Chapter 176 – Florida Man Scammed Foreigner as Revenge after Being Called by Racial Slur



<You have won the private wager and the gambling house bet.>

<You have recovered 160,000 Years of Lifespan.>

<You have recovered one Earth Fate Crystal.>

<You have received 100,000 Years of Lifespan from The Orc God, Acku'Schweelu.>

<You have received one Earth Fate Crystal from The Orc God, Acku'Schweelu.>

<You have received 360,000 Years of Lifespan from the Gambling House.>

The system spammed messages after the match was concluded. However, the system didn't return Leo back to his bus right away. Instead, it teleported him to a contestant's locker room. As for the orc, he vanished.


Leo looked around in confusion. He found himself alone in a giant locker room. The benches and lockers were megalophobia-inducing humongous as they were 20 times larger and taller than average lockers on Earth. Just by standing on the bench, Leo felt like he was a small insect in a human world.

"Umm, where am I?" Leo scratched his head.

Fortunately, the system gave him another hint.

<Tips: After every real-time PVP match, you will always be either sent to a locker room or an infirmary, depending on your health condition. You can find your locker in this room and claim your extra prizes.>

<Tips: Spectators in the stadium may leave some messages or donate some items, local currency, or lifespan if you perform well during the match. All gifts are contained in your locker, and nobody can claim them except you. If you accidentally meet an unfortunate end, the stadium host will transfer your items to your descendants.>


Learning about his personal locker, Leo scanned the massive room.


The system was helpful this time. The window screen transformed into a streak of light, guiding Leo toward his locker. He walked on the massive bench and followed the blue light.

After walking for 10 minutes, Leo came across a glowing black locker at the bottom row, 561st from the right and 345th from the left. It had Leo's portrait picture on it. However, the stadium labeled him with a different name.

[Florida Man, the Nu'Earthe Champion]

"Nu…Earth? New Earth?"

Leo was puzzled by this new nickname. It would have been more understandable if the name was "Earthling", "Floridian God", or "Human". But in this case, it sounded strange.

Ignoring the portrait and his weird nickname, Leo jumped down from the high bench and approached the massive locker. He touched the gold locker wall.


A system screen appeared, showing a grid inventory of his items. At the left side of the screen, log messages of various people donating random items to Leo kept appearing.

<Miao Meolord has donated one Abyssal Anglerfish to you.>

<Miao Meolord has left a message, "Excellent fight, munya! We are rich because of you, munya!">

<Kat Katerina has donated one Abyssal Anglerfish to you.>

<Kat Katerina has left a message, "Awesome debut, munya! We've earned a lot, munya!">

<Miao Damao has donated one Abyssal Tuna and 100 tuna eggs to you.>

<Miao Damao has left a message, "I won 60 million years of lifespan thanks to you, munya! Now, I have enough cash to propose to my girlfriend, munya! GOOD JOB!">

There were other messages and gifts, but most of them simply gave Leo a handful of spirit stones. Only these three gave him interesting information and items.

Leo tabbed on the icon of the fish to see its detail or item name. Fortunately, this system screen was more generous than Leo's system. It showed the backstory of each creature, and Leo didn't have to put them in his alchemy cauldron to identify them.


Abyssal Anglerfish

Strength: Quasi-Sage

Size: 1,133 km

Weight: 27,500 tons

This massive galactic creature lives in the Abyssal Constellation Star Sector of the famous Overlord Xiaomao. It was one of many livestock that Overlord Xiaomao had been rearing to feed his disciples and their Cathulhu friends.

It is said that its meat contains the providence of gluttony. Many chef sages are willing to sell their kidneys to get a hand on one of them as its meat is extremely delicious and can bestow the providence of gluttony to anybody who eats it.


Abyssal Tuna

Strength: 7-Star Constellation

Size: 2,760 km

Weight: 65,000 tons

This massive galactic creature lives in the Abyssal Constellation Star Sector of the famous Overlord Xiaomao. It was one of many livestock that Overlord Xiaomao has been rearing as a primary merchandise of his star sector.

Abyssal Tuna is the most sought fish in the Abyssal Galactic Sea due to its extreme nutrition and its bones. Abyssal Tuna's bones are known to be one of the rarest materials in the universe that can store the Providence Qi of gods. Deities commonly convert abyssal tuna bones into Qi storage for emergency usage.


Leo was astonished by the sheer size of the fish. Each one of them was so large that Leo couldn't imagine how he would store these. He might have to chop them into smaller pieces before he could send them to his granaries.

Also, there were 100 eggs of the Abyssal Tuna. Leo wondered if he could hatch them and create a fish pond of his own. Still, their absolute size shattered his dream as it was impossible to grow one of them on his planet.

'What the hell are those cats thinking? Do they think that I can process these? Oh, dear.'

Leo counted the number of spirit stones from the locker. He pulled the spirit stone icon out of the screen, and small marble balls gushed out. Without letting the spirit stones touch the ground, Leo stored everything in his spatial rings.




Leo looked at the screen. Although the match had ended, the donations kept coming for an unknown reason. He wondered why.

30 minutes later, the donating train stopped. Leo counted the spirit stones in his 15 spatial rings and tallied 750,000 in total.

"What am I gonna do with you? Turn you into essence stones?"

Leo deeply inhaled and pondered what he should do with the essence stones. Then, he recalled that he could turn them into soul stones by using the alchemy workshop.

While Leo was in the middle of a daydream, Acku'Schweelu the Orc God appeared in the locker room. He then walked toward the locker adjacent to Leo's. The orc ignored Leo and touched his storage.

A few seconds later, the orc god bitterly smiled. He withdrew some spirit stones and essence stones, which his friends and fellow orcs gave him as a consolation. After packing everything, he looked at Leo.

Their eyes met. Then, they politely nodded at each other.

"I see. You're healed already," Leo praised Acku's tenacity.

"My regenerative power is nothing compared to your physique, SCHWEE. I still can't believe that you weren't even injured after getting hit by my full-powered providence hammer, SCHWEE."

"Likewise. This is the first time I see someone other than me surviving that black beam."

Both men smirked. They silently fist-bumped, showing each other respect and admiration. Leo also liked the orc as he seemed educated and well-mannered, unlike the arrogant cultivators at home.

"Say," Acku glanced at Leo's locker and read his name, "Florida Man, SCHWEE. I'm curious. You're definitely a high-ranked deity, but how come I haven't heard about you before, SCHWEE?"

"Am I supposed to be famous?"

Acku's expression turned dark, "Have you checked my ranking, SCHWEE?"


Leo raised his brow for a moment before he opened his system menu, checking the real-time PVP ranking. Then, he searched for Acku's name.


[Acku'Schweelu, the Orc God]

Rank: 99th

Battle Record: 11,273 Wins, 121 Draws, 577 Loses

Kill Count: 752

Points: 176,812


There was a lot to digest. Looking at Akcu's record, Leo was astonished.

"Whoa. You fought a lot."

"What can I say, SCHWEE? I started out around season 35,000, so I raked up some experience, SCHWEE."

After checking Acku's record, Leo inspected his. He wondered how many points he got from the previous fight.


[Florida Man, the Nu'Earthe Champion]

Rank: 1,346th

Battle Record: 1 Win, 0 Draw, 0 Lose

Kill Count: 0

Point: 3


The title got Leo every time he looked at it. He was annoyed that he was called by something strange.

"Say, friend Acku. What's Nu'Earthe?"

The orc frowned. He pursed his lips, hesitating to speak the word.

"Can I say that word in front of you, SCHWEE?"

"What? It's not like you're one of my easy-to-offend-politically-corrected Americans. That's an N-word, right?"


The orc didn't understand half of Leo's words. He flinched for a moment. Then, he mustered the courage to tell him what he knew.

"I guess you have been living under a rock for 10,000 years, SCHWEE! Nu'Earthe is a slang word that the Fenrir Overlord Lucky invented after he had lost to Overlord Xiaomao in a fight 100,000 years ago. In their language, Nue means "without" or "not have". Eer means fur, and dhee means tail, SCHWEE. When they speak quickly, it becomes Nu'Earthe. When Fenrirs say it, it sounds like they mock a human or other races for having no fur and tail. It's… a racial slur, SCHWEE."


Leo's weird knowledge increased.

"Back to my question, SCHWEE," Acku changed the topic. "Were you in seclusion, SCHWEE? Someone with your strength should have been famous in the heavenly court. Where have you been hiding, SCHWEE?"

Acku wondered where Leo came from. After all, Acku's strength was in the top 100 among all fate crystal bearers, and he was considered one of the top dogs in the universe. Only the elusive sages and entities could threaten his life.

In addition, as a long-living god of the orc race, he had met many deities of the other races in various competitions, tournaments, events, and wars. He had memorized the names and faces of his rivals, friends, and peers.

Despite his connection and knowledge, Leo, who was stronger than Acku, suddenly showed up in the Fate Crystal Bearer arena out of nowhere. His existence shook his confidence in his information network.

"Nothing much," Leo shrugged. "As you said, I was in seclusion for 50,000 years. I just come out."

"I see. That explains a lot, SCHWEE!"

Acku nodded in understanding. He, too, sometimes spent a few thousand years training in seclusion.

"One more thing, SCHWEE!"

Curious about Leo, Acku wished to know about the former's base of operation or headquarters. As all deities had their own religion or governed their country, Acku believed that Leo should have a domain of his own.

"Can we exchange our contact, SCHWEE? Maybe, we can exchange some students or followers to learn from each other, SCHWEE!"

Leo's eyes sparkled as he loved that idea. If he could attract visitors from a higher realm, they might purchase some of the expensive goods that other mortals couldn't buy with their lifespan.

"Of course! But how?"

"I guess you're really new, SCHWEE! Have you unlocked the friend system feature, SCHWEE?"

"Friend feature?"

Leo rechecked his system menu. Unfortunately, he didn't have the feature yet.

"I'm sorry. I don't think I have it."

"Ah, shame, SCHWEE. Well, if you unlock it, be sure to add my name first, SCHWEE! Once we're officially friends, we can locate each other's location in the universe, SCHWEE! Also, if you have a kingdom-building-type system, you can build a travel portal that connects to your friend's domain, SCHWEE!"

"Wait, what?!"

Leo heard something interesting. He rubbed his hands and widely grinned, "Yes, of course. I'll add you once I unlock that feature! Actually, my domain specializes in shops, and I sell good pills."

"Are you an alchemist, SCHWEE?"

"I'm somewhat of an alchemist myself…"

"Nice, SCHWEE! We, orcs, lack cultivation resources. We'll be grateful if you sell us cultivation pills, SCHWEE!"

Leo couldn't stop smiling. He felt like a salesman, who succeeded in persuading a potential customer to a major deal. He wondered how much YOL and perks that he could get from the orc race in the future.

'Dear, oh, dear. I came here for gacha tickets, but I got myself a big shot as a customer. Boy, I'm good.'