Chapter 211 – Abrupt Chaos Ensued after Florida Man Received Bull's Urine as Wedding Gift. Witnesses Said The Groom Brought the Urine Bag Home to Make New "Drink".

A day after the hectic meeting, Ivy announced the news of the upcoming grand wedding to everybody in the domain. She sent invitation letters to all employees, the Tang Clan, and the commoners in the west town.

The commoners, who just exchanged their lifespan with Leo's pills, were excited.

Hua Jiashan and Dongfang Mei also received the letters. The elderly couple laughed as they were happy for Leo. As for the other elders, such as Han Hao, Han Meng, Tiger Swordsman, Wu Buyi, and Xu Nuan, they were surprised that Esen was the bride.

Tang Xuan was stunned as well when he received an invitation letter from Ivy. When Tang Xuan got the letter, he couldn't help but admire Leo's vitality.

In this world, it was customary for guests to bring gifts for the bridge and the groom if they were invited. This tradition gave everybody a headache.

As Leo was their liege and he never lacked resources, no one could come up with a proper gift to give Leo and Esen on the upcoming wedding day.

Fortunately, Ivy informed everybody in advance. The wedding would be held after the next seasonal mystic realm expedition. They still had a month to prepare their gifts.

This event triggered an internal competition between the employees, the commoners, and the elders. They aimed to procure the best gifts that could impress Leo and get on his good side.

The Tang Clan was the same. As they were newcomers, Leo hadn't assigned them any task other than allowing them to build their residents. Tang Xuan and Tang Tian thought that Leo simply ignored them.

This wedding was their opportunity to show Leo their sincerity. Tang Xuan swore that he would get something useful from a mystic realm and impress Leo.



The news of the upcoming wedding circulated in the western town, which Leo nicknamed West Slum. The newly built town was full of one-story wooden buildings. Only a few structures near the main road were two or three stories tall.

One of the tallest buildings was the new home of a merchant company. The owner of this company was none other than Jiang Cheng, a merchant whom Leo had met at the Frozen Fire City and tipped him an essence stone. He sold the stone and used it as a capital to reinvest, and he earned millions of gold coins.

Jiang Cheng heard the news of Leo's upcoming wedding. He racked his brain to come up with a unique gift that could get Leo's attention.

"What should I gift him? He's a cultivator. He has an immense amount of essence stones. He doesn't lack wealth for sure. Ugh."

Jiang Cheng paced in his office, searching for inspiration. After an hour of brainstorming, he came up with an idea.

The merchant had gathered information about Leo before. In the past, Leo exchange his cultivation resources with the vegetables and fruits of the local people. He wondered if Leo still needed those.

Because of such information, the merchant finally got inspiration.

"Aren't vegetables and fruits food? Does he lack provision? How about I gift him a bunch of grains? No. For someone of his caliber, grains aren't enough. Cultivators rarely eat hard food, but they sometimes eat luxurious food with high-class ingredients. Wait… high-class ingredients? That's right. I can use those!"

Finally, Jiang Cheng had an idea. He called his subordinates over and ordered them.

"We're taking a trip to Tappaya City! We're going to import some spirit bulls from the Joyous Yin-Yang Sect!"



Jiang Cheng wasn't the only one who came up with the idea. Han Hao and Han Meng, who had made contact with Leo before the others, remembered and understood why he needed food resources.

Han Hao consulted with Han Meng.

"Son, do you remember when Lord Florida Man asked us to bring him vegetables and fruits?"

Han Meng remembered, "Yes. Lord Florida Man can convert every type of plant into precious treasures. At that time, he collected so many cabbages and fruits from us. Now, they're sitting in the granary as golden sand bananas, yin cabbages, and other rare herbs that can't be found on the mainland."

"Correct. He is operating a store that sells precious treasures and herbs. Of course, he has to procure some merchandise from somewhere. And those merchandise in his store came from us!"

"Aha! So, father. You're saying that he still needs those?"

"Exactly! Right now, his store is wide, but he lacks merchandise to sell! We should bring him something unique that he has never gotten his hands on, such as… livestock!"

Han Meng widened his eyes as he got the idea.

"Yes! Cows, ducks, chickens, dogs, horses, pigs, snakes, sheep, and… what else?"

Han Hao's eyes gleamed. He proposed a bold move.

"The Yin-Yang Joyous Sect's spirit bulls!"

"W-Wait, pops. T-Those perverted bulls?! Aren't those pheasants exclusive for those lunatics?"

"They might be wild, but it is famous for its meat! Lord Florida Man is a hard-food lover. He will never reject such a fine source of meat! In fact, he might even turn those bulls into something greater!"

"Good idea, pops! Let's go and contact that pervert sect!"

Han Hao and Han Meng formed a team of two. Without telling anybody, they traveled northeast, heading toward an isolated mountain range.



500 km northeast of Cauliflower City was a mountain range. Behind the mountain range was an elusive sect, where male commoners would kill to join while women would do anything to enter.

The Joyous Yin-Yang Sect hid there. This sect focused on dual-cultivating methods, which required male and female cultivators to consummate to get stronger. Because of such methods, many men dreamt of joining this organization.

Women were no better. As this sect offered face alteration techniques and pills to remove excess weight, many commoner women whose look was below average sold their bodies to the sect to get their hands on the techniques and pills. As a result, they joined the sect as female disciples and took pleasure in cultivating with many men.

After Leo slaughtered Yan Xiang and his sons, this sect became a safe haven for the Situ Clan and the Ouyang Clan. They migrated here and asked for the sect's protection.

The sect master was this place was Murong Qi. He was a friend of Situ Nantian. Although his foundation and his strength were far inferior to the Situ, he was the only one who could be considered the same generation as Situ Nantian.

In the sect master's courtyard, Situ Nantian and Murong Qi relaxed and enjoyed their afternoon tea. Although Murong Qi was at a similar age as his friend, he looked like a young man in his 20s. His muscular chest, refined shoulders, and toned body were at the same size as professional bodybuilders. His bronze skin was also popular among the female disciples, who shared beds with him.

Murong Qi glanced at Situ Nantian's complexion. The latter just came out of seclusion, but he still looked pale.

"That injury must be so severe, brother Nantian. Was Florida Man that strong?"

Situ Nantian groaned. "He's not just strong. He's a monster – A monster with heavenly artifacts!"

"That sounds terrible. What did you do to ire that man?"

"…He provoked me first! He dared to covet a precious treasure of a mystic realm I'm in!"

Murong Qi sighed. "This is where you are wrong. I know you for over 500 years. Sometimes, you are the one who covets other people's assets and wealth. You must have tried to steal his treasure or something, right?"


Situ Nantian was unable to answer. He clenched his teeth in anger.

The two fell silent as they had no topic to converse. Murong Qi sighed and planned to excuse himself to manage the sect.

Suddenly, someone sent a voice transmission to Murong Qi and informed him of development from a faraway land.


Murong Qi raised his eyebrows and quietly listened to the report of his spies. After he heard everything, he smiled at Situ Nantian.

"Someone is getting married soon, brother Nantian."


"Your enemy, Florida Man."

"He…That bastard dares to flaunt his wealth?!"

"More like he is minding his own business and trying to live his life."

"No! That bastard has no right to enjoy life! He offended me and caused chaos in our empire! He needs to die!"

"…Seriously, sometimes, I wonder who the sane one is. Your clansmen and Yan Xiang always treated us as perverts and psychos, but we never initiated bloodshed and conflicts. Sometimes, you need to stay away from society to understand society, you know?"

"Murong Qi! Stop with your idiotic philosophies! I'm leaving!"

"Have a great day, brother."

Murong Qi didn't bother sending Situ Nantian off.

When Situ Nantian left his manor, his expression turned solemn. He vibrated his throat and sent a voice transmission to his spies, who had infiltrated Magpie City and Leo's domain.

"Get more information about Florida Man's wedding and his background. Also, if possible, introduce us to him so that we can get the invitation. I want to pay him a visit… and maybe convince him to become our customer."

The Joyous Yin-Yang Sect was not just a cultivation school. It also operated as a grand brothel. Many rogue cultivators visited the sect and spent their fortune to bed their beautiful disciples or handsome men.

In addition, after the Amazonian Sanctuary was disbanded, many female cultivators flocked to the sect and joined them. At the moment, they had 10,000 female disciples and a thousand female elders.

They became the biggest sect after the fall of Yan Xiang. From Murong Qi's perspective, Leo's domain was the remaining rival on the mainland. Once Leo was out of the picture, he would rule the main continent and this planet.

"Friend or foe. How should I treat you, I wonder."

Murong Qi snapped his fingers. Then, a three-meter-tall black bull flew from the ranch and rushed toward his master. When it arrived at the courtyard, Murong Qi smiled at his pet.

"I need your help again, Nancy."

Murong Qi proceeded toward the bum of the bull. The animal also knew its queue as it peed at the sect master.

The perverted sect master collected the bull's pee in his spatial ring. He laughed and patted its butt.

"Thanks for the usual, Nancy. Your aphrodisiac urine is the best!"


Murong Qi snickered. He wondered what Leo would do if his bride was poisoned by the spirit bull's aphrodisiac urine during the wedding.

"The wedding gift is ready. Now, how should I tempt him or humiliate him? What to do? Decision, decision…"