Chapter 183 – Professional Wrestler "Florida Man" Fired From WWB After His Debut Match Got Interrupted Due to Technical Difficulties. The Executives Claimed Florida Man's Gimmick Was Too Overpowered.

The game went on, and more youngsters murdered each other. As blood got into their eyes, the leaders of both sides failed to find efficient checkmate sequences. Instead, they focused on capturing more pieces, killing more opponents in the process.

After 60 moves, they traded most pieces, leaving only Kings and a few pawns. They continued pushing the pawns to the other side of the board to promote the pieces into Queens.

Leo shook his head as he lost interest in the bloodbath. He was disgusted and too disturbed to stay.

As Leo left, the green orc earlier deeply sighed, "See you later, human. I hope you won't end up in a death game like this."



After witnessing the untasteful and unnecessary bloodbath, Leo was no longer in the mood to continue shopping. He exited the shopping mall to get some fresh air.

As soon as Leo came out, he was greeted by a cyberpunk-styled billboard TV on the opposite side of the road. The screen showed the stadium arena and a new pair of fighters in the middle of the ring.

The fight already ended. The winner was a giant silver werewolf. As for the other party, it was a centaur, whose guts were ripped out of his stomach.

The werewolf stared into the monitor as he gazed at a hidden camera of the stage. He then cut his promo like a professional wrestler.

"Residents of Fate Stadium, you have been sitting here, watching us "the Fate Crystal Holders" kill each other for entertainment. We're glad that you enjoy watching us struggle in tears, sweat, and blood while the gambling house milks us dry for gambling profits! We love you! Although we, the proud Fenrirs, are being mistreated left and right because of those pathetic haters and stinky fisherman gay lovers, we love you all, including the haters! But we arbor cowards and bullies…"

Leo shrugged as he was disinterested in professional wrestling promotions and trash-talking. It was none of his business.

As Leo opened his system menu to teleport home, the wolf suddenly mentioned his name.


Leo's hand paused. He frowned and glanced at the TV screen.

The Fenrir werewolf continued barking, "A junior of mine was just a 370-year-old immortal. However, a Nu'Earthe scumbag forced him to fight in a death match against his will! That Nu'Earthe's strength is concealed, but I can tell that he's either a deity with at least a billion followers! Do you think it's fair for a god to bully a newborn immortal junior?! TELL ME, FLORIDA MAN!"

The crowd in the arena cheered and booed as if they were wrestling fans. Some of them were informed about what happened at the ticket lobby, but the majority of them weren't aware of the backstage drama.

Meanwhile, Leo raised one of his eyebrows like a certain famous professional wrestler. He was amused.

As if the Fate Stadium had prepared for such a promotional event, a floating camera appeared in the sky above Leo. It pointed the camera lens at his face and zoomed in.

The next moment, half of the screen showed Leo's reaction. Everybody in the stadium city could see him.

People around him kept a distance away from Leo while they observed the situation in glee. Some of them smiled as they were interested in this feud.

Leo frowned. He had no intention of playing along since he wouldn't gain anything worthwhile. He scoffed at the Fenrir on the stage.

"Get a helmet and toughen up, puppy boy. Instead of barking and bitching about your junior's death, why don't you go and educate your Chihuahua juniors not to pick a fight or provoke a senior? In this universe, there's this little thing called "Fuck around, and find out" karma."

As soon as Leo finished his sentences, he heard a loud boo from the arena. People around him also pointed their thumbs down, disliking Leo's response.

As if the wolf had been prepared for this, he smiled and opened his arms, establishing his righteous dominance.

"See? Nu'Earthes are immoral, crude, uneducated pieces of trash that can't be recycled. Trashy gods like you have to be purged! The fate crystal on you is a waste!"

Leo faintly smiled and shrugged, "And?"

"Because you're trash, it's my duty to clean up the mess! Come up on the stage and accept my challenge, trash! I might have used up the monthly quota as a player, but that doesn't mean I cannot challenge you into a life-and-death match!"

"Why should I accept? I'm done here. I'm going home."

Again, Leo laughed. Even though he might have played a role as a villain here, he didn't hate it. It had been a long time since he last watched a WWE show, and he always wanted to try acting like a wrestler.

The wolf's expression grimaced as he realized that Leo could easily dodge his challenge. He pulled out a Veteran Fighter Pass badge and shouted.

"I hereby exert my rights and the privilege of VF Pass and an earth fate crystal player! I wish to force Florida Man into a death match!"

As soon as the wolf said that, Leo's shadow glowed in silver light. The next moment, it enveloped him and teleported him to the arena stage, the same stage as the big Fenrir werewolf.


Leo pursed his lips. He didn't know that someone else could force a death match on him out of the blue. Frustrated by the stadium's power, he rolled his eyes.

"Oh, boy. Another time waster."

Fortunately, there was a price that the werewolf had to pay. Leo's system informed him of the benefits of the challenged fighter.


<You have been forcefully challenged into a life-and-death match with the player, Anuraku, the Liver-Devouring Fenrir God.>

<Anuraku, the Liver Devouring Deity is forced to wager all his fate crystal, lifespan, and assets. You have the right to reject or adjust the wager as you wish.>

<Please note. Removing the entire bet will not cancel the match. You will be forced to fight anyway even though no wager has been set.>

A window screen showed icons of Anuraku's items and earth fate crystal. The bottom label also revealed his lifespan.

<Current Lifespan: 54,012 Years…>

He was quite rich in materials and life force. Leo couldn't refuse this free offer. Returning the favor, Leo allocated item icons in his possession to the wager inventory, allowing the system to use them as gamble chips for the wager.

After finishing the deal, Leo glanced at the scoreboard. As usual, the gambling house adjusted the odds based on the total bet.

- Florida Man: -200

- Anuraku: +150

The odds were quite close although the house favored Leo.

Seeing such favorable odds, Leo salivated. He dumped 596,000 YOL to bet on himself, leaving 795 YOL after all the wagers.

'If I win, I'll have 1,002,819 YOL! Man, I'm so lucky. Idiots keep coming and offering their YOL to me.'

Leo thought of the universal language translation and the spaceships in the system store. At this rate, those items would be in his reach soon.

Meanwhile, the referee and the stadium staff removed the corpse and cleaned the blood on the stage, preparing for the next fight. Spectators and other fighters from the arena filled the stands as they were interested in the match between players.

Both Leo and Anuraku couldn't move as the stadium froze them again. They stood there, waiting for the others to finish their betting.

While waiting for the official signal to fight, Anuraku and Leo's status windows were displayed on the scoreboard, comparing both fighter's records and strength.


Name: Leo [Redacted]

Title/Alias: Florida Man

Race: [Redacted]

Age: [Redacted]

Gender: Male

Level / Cultivation Base: [Redacted]

Fight Record: 2W 0D 0L


Name: Anuraku

Title/Alias: The Liver-Devouring Fenrir God

Race: Fenrir Werewolf

Age: 13,155

Gender: Male

Level / Cultivation Base: 381-Star Deity

Fight Record: 36W 1D 3L


When the menu revealed that Leo's status was concealed, the crowd murmured. Then, the odds on the screen rapidly changed.

- 300

- 450

- 600

By the time Leo blinked twice, the odds were already minus 900!

Leo had a heartache. At this rate, his profit would be minimal.

'Dammit! Why?! Is it something about my status?!'

Anuraku also saw their statuses on the scoreboard. Although he couldn't move, his face was pale.


Leo rolled his eyes, "I didn't do dog crap. You were the one forcing my hands. I was about to go home, mind you."


"Blame yourself for bringing me into the ring. Oh, by the way, thanks for your lifespan."


Anuraku was so enraged that his silver fur turned red, yet he couldn't do anything under the stadium's influence.


At long last, the signal began. The timer slowly counted down.



Leo licked his lips as he prepared to finish this fight early. As for Anuraku, he gathered his strength and prepared an all-out attack.


Suddenly, the entire stadium turned red, and the countdown stopped. A second later, one of the staff announced on the microphone, sending his telepathic voice to everybody in the stadium city.

"Dear fighters and honorable guests from far galaxies. The Fate Stadium has been hit by a rift vacuum because some idiot gnomes activated an outdated hyperspace jump without authorization. Please turn off all elemental devices, artifacts, and ship components or they will be fried by the stray dark matter's radiation from the hyperspace. All fights have been canceled, and all system teleportation abilities are disabled. If you made a wager, we will refund everything. Please stay put until our staff pull us away from the vacuum. Thank you for your understanding."

In short, someone screwed up this massive complex stadium to the point that all businesses were forced to temporary close.

Leo could move again. He opened his system menu to check if he could return home.

As the staff mentioned, the teleport home button had a big red cross on it. He couldn't use it or press it at the moment.

Anuraku seized this chance. He ran away from Leo with a tail tugging between his legs, not looking back.


The lights of the stadium were turned off. The crowd in the stadiums started using their night vision tools or relied on their natural nightlights to see in the dark.

Leo's green eyes also glowed in the dark. He looked around and found many pairs of eyes on the stand.

"Hah. I guess my luck is bad today. I should have returned home when I had a chance."




Cat floated on the canyon river, chilling and relaxing after a big meal. She hummed and meowed.


Without realizing it, Cat sang the Nyan-Cat song. She didn't know how she knew the song, but it was with her when she was born.

While singing, the transparent river's surface gradually turned rainbow. Waves of colorful water spread, but they became transparent when the water flowed away from Cat.


More thunder caimans were thrown from the flying platform to the canyon river. Giant Tarantulas and cockatrices also fell along the waterfall. When their bodies sank into the river, they swallowed the contaminated water.

Thunder caimans were immune to Leo's touch. Thus, the contaminated water was nothing to them. However, land creatures like Tarantulas and cockatrices got infected by a mutating virus, and they squirmed in pain. After a few minutes of struggling, they became floating corpses on the river.

As Cat stopped eating random food, the corpses remained in the river for a while.

An hour later, a dozen mannequins from the recycling center arrived. They traveled along the river and trapped the corpses with logs and long sticks. Then, they pulled them to the shore. With determination, they carried everything back to the granaries.

While they worked, thunder caimans attacked the mannequins. However, none of the monsters managed to damage the wooden dolls of Leo.

A giant caiman swallowed one of the mannequins. Achieved a minor victory, It smiled and dove into the water.

However, the mannequin tore through the caiman's stomach and emerged out from its back hole. After coming out, it swam and dragged the dead caiman back to the junkyard as it was pre-programmed.

After the first batch of mannequins brought monsters and beasts back to the domain, the employees there noticed the commotion. They tried to help the mannequins, but all of them shook their heads, refusing their aid.

Moreover, the dolls made a sign, warning the locals about the poisonous water.

That day, one of the mannequins put a radioactive symbol sign and a biohazard sign to warn the cultivators for the first time.