Chapter 177 – Florida Man Saved Feral Dog, Brought It Home, and Killed It for Food

The boys chatted for a few minutes before the orc excused himself. He vanished from the locker room.

It was also time for Leo to leave. He glanced at the following system screen.

<Would you like to return to your world or teleport to the stadium?>

Leo planned to return, but the new option was too tempting. He chose to prolong his stay as he might attract new customers to his shop. As a shop owner, self-marketing was one of his responsibilities.

After pressing the button, the surrounding environment changed. Leo found himself in a queue in front of a long counter. This area was not as massive as the locker room as the ceiling was only five meters tall, and the people around him were less than 3-4 meters in height. He still looked small compared to other aliens around him.

In front of Leo was a strange creature. It had six arms behind his back, but he had a snake-like lower torso. Its spike spines were also long. Looking at the creature from behind, Leo had goosebumps.

The queues next to Leo were also special. Leo noticed blue goblins, a muscular man with a fish head, humanoid ants, a walking roper tree, giant wire-like stickmen, and werewolves. Everybody minded their business and ignored Leo. Only the group of werewolves sneaked glances at him before they scoffed in disgust.

"Tsk, this place stinks! Who let a dirty Nu'Earthe here?!"

Leo clearly heard the remark from a werewolf. He turned around and glared at the rude guy.

The werewolf was 8 feet tall, wearing nothing and revealing his private parts. He had a wide shoulder and muscular build. As for his prideful grey fur and long fluffy tail, they were moist and dirty. From the smell alone, he didn't look like someone who occasionally took a bath.

'What's his problem?' Leo wryly smiled. He didn't know what he did to offend the guy.

If possible, Leo planned to avoid trouble in this strange place. He pretended to not hear anything.

Unfortunately, Leo's action made the werewolf cocky. He kept talking.

"The Fate Stadium really needs someone to strengthen their security system! This sacred arena is a gathering place for prestige fighters and strong warriors, not a place for thieves and the likes of Nu'Earthe weaklings!"

Although Leo wasn't bothered by the jeer, he disliked arrogant and cocky people. This werewolf's action reminded him of the Karens on Earth. Because of the muscle memory, Leo failed to stop his running mouth.

"Yeah, humans are weak, but your puppy god lost to a human, to the point that he was so salty that he invented a racial slur to cuss humans out of spite. That's not something a STRONG and PRESTIGE fighter commonly does. In my town, we call that behavior BITCHING. Oh, wait! No pun intended. Was your god a SHE or a SISSY? Oh, wait. He might literally be a BITCH!"


The crowd heard Leo's words, and the stadium automatically translated his language. Everybody looked at the werewolf and Leo.

"Whoa. Big words!"

"Who is that guy dissing Overlord Lucky?"

"I don't know. He's a human. Maybe, he's related to Overlord Xiaomao?"

"Humans and Fenrirs have been at odds ever since Overlord Xiaomao stomped Overlord Lucky 100,000 years ago. They never change."

The bystanders continued observing, yet none of them made way for Leo and the werewolf to confront each other as they had no intention of surrendering their queue.

Meanwhile, a few people recognized the werewolf.

"Hey, isn't that Grurok, the Untouchable? He's an outer disciple of Death Pack Court right?"

"Ah, he probably is. A descendant of Overlord Lucky runs that court. Aside from Overlord Xiaomao and the Cathulhus, nobody survived after messing with them."

"Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Had Overlord Lucky never stolen an entity fate crystal from Cathulhu Overlord Miao Maomao, Overlord Xiaomao would have continued reigning the universe. That Fenrir can't possibly run his mouth for long."

"SHHH!! Stop badmouthing a Fenrir. You're asking for trouble!"

Although Grurok was in the wrong for insulting Leo and humans, nobody bothered correcting him. Grurok ignored the cowardly bystanders and broke his queue. He stomped toward Leo and pulled the latter's collar.


Leo glanced at the wolf's hand. He grabbed it and stared into the wolf's eyes.

"Yeah, go tell your overlord to suck his own penis and lick his butthole like a good doggy as he is. As for you, a dirty rabid feral puppy, you're the one courting-"

The werewolf didn't allow Leo to finish his sentences. He threw a sucker punch at Leo's face.


It hit Leo's left cheek. However, compared to Acku's destructive power, this guy's punch was as soft as a toddler punch. Leo felt nothing, and he didn't move an inch.

Grurok widened his eyes as he sensed a sharp pain in his fist. He growled and bore his fangs. Then, he bit Leo's neck while he hugged Leo and clawed his back with his long nails.

Unfortunately, Grurok's fangs couldn't even put a dent in Leo's skin. His nails also failed to cut through his tactical suit, which was made by the clothing store mannequin.

Leo deeply inhaled. He looked around and pointed at the wolf while he asked the bystander.

"Guys. I'm new here, and I have a question. If I kill this fool, will I break the laws?"

The six-armed snake man in front of Leo turned around and glanced at them. He snickered.

"I guess you don't know. If you have a dispute with someone, you can challenge them to a duel or a life-and-death match in this arena. And if you're a fate crystal bearer, you can forcefully teleport anybody into the arena if they attack you first. Don't kill anybody outside the arena, though. You'll get arrested no matter what."

Leo nodded at the snake guy, "Many thanks."

"My pleasure. I suggest you go to the counter and get your match fixed. Don't hurry and kill that fool too fast though. Let me bet on you and get some pocket money."


After interacting and observing these aliens, it reminded him of good old Florida as that place was full of wholesome people, educated people, funny people, extroverts, and mental morons. This place was similar to his hometown even though the alien moron here was a competitive racist.

Since this werewolf wanted a piece of him, Leo gladly obliged. He seized Groruk's neck and dragged him to the front counter.


Groruk was taken aback by Leo's raw strength. Moreover, he sensed countless tiny creatures creeping into his skin and pores. When he inspected them with his essence, he found the intruding parasitic cells. Although slowly, the cancer cells corrupted and rewrote Groruk's blood cells and tissues. By the time Groruk tried to remove them, one of the cells entered his bone marrow.

Meanwhile, Leo already reached the counter desk. Behind the counter, a female lamia with six bountiful milkers in bikinis gazed at him. Her face was as pretty as Esen, but she had snake scales on her cheeks. The woman then glanced at the werewolf and nodded at Leo as if he understood something.

The lamia flickered her snake tongue and asked Leo.

"Are you here to challenge that werewolf, sir?"

"Yes. This feral dog bit me, so I want to challenge him to a life-and-death match in the arena. How do I do it?"

"Are you a fate crystal bearer, sir?"

Leo shrugged, "Well, yeah. It's my first time here."

"I see. Then, please open your system screen and go to the real-time PVP tab. When you're in the domain of the Fate Stadium, you can see a new feature called "Dispute Challenge". After you press the button, you can forcefully transport the person you wish to challenge into the life-and-death arena or a casual duel arena with you. Also, please take note that defeating your opponent with this method doesn't give you system rewards. However, your arena points and fight record will be affected."

Because of the detailed explanation, Leo figured out how this place worked. He winked at the sexy lamia and ogled her beautiful chest.

"Thank you, ma'am. By the way, has anybody told you that you're pretty?"

"I have 7 kids from 7 different fathers, and all the fathers are in my belly. Do you want to be my 8th?"

"…Never mind."

"Have a good day, sir," the lamia giggled and bowed. Then, she returned her attention to the customer in front of her counter.

After learning a new trick from the lamia, Leo opened his system menu and navigated to the real-time PVP screen. As the lamia had explained, there was a new button [Dispute Solver].

Leo pressed on it, and a list of people he could challenge appeared. Unfortunately, only Groruk's name appeared as nobody else had a conflict with Leo outside the arena.


Groruk, the Untouchable

Rank: None

Battle Record: 0 Win, 0 Draw, 0 Lose

Kill Count: 0

Point: 0


Looking at Groruk's blank status, Leo wondered how this guy got his nickname. He sneered at the werewolf.

"Untouchable? Well, I'm touching you right now."

Groruk punched and kicked Leo. However, he didn't budge.


"Well, well, well. Look at the consequences of someone's action. Who could have thought that the untouchable Groruk would provoke a fate bearer first? Oh, right. Feral dogs are idiots. They need to be culled for a reason."

Leo selected Groruk as his opponent. Next, the screen showed Leo three arenas to fight.

The first one was called [Friendly Sparring]. Small texts explained that it was for friendly duels or non-lethal fights between friends. Nobody could wager anything, and the fight would be unranked.

The second one was the bland and lame [Grudge Solving] mode. In this arena, fighters were not allowed to kill their opponents, but they were expected to solve their grudges through friendly duels. Again, this mode was unranked.

The last one was what Leo loved. [Life-and-Death] arena fit him perfectly as he could kill his opponent while he could farm some arena points. Leo's match could also be listed in a gambling house for other spectators to bet. Aside from the system rewards, all rules were the same as the real-time pvp matches.

Leo picked the third arena without hesitation. Then, he and Groruk were teleported into the stage arena, where Leo had fought Acku.

When Leo and Groruk appeared on the stage, the latter was free from Leo's grasp. He roared and yelled at the former.

"Bastard! Do you know who I am?! I'm the son of Gromsell! He's an elder of Death Pack Court! If you offend me, the entire court will come after you!"

"As expected of a dog - all bark but no bite. Go ahead, idiot. Bet your lifespan when you have a chance."

Leo laughed and opened his system menu. Unfortunately, Leo's ranking was higher than Groruk's, so he had to wait for the werewolf to finish his offer first.

While waiting, Leo looked at the scoreboard to check his odds.

The gambling house was quick. Numbers rapidly changed as spectators had seen Leo's abilities. The odds favored Leo.

Grurok's odds were +1,500 while Leo got -1,000. As usual, the house gave an unfair rating.

"Damn! Minus a thousand?! This is a rip-off! Welp, money is money."

Leo crossed his arms and waited for Grurok to finish. However, the werewolf never had a system before, and he totally ignored the floating screen in front of him.


The timer ran out after five minutes of waiting. Groruk continued yelling and insulting Leo as he couldn't move from the spot.

As Groruk forfeited his right to make the bet offer, Leo had the right to force a bet. He checked the werewolf's lifespan.

5,253 Years

Leo was disappointed. He thought that the so-called UNTOUCHABLE would be an almighty powerhouse. Instead, he was just a small fry.

After inspecting the werewolf's YOL, Leo checked his.

<Current Lifespan: 621,154 Years…>

That was a lot! He laughed in a merry mood as this arena brought him wealth.

Leo wagered 5,253 YOL, planning to deplete the guy's stock. Then, he switched to the gambling house screen and bet 610,000 YOL on himself.

After the wager was completed, Leo waited for the timer to run out. The spectators continued to put their money on Leo and worsened the odds.

From minus 1,000, it became minus 2,000. Nobody seemed to bet on Groruk for some reason even though his odds became +3,000.