Chapter 209 – Florida Man Pretending to Be Drill Sergeant Forced Recruits to Lick His Finger. Officers Confused How He Infiltrated the Barrack.

It didn't take long for Leo to assign new jobs to Taxi and Ricardo. The duo would be responsible for establishing a logistic route between his domain and the northern refinery, and they would be in charge of transporting the processed ingots to the warehouses.

Taxi and Ricardo were excited as they didn't get to travel much. The duo quickly assembled a team of 20 horses and galloped to the sky, heading north to explore this world.

Although some of the elites left the domain, there were still 80 9th-stage beasts lingering around and doing nothing. Leo left them alone for the moment.


The next day, Leo reopened his store and operated as usual. Commoners from the newly emerged city visited the shopping mall to purchase grain pills again.

Although elemental grain pills didn't give them much Qi, they were the only cultivation resources they could get their hands on without spending real money. They simply sacrificed their lifespan without thinking much.

Leo happily exchanged the mass-produced version of grain pills for their lifespan. He sat in front of the supermarket and acted as a cashier while local workers got busy sorting and refilling the shelves.

When the day was over, Leo closed the shopping mall. He made over 100,000 YOL of sales within a day, and he couldn't stop smiling.

While Leo was about to close the front shutter doors, Esen brought her people over again. This time, some of them had already consumed enough tea of rejuvenation, and they gained their fleshly bodies.

A hundred attractive men and women followed their master. Some of them had long ears like Esen, but most of them had white hair. Strangely, everybody wore a blindfold cloth to cover their eyes.

Esen took the lead. She mustered her courage to ask Leo while her elf ears were still bright red.

"G-Geezer. I want you to fulfill our promises. Convert them…please."


Leo didn't remember the promise, but there was no reason to refuse. He extended his hand and waited for the first daredevil.

"Shake my hand, and you will undergo a transition. It will be a very painful and risky process, and I can't guarantee your survival. Take it at your own risk. However, I promise that I will do everything in my power to help you overcome it."

The hundred men and women gulped as they were afraid of the risks. However, one of them volunteered.

Marc stepped forward and extended his right hand. Before Leo could react, Marc already shook his hand.

The boy innocently smiled at him.

"Please be gentle, senior."

Leo snickered. He admired the courage of this boy. "It's not up to me. It's up to my cancer cells. Well, steel your heart, clench your butt cheeks, and scratch your balls when you have a chance to do so. Everything is gonna happen REALLY fast-"

Before Leo could finish his sentences, blisters and rashes rapidly expanded on Marc's right arm. Purple blood vessels spread from the right arm to his face and other limbs.

Leo silently bit the tip of his left finger to extract his blood. He then grabbed Marc's jaws to open his mouth. Then, he tossed his blood inside and filled the boy's mouth with clean water, which he created.

Marc coughed and choked on the water and the blood. His muscles and bones slowly deformed.

Leo silently watched Marc going through a torturous process. He then glanced at Ivy, who was the brain of this crowd.

"Will this work? Do I need to do anything extra?"

Ivy smiled and shook her head. "That should be enough, Holy One. Your pure yang essence in your blood should be enough to remove the curse and purify his soul. The rest is up to his willpower."

"So, if he gives up, he dies?"

"Precisely so."

Leo nodded. Then, he turned his attention to the other people.

"While we're waiting for the result, who else wants to test their luck? I don't want to waste my time mutating you one at a time."


Again, the crowd hesitated. Leo could see some of them break a sweat or shake in nervousness.

On the other hand, Beatrice remained expressionless. She walked toward Leo and grabbed his left hand without saying anything. Then, she sucked his index finger to absorb his blood.

"Oi…" Leo was taken aback.

Beatrice silently bowed toward Leo. She then took a few steps back to sit down.

A few seconds later, her entire blood vessels blackened, and her skin reddened. Black blood gushed out from her eye sockets and ears. Yet, her expression never changed.

A minute passed. Beatrice's skin slowly became lighter. Her blood vessels changed from black to pink. When her skin faded to light olive, all blood vessels inside her were no longer visible. Her ears also lengthened, becoming the same as Esen's ears.

Beatrice stood up and stretched. She took off her blindfold cloth and opened her eyes.

A pair of sparkling blue eyes reflected the LED light of the store. She gazed at Leo's colorful aura for a moment. When she came back to her senses, she bowed to Leo again.

"I'm healed. Thank you, Holy One."

Despite speaking in a monotone, her voice was even prettier than Esen and Ivy's.

After Beatrice conquered the cancer cells with ease, the crowd behind her uttered in astonishment.

"As expected of the legion general. She still has it."

Another woman with long white hair nodded in agreement. "Indeed. General Beatrice was the strongest cadet of the Eleanora Academy. Not even high elves from the noble clans can defeat her in a duel or a magic competition."

"It's a pity that the traitorous matriarch and her daughter cursed her before she could enter the imperial house. She could have reached the entity realm had they never interfered with her career."

"You have to give her some respect. She sacrificed her career and future to stay with Her Majesty to the very end."

Leo overheard their conversation. The more he listened, the more he admired Beatrice's loyalty toward Esen. She was worth nurturing.

As a reward for her courage and willpower, Leo fiddled with his spatial ring and flickered a Floridian Dantian pill out. He grabbed it and tossed it toward Beatrice.

The white-haired elf girl caught it and glanced at the pill. Upon seeing the aura of the pill, her expression slightly changed for the first time.

"Holy One?" Beatrice looked at Leo.

"Don't ask. Just take it as a reward for your courage. The others are cowering and hesitating, but you take the shot and set an example for others. You deserve it."

Beatrice closed her mouth and silently nodded. She then uttered.

"Thank you. This pill will be useful for my younger brother."

Leo smacked his lips. "I give that pill to you, not your brother. I have another one for him if he survives, alright?"

Beatrice's expression changed again. For the first time in years, she revealed a faint smile to a stranger.

"…Thank you, Holy One. I shall serve you and Her Majesty to the best of my abilities."


Leo waved his hand as Beatrice's speech sounded cringe. He turned his attention to the boy, waiting for him to overcome the ordeal.

He wasn't disappointed.

The rashes and blisters subsided and vanished. Marc's hair color changed from white to black, and his height grew by a head. His shoulders widened as his bones got larger.

The innocent young boy turned into a tall and handsome teenage elf. His adolescent face was replaced by a defined jawline and a stoic-looking face. His formerly round eyes, on the other hand, remained the same.

After the transition was completed, Marc collapsed on the ground, panting. Every pore of his skin excreted black sweat, which contained all the accumulated impurity inside him.


Marc's cultivation base also soared. He displayed the aura of a true immortal!

Esen raised her eyebrows. She was stunned that her bodyguard managed to surpass her in strength by just drinking Leo's blood.

"Hey! That's not fair! I worked so hard, but I'm still a celestial emperor! How come your strength jumps to the true immortal stage?!"

Marc dryly laughed. "I-I don't know, Your Majesty. It… just happens."

Ivy coughed and pulled Esen from Marc. She explained.

"I think it relates to Marc's gender and his natural compatibility with the Holy One's virgin yang essence. Since they are both men, they are more compatible with yang energy. Thus, he gets the boon."

Esen couldn't argue with that. However, she still had doubts.

"Then, why did he take so long to overcome that? Why did Beatrice get it done so fast?"

Ivy wryly smiled and glanced at Leo. Since she was afraid to offend her master, she asked Leo with her expression.

Leo noticed the hint. He coughed and mocked Esen.

"You were also in a similar state when you mutated, brat! I had to feed you pills and my blood, and your transition took as long as the boy's. You have no right to complain!"


Esen was taken aback. She blushed and pouted.

The noisy bunch finally stopped making noises. Leo tossed another Floridian Dantian pill to Marc. Then, he forcefully grabbed Ivy's hand and yelled at the people.

"Form one single line and extend your dirty ass-sticking hands! Yours truly will grace you with my most abominable cancer cells and my DNA-frying radiation! After I'm done violating your defenseless juvenile skin, I shall let you feast upon my royal blood! If you vomit, I'll pry your goddamn breast-sucking mouths and spit in it!"


Everybody was taken aback by Leo's odd speech. They didn't expect him to be this vulgar or sarcastic.

"…Geezer, what?" Esen gave Leo a weird look.

Leo coughed. "Don't mind my military speech."



One after another, the converted undead knights, grim reapers, and archliches touched Leo. Their flesh and blood mutated as they had planned.

Strangely, after everybody drank Leo's blood, the mutation process was less painful. Everybody soon overcame the ordeal by relying on their willpower alone.

The elf's curses were removed. The women got their former bodies back. As for the men and the boys, their cultivation skyrocketed. Although none of them managed to reach the celestial emperor or true immortal stage at once like Marc, they evolved into celestial kings.

With these immortals around, the domain's security was strengthened. He no longer needed to rely solely on the pony army anymore.