Chapter 185 – Florida Man Called Cops to Offer Surrender Claiming He Abducted Alien Princess in His Dream

Xu Nuan and her disciples returned to Leo's domain. She also brought a dozen lava badgers with them so that the tamers could bond with them. However, that was not her only intention.

She brought everybody to the mysterious white tree that Leo and Esen had planted. The array still sealed the sweet dream mushrooms inside. Unfortunately, the mushrooms kept reproducing spores, creating a fog and blocking their vision.

The badgers twitched their noses as they sensed the delicious mushrooms. The critters drooled and sprinted toward the array barrier. Using their claws, they scratched the dome, but they failed to get inside.

Upon realizing that it was impossible to get in, they turned their attention to the ground and started digging. But again, the array barrier extended to the subterrain. None of them could enter.

The badger whimpered. They turned around to look at their new masters with their puppy eyes.

Xu Nuan's disciples felt bad for these little monsters. They begged their master.

"Master, can we ask senior Florida Man if he could share the mushrooms with us? My pet told me that he needs it."

Xu Nuan sighed, "I guess we have to go ask him. Come with me."


The team brought everybody to the parking lot building as they planned to visit Leo at his battle bus. To show respect to Leo, they chose not to fly and land on top of the building. Instead, they entered the building and walked up the stairs.

The 7th floor of the parking lot building became a village of these young cultivators. As Leo's domain never encouraged competitions but field jobs, these former Life Sword Sect's disciples either trained or rested when they had free time. As a result, the environment was peaceful and quiet.

When the girls passed by the floor, the boys all turned and gawked at them in silence. But when they saw Xu Nuan, they looked away.

The girls giggled as they found these young men quirky and funny. It had been a while since they lived in the same domain, but they still couldn't get used to their presence.

Upon reaching the 8th floor, they found the lone bus at the corner. They gathered in front of the bus, and Xu Nuan knocked on the door. She then sent a voice transmission to the residents inside.

"This is Xu Nuan. I wish to seek an audience with senior Florida Man."

A few minutes later, the door was open. Ivy came out to greet the visitors.

The blindfolded hooded girl turned left and right as if she could see through the black clothes. Upon sensing the cute monsters, Ivy smiled.

"How cute. Are they new employees?"

Xu Nuan coughed, "They're new pets of my disciples."

"How nice. Right, what business do you have with the Holy One, young lady?"


Xu Nuan blushed. Most people called her grandma or aunt, but nobody called her "Young Lady" anymore. Being praised as a young lady made her embarrassed.

Still, Xu Nuan recovered her senses instantly. She realized that Ivy's real age might be a lot older than her since she treated her as a junior.

Xu Nuan minded her manner and lowered her head, "We would like to request a few sweet dream mushrooms to feed these pets."

"Sweet dream mushrooms?" Ivy frowned, "My master and Holy One said that the mushrooms are poisonous to mortals. If you eat it, you will die. Only we, the undead, can consume those. Also, there are True Death Mushrooms in there. Even my master and I aren't capable of consuming those."

Ivy was concerned about the mutated mushrooms that Leo secretly cultivated. Esen and her colleagues once inspected the true death mushrooms and discovered that they could disintegrate their souls. Thus, they had been avoiding the true death mushrooms and keeping the array sealed. Only Leo could enter and leave as he wished.

"I know. But these creatures seem confident."

As if the badgers understood Xu Nuan's words, they puffed their chest and waved their arms up and down.

"Badger-Badger Mushroom-Mushroom!"


Ivy gave the badgers a meaningful look. She raised her finger, "Give me a moment. I'll go ask my master."

"Many thanks."


A few minutes later, Esen, Beatrice, Marc, and Ivy came out. Everybody dressed in black suits that the clothing store mannequin had supplied them. As usual, the three subordinates of Esen wore black blindfolded clothes.

Esen swept her eyes and glanced at the lava badgers. The creatures flinched. Afraid of Esen's death glare and her suppressive aura, they hid behind their masters.

The disciples also trembled in fright as Esen still maintained her aura as a quasi-immortal. They could barely breathe and stand on two legs.

Esen looked at the shaking girls and realized her mistake. She suppressed her aura.

The girls were relieved. They fell on their knees and broke a cold sweat.

"What's up, human?" Esen turned to Xu Nuan next.

Xu Nuan coughed and retold what she had said to Ivy.

Esen pursed her lips. She gave the badgers a meaningful look, walked toward the nearest creature, and picked one up. She brought it closer to her face and sniffed at it.

"You stink. Are you a skunk or a badger? Pick one."

The badger squealed in fright. It waved its arms and legs, trying to break free.

Esen put it down and gestured for Xu Nuan and others to follow her, "Come along. Since you ask for it, I'll test one on them. If they can eat sweet dream mushrooms and survive the mutation, I'll keep feeding them. But if they accidentally eat True Death Mushroom, you can say goodbye to them. Even I can't eat those."

Xu Nuan and the girls gulped, wondering what kind of poisonous mushroom Leo was cultivating.

The group flew to the white tree array to check on the mushrooms and experiment on the badgers next.



South of Leo's Domain

The Gorr Tribe finished demolishing useless buildings and integrated the Frozen Fire City as their new home. The men repaired and rebuilt array towers to defend against potential raiders and local cultivators.

Many dispatched teams also returned after a brief scouting. They rushed to see Qiang Baidu to report their findings. A few teams brought back war trophies, such as women, slaves, essence stones, spirit stones, and storage rings. Then, they gave everything to their leader as tribute.

Qiang Baidu was pleased with the progress. He ordered the men to keep young women as their seedbeds and kill all other prisoners, including children and elders.

Blood spilled in Qiang Baidu's throne room. Women screamed in desperation as the four-armed men dragged them to their new dens.

Everything went according to his plan, except the one variable. Qiang Baidu walked out of his castle and gazed toward the north.

He still had no clue who Florida Man was.

'I sent a team to scout the north, but they haven't come back yet. Should I dispatch troops to check it out?'

As everything about Florida Man was mysterious, Qiang Baidu chose to play it safe. Instead of sending large troops to attack Leo's domain to the north, he called one of his best generals to visit him.

Late afternoon, a female mutant arrived. Her figure was as sexy as a Japanese gravure model, but she had four arms like them. In addition, she had two pairs of breasts instead of one, and her skin was green.

The mutant put on a new dress, which she had stolen from the local commoner's cloth shop. Her pink robes fluttered as if she was a fairy.

"Sister, you're here."

The woman was Qiang Qiang. She was the princess of the Gorr Tribe, and she was also a quasi-immortal like her brother.

"What are you calling me for? Are you bored?" Qiang Qiang grumbled as her brother interrupted her shopping spree. She hadn't plundered enough clothes.

"I want you to bring your team north. The prisoners said Magpie City of Life Sword Sect was there. Go and destroy it for me. Also, if you run into the team that I sent earlier, drag them here. They have been slacking."

"Oh? I'm a vanguard this time?"


"Sweet! Do you mind if I claim the whole city as my own? I need more clothes!"

"Suit yourself. I have a second order, though. I want you to find out about Florida Man. The Magpie City should be close to that guy's domain. They should know something."

Qiang Qiang raised her eyebrows as she was surprised. As Qiang Baidu was usually cautious when he dealt with strong foes, she realized that the rumored man might be the toughest opponent that they had to face soon.

Her expression turned solemn, "Alright. I'll gather information for you."

"Good. Be sure to hurry back. I have a bad feeling about this."

Qiang Qiang nodded and rushed to her barrack.

After leaving her brother, Qiang Qiang gathered her troops. Instead of bringing a small team with her, she rallied 1,000 soul formation and 500 soul transformation mutants with her. The unit flew north, heading straight toward Leo's domain.





High above the clouds, Qiang Qiang and her 1,500 men headed north without looking below.

Qiang Qiang's troops were experienced in siege warfare and wars. Flying above the clouds and hiding their presence were their favorite tactic. Using this method to approach their enemies, they could launch a surprise attack on any city, sect, and dens undetected.

Without realizing it, they bypassed Cat's line of defense. They flew over the canyon river and got close to the mystic realm platform of Leo. They were one kilometer away from the platform.

Qiang Qiang remained vigilant. She raised her fist, signaling her troops to stop going further.

"Our objective is the Magpie City, not the domain of the mysterious guy. We'll detour around it and launch a surprise attack on the Life Sword Sect. After that, we'll retreat before that guy launches a counterattack."

The men saluted and flew away from the flying platform. Qiang Qiang acted as a rearguard and followed after her troops.

While Qiang Qiang retreated, the black-winged statue's eyes moved. He glared at the mutants for a moment before he fixated his sight on the woman.

The statue "Meowmeow" licked his lips while the three women statues around him frowned at their husband.

Meanwhile, the other two statues shook their head. The giant wolf rolled his eyes while the "Cathulhu" statue snickered.

"We will watch over the domain, munya. Meowmeow, you go and have fun. Be sure to come back before master returns, munya."

Meowmeow gave the Cathulhu a thumbs up.

"I'll be right back, Mu-Nyang."

"It's MUNYA, not MUNYANG!"

"It sounds the same. Anyway, peace out!"


The black-winged angel statue vanished, leaving his three wives behind.



Meanwhile, Leo was still trapped in the stadium city.

After running away from the sicko alien cultists, Leo returned to the hotel and took a break. He lay on his bed and tried to get some sleep.


Suddenly, his thighs and groined got itchy. His shadow under him moved by itself. However, the darkness hid the shadow's movements.

Leo failed to detect the moving shadows. He fell asleep. However, he had a weird dream.

He dreamed that he had become a black-winged angel, and he had been following a hostile sexy four-breast woman. At first, he let the body move around by instinct. A minute later, Leo remembered that he was dreaming.

Aware of the lucid dream, Leo got bolder. He rushed toward the sexy four-arm-four-breast woman and groped her. Using his superior physique and strength, he dragged her away from the others.

While Leo dreamed, his shadows moved on the wall, displaying the exact scene in his dream. The angel caught the woman and covered her mouth. The next moment, the two shadows returned to Leo as if nothing had happened.

The tranquility of silent night was broken by the graceful pitched tent. The wet tent and his satisfied smile revealed the mission accomplished.

Several hours later, Leo woke up and discovered his misdeed. He screamed and smacked his forehead, ashamed of himself. He then spent an hour, washing his pants and underwear.




The black-winged angel returned to the platform after a quick deed. He also brought back another statue with him.

The new statue was a four-armed woman with four milkers. Like the others, she had no clothes on.

The Cathulhu and Fenrir statues leered at their colleagues. The latter scoffed in disgust.

"Another one, woof?"

Meowmeow dragged the new captive and put her on his lap. He nodded in confirmation.

"Yes. Another one."

"Does master know, munya?"

"He controlled me earlier and temporarily robbed me of five senses. I don't think he's aware of his power, though."


The guardians stared at the victim, who was turned into a fellow statue. Although she was just converted, the mutant statue seemed lifeless.

"What about her soul, munya?"

"Devoured. Deader than dead. She's inside our master, now."

"Ah, so what are you going to do with that soulless doll, munya?"

"What else? Returning her to our master, of course!"

Hearing the plan, the wolf and the cat snickered. They looked forward to seeing Leo's reaction.