Chapter 210 – Florida Man Allegedly Slept with the United Elfen Kingdom's Crown Princess and Accidentally Married Her. The Queen Openly Disapproved Their Relationship.

After these skeletons regained their bodies, they reverted to their original appearance when they were alive. Surprisingly, 80 of them were elves while the rest looked like humans with white hair.

Leo didn't question their ethnicity or race. He continued to distribute Floridian dantian pills to Esen and her subordinates that showed promising potential.

Still, there were people without the pill.

Leo gave them a promise.

"Those pills take too long to make, but we're currently in the middle of making a new batch. Don't be disheartened that your friends get it first. Everybody here will get one eventually."

The crowd smiled and knelt on one knee. Everybody bowed their heads toward Leo.

"Savior, we promise that we'll do everything in our power to fulfill your ambition and desire! We will die for you!"

"Please allow us to worship you as our lord!"

Leo nodded in approval as these guys looked trustworthy. However, Ivy's next word instantly changed Leo's mind.

"Holy One. Please marry our empress."


Leo almost choked. He coughed and whizzed while he smacked his chest.

"Bitch! You almost gave me a heart attack! WTF?!"

Unfortunately, Ivy's suggestion ignited the passion of the crowd. Everybody gazed at Leo with sparkling eyes.

"It would be our honor if you accept Her Majesty as your dao companion! Please!"

"Her majesty has all the qualifications to become the Matriarch of the Divine Elf, Lord! It's a pity that her mother and her sisters were envious of her talent and cursed her into an undead. Now that she has restored her body and removed the curse, she is the finest candidate for your dao companion!"

"Holy One. Her Majesty was born with the Phoenix constitution! Combined with her virgin yin essence, she has the best body to conceive your descendants! Please honor us and bestow your bloodline on our clan!"

Leo was so flabbergasted that his wide eyes almost slipped out of the eye sockets. On the other hand, Esen screamed in embarrassment and anger.


Ivy giggled and massaged her shoulders from behind. "Your majesty. A divine elf's princess with the finest and thickest bloodline has the obligation to conceive babies of a supreme being worthy of your status and integrate his bloodline with us. The Holy One Florida Man has all the qualifications. He possesses the unique aura of virgin yang and the supreme constitution. Once you two combine, your cultivation progress will improve by leaps and bounds! There's no other groom better than him-"


Esen bonked Ivy with her hammer fist. She yelled at her people.

"I-I-I am not ready for marriage! I-I-It's not like I want to marry or anything, but it's n-n-not the time!"

"Oi." Leo broke a sweat. Judging from her words, she neither denied nor accepted their proposal, which troubled him.

Esen turned around and gazed at Leo with wet eyes. Her lips trembled. "T-T-This isn't my idea! D-Don't misunderstand! T-T-They forced me into this!"


Leo facepalmed and let out a long sigh. He turned toward the crowd and was about the chide them.

But then, he thought of an ancient era's culture when political marriage benefited both parties. Leo compared it to his situation and wondered if he should deny their request.

'I don't want to accept it. But if I reject them, I might lose their support. These guys are special, too, considering their natural abilities, magic, and necromancy.'

Leo had fought Esen so many times that he got curious about the divine elf race. As a result, he studied the shadows of other divine elves that he could find in the simulation mode.

Ivy, Marc, and Beatrice's potential and combat abilities were superior to Esen's at the moment. However, at their peak performance or final form, Esen outperformed everybody, especially when she used her death magic. Every time her shadow cast it on him, Leo's heart stopped beating for several seconds every time, almost defeating him.

Thinking of Esen's potential and the competence of her subordinates, Leo was unable to outright reject their suggestion.


Again, Leo deeply sighed. He glanced at Esen again.

The girl was on the verge of crying because of embarrassment. She seemed somewhat adorable for a cheeky elf woman.


Leo made his decision. For the sake of the amicable relationship and the harmony of his domain's workers, he surrendered to the political marriage.

"Just in name for now, okay? I won't take more concubines or consorts. One official wife is enough."


Suddenly getting Leo's approval, the elf crowd cheered.

"Let's prepare for the ceremony right away!"

"You've made the right choice, my lord! With this, we will have a legitimate reason to fight for the throne!"

"Your majesty! We are happy for you! Please bear at least 1,000 strong children to show those evil princesses how it's done!"

Esen's face and ears reddened, and a fume of white smoke came out. She looked at Leo in disbelief.

"W-W-Why are you going along with them?!"

Leo paused for a moment as he didn't know what to answer her. But then, his intrusive thoughts came up with a solution and idea. He grinned and answered.

"You snuck into my bed and rubbed your chest against me so passionately earlier. I think you need to take responsibility for being a cute tsundere and be with me forever. How's that sound?"


A smoke explosion erupted inside Esen's head. Her eyes spun while her lips trembled in embarrassment.

"Y-You were awake?!"

"I was up when you moaned and called my name."


Esen sat on the ground and covered her face. She didn't dare to look at Leo's face anymore.

Leo laughed as he teased the girl enough. He glanced at the scheming elf.


Ivy widely grinned, "Yes, Holy One?"

Leo leaned toward her ear and whispered.

"This political marriage will be in name only. If you dare to offer me another woman, I'll expel you and your master from my domain."

Ivy giggled, "I know my limits, Holy One. I promise this won't happen again."


"But seriously, please impregnate her if you can. We implore you."

Leo rolled his eyes. He let out a long sigh and gave her a serious look.

"When this farce is over, you have a lot of explanation to do. No more conspiracy and secrecy this time. I want to know what you're cooking behind my back, and what are you trying to achieve."

"Of course, Holy One. We never lied to you. In fact, we already told you most of our stories."

Ivy mischievously laughed while Leo frowned at her. The latter snorted and turned around.

"Get going, you lots! Leave me… I mean, leave us alone!"

For the sake of his mental health, Leo carried Esen by his shoulder and brought her to his battle bus like a caveman bringing his bride home.

The crowd cheered and whistled. Marc and Beatrice waved their hands at Esen to cheer her on. As for Ivy, she continued to show them a faint smile until they were gone from her vision. Then, her smile disappeared from her face.

Ivy's pupils and sclera turned black. She gazed at her comrades next.

"You should have heard the warning earlier. The Holy One expresses that he will only have one dao companion. If anybody crosses the line, I'll kill that bastard myself."

The former death knights and liches stopped laughing. They saluted.

"Don't worry. We will respect the Holy One's mandate."

The other also saluted. "For the sake of our revenge, we will adhere to his orders."

Ivy was relieved. She turned toward Beatrice and Marc next.

"You two should also keep a respectable distance from them when they are alone. Let them have some privacy so that Her Majesty can show her woman's charm, alright?"

Marc repeatedly nodded while Beatrice lightly snorted.

"Fine." Beatrice sighed.


Ivy had been working as a matchmaker to pair Esen with Leo. Although the process was forced and abrupt, the result went according to her plan, except for Leo's cooperation. She had never expected that Leo's heart was as solid as a stone.

'For now, Her Majesty is completely under the Holy One's protection. Even if the other princesses or the matriarch finds her, none of them can kill or curse her again under his watch! I just hope that they won't realize that some of us have already broken the curses…'

Ivy secretly prayed that the divine elves at the swastika galaxies wouldn't detect their resurrection as they weren't ready to face their overwhelming army of overlords, entities, and sages.



Simba had been minding his business, forging a new frying pan for his wife using the Immortalium ore. He raised a smith hammer and hit the flattened metal.



The noise echoed in the workshop. After hitting the flattened Immortalium metal for the 1,000th time, Simba threw the metal in a bucket of water to cool its temperature.


The Immortalium reacted to the water. Instantly, it evaporated the liquid.

Simba ignored the natural attribute of the Immortalium. He wiped his sweat with the towel on his neck and took a sip of water.

While Simba was resting, a system screen appeared before him. It was a message from another player. Coincidentally, the sender was his wife's mother, aka the matriarch of the divine elf.

<Ohio Man. Come to the palace. We have a job for you.>

Simba frowned as he hated the family of his wife. They were the ones who expelled her to the countryside, yet they had the galls to order him around.

He replied to the message.

"State your business. I'll charge you according to the responsibility and the difficulty of the tasks."

That was Simba's principle and a way to limit their influence in his life.

It didn't take long for the other party to reply. This time, the matriarch stated her business.

<We have detected that a group of heathens have managed to overcome our curses. I want you to use your power to search for their current location and give us the coordinates.>

"That's all?"

<Yes. That will be all. We'll take the rest from here.>

"…100 million years of lifespan. Paying upfront."

<No problem. I shall transfer the lifespan to you right away.>



Simba glanced at his lifespan status menu. His balance instantly went up by 100 million YOL.

After getting the payment, Simba opened his system menu and started searching for the heathens.

"I need more information. Tell me their names or give me their pictures."

<The name is Esen Sydin the fourth.>

"Sydin surname? The fourth?! Isn't she the previous crown princess… rather, your daughter?!"

Sydin was the surname of the matriarch. Also, the fourth behind the surname indicated the generation, which only the official crowd princess could possess.

<That heretic practiced death magic! That kind of dao is not allowed in our family! It doesn't matter if she was born with a Phoenix constitution or carried whatever bloodline! If she tamper with that blasphemous magic, she deserves to be suffering in hell forever!>


Simba didn't refute as he had heard the rumor before. The justification behind Esen's expulsion and eternal imprisonment wasn't the death magic or other heresy magic. Instead, it was purely political schemes of her family, who envied Esen's talent and potential. They felt threatened that Esen might steal the matriarch title from her mother, so everybody conspired against her.

His wife told him this. She, too, took part in the conspiracy. However, after Esen was out of the picture, the princesses fought against each other. In the end, Ester was expelled and was reduced to a commoner.

Simba was disgusted with the royal family. Still, as he married one of their kin, he had no choice but to follow their rules and orders.

As Simba already got the name, he input it into his system. Then, the face of Esen appeared, including the coordinates of her planet and the country she lived in.

The planet's name was still marked as the Yan Dynasty. However, the country Esen lived in showed up in the system menu as "Florida Domain".


Simba regretted taking this job. He didn't expect to see this word.

<Tell me the location!>


Simba bit his lower lips. Although unwilling, he revealed Leo's planet coordinates to the matriarch.

'I'm so sorry.'