Chapter 196 – Florida Man Became Millionaire after Selling Expired Drugs to Homeless People, Claiming His Medicines Could Cure Cancer by Granting New Cancer.

The deal was concluded. Tang Xuan, Tang Tian, and the people from the Tang Clan were added to Leo's employee list, enabling them to use Leo's facilities.

As Leo had plans for the domain, he forbade Tang Xuan from building anything inside his domain. However, their clan could do anything they wanted outside of his official territory.

Tang Xuan was pleased. He relayed his order and let his people construct their new shelters right away. As for the weak, elders, women, and children, he sent them to the parking lot building for the time being as they needed a place to rest.

As all members of the Tang Clan were cultivators, they had no issue living near the pylon tower. In fact, they loved the parking lot due to the open space and airflow. Even though they had no bed or room, they didn't care.

The food issue was also not an issue. Most cultivators sustained on grain pills. Only children relied on hard food as they still needed natural nutrition to grow.

People from the Tang Clan's group rushed back to inform the others in the Magpie City. Then, in the late afternoon, more people moved into the domain as planned.

Leo got busy welcoming and adding them to the employee list for the rest of the day.


The next day

"What the hell is this, Tang Xuan?" Leo stood next to Tang Xuan, gazing at the crowd of immigrants. Something was not right about them.

Mass of people kept coming to Leo's domain non-stop. Leo had been counting his new employees, but the number exceeded the promising quota.

Tang Xuan sweated profusely. He also didn't expect this development.

"I'm so sorry, sir. I didn't think this through. It seems that the commoners from the Magpie City and other cities have heard about you."

Not only did the Tang Clan and Sixth Element Sect move in, the commoners from the Magpie City and refugees from various places flocked to Leo's place. Regardless of their cultivation background, they deemed Leo as the safest place on the continent.

"The commoners?" Leo frowned. "I need capable workers, not freeloaders."

Tang Xuan wryly smiled and explained. "Commoners are roots of cultivators like us. Without them, we wouldn't have existed. At least, we should support them and let them grow as cultivators, don't you think?"

"…From our agreements, I can only take you in, not them."

"Look. They bring their family and children along. Will you send them away, sir?"


Leo had more headaches to deal with. As commoners got mixed in the people, Leo couldn't take them all. Still, they brought in their children and families, making the situation complicated.

"Fine. But they can't stay within my center domain. Let them live elsewhere but here or they will accidentally mutate. My domain is too toxic for regular people." Leo gave up.

Noticing Leo's generosity, Tang Xuan was moved. He hurried and assisted Leo.

"I'll tell my people to arrange a place for them, sir."


In the end, the commoners gathered at the west of Leo's domain, taking spaces between the Magpie City and Leo's territory. The Tang Clan and the Sixth Element Sect took the east so that they would not be involved with the mixed-in newcomers.

As for the south, thunder caimans, a contaminated river, and the presence of a white tree array deterred the immigrants. No one dared to step foot in this territory.

The same applied to the extinguished magma field to the north. There were still lava badgers lingering in the area. Moreover, Leo's junkyard and recycling center operated close to the north field. It was too dangerous for the commoners to move there.

The segregation settled in peace after Leo explained the complications of his domain to the commoners.

Leo stood in front of the crowd of commoners while the new guys from the Tang Clan stood on the sides, listening to Leo's new announcement.

"Please remember that my domain is very toxic to regular humans. The north, the south, the center, and the east are off-limit to you unless you're a cultivator. The north belongs to little monster beasts, and the land cannot be reclaimed at the moment. The center is where my domain is, and it's full of monsters and Qi. The east side is exclusive to the Tang Clan and the Sixth Element Sect for the time being since they have come here first. As for the south, don't go there. There's nothing to see but alligator monsters and a contaminated river… That's the general geographic and usable terrain here. Next… about my store…"

As soon as Leo mentioned an exception, glints appeared in the commoners' eyes. They silently listened to the regulations until the end.

After Leo finished explaining the rules and their duties, he allowed them to ask questions.

"Anybody doesn't understand about what I said?" Asked Leo.

"Yes, sir!" One of the commoners shouted.

"Ask away!"

"You mentioned that only cultivators can access the central district. How do we become a cultivator?"

Leo answered without thinking much. "You just need to be able to cultivate. That's it."

"How can we cultivate, sir?"

Leo shrugged. "Get a cultivation resource."

"From where, sir?"

Hearing that question, Leo paused. His instinct cried that a major opportunity arose, and he needed to grasp it. Thus, he gave them hope.

"You may exchange your lifespan for some cultivation resources. Though, I can't sell you essence stones to you yet since it can kill you."


The commoners murmured and looked at each other in excitement. The front-most adult man raised his hand.

"How much does it cost, sir?!"

"20 Years of lifespan per pill for one elemental grain pill."

"C-Can we check our lifespan, sir?!"


Leo opened their lifespan menu for the crowd of commoners without thinking. Again, he raised a commotion.

The commoners had never seen a system screen before. When blue screens showed up and told them their remaining time, they were speechless. Still, everybody caught on to what they needed to do.

"Sir! I would like to buy one of your pills!"

"Me, too! I'll take two for my child and myself, sir!"

"I want one for my grandfather!"

"I-I-I want the cheapest one, sir! I only have 15 years to live! At least, I want my descendants to live a better life than mine!"

The gathering crowd almost rioted. They pushed others and tried to get close to Leo. Fortunately, the Tang Clan's members managed the crowd and got them to form queues.

As so many people wanted his pills, Leo had no choice but to sell them. He allowed them to visit his shopping mall for the time being.

It was a mistake. 2,000 regular people flooded into his shopping mall and fought for his grain pills.



<You have sold Pinnacle-Grade Fire Grain Pill for 20 Years of Lifespan.>

<You have sold Pinnacle-Grade Poison Grain Pill for 20 Years of Lifespan.>

<You have sold Immortal Grass for 10 Years of Lifespan.>

<You have sold…>

Later that day, Leo stood in front of his supermarket section, collecting YOL from his customers. They came here to acquire basic cultivation resources for their children, exchanging their lifespan for opportunities.

Leo didn't stop them. He only warned people with low lifespans not to spend too much.

A hundred people buying one pill each wasn't an issue. However, two thousand commoners flooding his shopping mall at once to get multiple pills was troubling. Leo called over some disciples from the Life Sword Sect to help him restock the supermarket as products flew off the shelves at a rapid rate.

The people from the Sixth Element Sect also mixed among the customer crowd. Jin Yong recommended the poison grain pills to his colleagues, and they rushed to the store to grab some as well.

Everything happened so fast. Within one hour, Leo's grain pills were out of stock. He was forced to close the mall for the day until his grain pills were properly restocked.

Most commoners got their desired pills for their family members. Alchemists of the Sixth Element Sect managed to snag poison grain pills to increase their poison element proficiency. However, a few didn't get anything, so they had to wait for the next opportunity.

After closing the store, Leo counted his profits. He checked his lifespan.

<Current Lifespan: 1,641,544 Years…>

His lifespan almost tripled!


Leo couldn't believe what he had just done. He just wanted to kill his time for the day to wait for the quest to finish, but he ended up working for so long that he forgot about time.

The phase one quest was completed yesterday. However, Leo didn't get a chance to collect the rewards.

After the store was closed, Leo took this opportunity to grab the tickets and rewards.


<You have completed the Entity Fate Crystal Quest (Phrase 1/13)!>

<You have received 100,000 Years of Lifespan, One Guaranteed SR Lucky Draw (Building)!>

<Your Sub-Building Maximum Level has been increased to 12!>

In summary, Leo obtained 10 Lucky Draw (Building), 10 Lucky Draw (Automaton), one SR Lucky Draw (Building), some lifespan, and a new perk in total. He was ready to dib his hand into a gacha rabbit hole.

Leo opened the gacha system menu. Without hesitation, he navigated to the lucky draw section. He then prayed to RNGesus for good luck.

"Give me something nice!!"

Leo pressed the [10+1] summon button!




An animation of 11 capsule balls came out from the gacha machine in the background. The ball popped, ejecting 11 building icons out.

Eight icons were white, indicating the common rarity.

One was green. An uncommon one.

One was blue, which was the guaranteed rare building.

And the last one was gold! Leo got a super rare building!


Seeing the result, Leo checked the details of each building right away, starting with the common rarity ones.

"Alchemy workshop?"

Two common draws were two alchemy workshops, which weren't that shabby. Leo could build them to make more pills, so he wouldn't lose anything.

The third was another gunsmith. It was alright as well.

The fourth and the fifth were a granary and a warehouse respectively. Leo didn't really need them, but it was nice to have.

As for the sixth common draw, it showed up as a blacksmith workshop. Leo could finally experiment with cold weaponry and materials.

"Eh, it's not like I need cold weapons. Well, I can leave it to Hua Jiashan, I guess."

The seventh was another clothing store. Leo shrugged it off as he could use another tailor to make more clothes.

The last common building was a strange one. However, it looked TOO normal – A fast-food chain restaurant. It could only be built inside the shopping mall's first floor due to its restrictions, and it automatically consumed food from the granary to make food.

Leo didn't hate it, but he didn't like it either. As cultivators never needed food, this building might just be a decoration for his shopping mall.

After the common ones, Leo started with the uncommon rarity. He hoped for a better building.

He wasn't disappointed. New building icons appeared, and their descriptions attracted Leo.


Green House Farm (Uncommon)

Farming Automaton (0/5)

Green House Size (0/5)

Crop Quality (0/5)

Crop Growth Speed (0/5)

Can be placed on the rooftop of the shopping mall. The max level is 20.


Alchemy Factory (Rare)

Alchemy Automaton (0/10)

Active Machine (0/10)

Factory Capacity (0/10)

Factory Output Speed (0/10)

Must be built on top of a level 10 alchemy workshop or higher. Inherit the previous workshop level. The max level is 30.


Land Vehicle Factory (Super Rare)

Engineer Automaton (0/20)

Technology (0/20)

Vehicle Quality (0/20)

Production Speed (0/20)

Must be built on top of any level 10 workshop. Inherits the previous workshop level. The max level is 50.