, too!'


'That's a precious cultivation pill! You should hurry and thank him!'

Gao Yan was shocked. He stood stiff and bowed 90 degrees, "T-Thank you very much, Lord Florida Man! I-I'll work even harder to meet your expectations!"

Leo waved his hand and dismissed the boy. He turned toward the elders next and tossed them a breech-loading rifle.

"Give me your guns and use this instead. Actually, I forgot to bring extra. Try to get familiarized with this and the new bullets."


Leo didn't bother explaining or teaching them how to use a new weapon. He collected the old rifles and ammo. Then, he returned to the main store's building.

Han Hao, Han Meng, Tiger Swordsman, Gao Yan, and the girls looked at Leo and the new gun in confusion for a moment.

Han Meng was the first to seize the opportunity. He picked up the rifle and inspected it. At first, he didn't understand the loading mechanics. But after playing around with it, he realized that he could pull the hammer and reveal a new hold to reload an ammo.

Han Meng ejected a spirit stone from his spatial ring. He inserted it into the hole and closed the breech. Instead of using gunpowder, Han Meng injected his fire Qi into the gun and pulled the trigger at the same time.



The spirit stone bullet hit dead center at the iron pine log target. It also blasted the wood to pieces.

The firepower was similar to the old model. The recoil was the same as the matchlock. However, Han Meng felt a lot more comfortable than the old gun.

"Hey, this gun is more accurate than the old one. I think it's easier to reload, too!"

"Hmm? Let me see."

Han Hao and Tiger Swordsman inspected the new toy. They flipped the breech part and played with the new reloading function.

Everybody loved it. They didn't have to carefully push a spirit stone or a sacred wood ball into the muzzle anymore.

The group took turns shooting with the new weapon for a few minutes. The tamer girls also got the boons from being there as the elders taught them how to shoot as well. Although the tamers were reluctant to use their spirit stones as a bullet, they managed to borrow a few sacred wood bullets from Gao Yan to try.

Several minutes later, Leo returned with a new arsenal. Upon seeing that everybody had fun with his new weapon, he was delighted.

"Nothing feels better than the sounds of gunshot, huh? Here, take your new weapons and ammo."

Everybody was surprised when Leo suddenly tossed them rifles. Leo passed guns and ammo to the tamer girls as well. After distributing new toys to his workers, he turned his attention to Gao Yan again.

"Gao Yan, stop training for a day and get some rest. Don't forget to eat the pill I gave you."

"Erm…" Gao Yan was reluctant to rest. He still wanted to train more, "But I still wish to train."

"You will thank me later. Don't waste your time in the shooting range. Instead of wasting your ammo, eat that pill and go train with Esen."


"Trust me."

Gao Yan deeply sighed. Since this was Leo's order, he had no choice but to comply, "Yes, sir."

The guy sulked and dragged his feet to his home. He wasn't aware that the pill's effect would change his mind later.