Chapter 212 – Floridians Celebrated as Elderly Florida Man Finally Lost His V Card.

In the battle bus, Leo sat on his bed in his bedroom while Esen sat next to him. Her eyes spun as she was still confused and embarrassed.

"Hah." Leo patted the elf's head and sighed. "Relax. I'm not gonna eat you."

"W-W-We're going to get married?! A-Are you serious about me?!" Esen flustered.

"Well, if you hate the idea, we can cancel it."

Leo gave her a way out as he didn't want to force her to do something she didn't want.

However, Esen didn't take the chance. She looked at Leo's face and shook her head.

She mustered her courage.

"I-I-I'm happy you have a feeling for me."


"I-I'll behave from now on. I'll learn how to be a wife. A-A-And I'll smell like one!"

Leo frowned. "Are you sure you understand what you're talking about? Are you drunk?"

"No! I'm sober!" Esen stood up and faced Leo. She closed her eyes and shouted. "I'LL DEDICATE MY BODY AND MY SOUL TO YOU! B-B-BE GRATEFUL, GEEZER!"


Leo massaged his forehead. He stood up and pulled out the staff that he got from Esen's shadow. Then, he passed it to her.


"What's that?"

"A new weapon for you for self-protection."

"F-For me?"

"Consider it a gift from me. I'll do my best to get you a proper wedding ring later. Also, I need to measure your ring's size. Show me your hands."


Leo grabbed Esen's hands and measured her ring fingers. The elf girl blushed and let her future husband touch her hands.

After getting a rough idea of what her ring size was, Leo opened his shopping system menu and purchased a diamond ring from the system. He picked a clear gold ring with a carat diamond.


A pair of gold diamond rings appeared in Leo's hand. Each ring cost 1,000 YOL, which was considered cheap by Leo's standard. Thus, he immediately used his system perk to upgrade them to the max level.


After the chime, the gold ring changed color into rainbow. The diamond retained the same color, but it shone like a glittering star.

Leo didn't know what kind of upgrade the system gave these rings. He just wanted it to be durable enough not to withstand immortal Qi and his power.

Leo glanced at Esen's face for a moment. His expression was solemn.

'Well, a beggar can't choose. I should be glad that I can get a wife in this world.'

Leo knelt in front of Esen. Then, he gently inserted the ring into her finger. He then gazed at her face and asked her properly.

"I know we are from a different race, and our age gap is big. We get ourselves into this mess because of our subordinate's stupid scheme. But since it has come to this, I promise that I'll treasure you. I'll make you the happiest woman in the universe… So…will you marry me, Esen?"


Esen was in tears. Although she didn't expect Leo's proposal, his gesture and words moved her heart.

While sobbing, she repeatedly nodded.

"Y-Yes. Yes…me, too. I-I don't know why we're getting married, b-b-but… I… I want to be with you forever!"

Leo bitterly smiled. He felt a bit guilty since they skipped many relationship steps. They never dated. They never confessed or expressed their love, but both of them got into this situation.

But since Esen didn't reject his proposal, Leo swore that he would properly love the elf lich. He embraced her and asked her to be sure.

"Do you prefer me as I am, or do you want me to be young again?"


Esen realized something. Leo made so much tea of rejuvenation, but he drank a lot of it. She wondered why his physical age didn't regress.

"Can you become young again?"

"Do you want me to? Or do you like old men?"

Because of the topic, Esen forgot about the previous embarrassment and shyness. She revealed her thoughts.

"I like you the way you are."


Leo widely smiled. Somehow, Esen was strangely cute today.

Unable to suppress his evil intrusive thoughts, Leo hugged Esen.

"Let's rehearse the wedding night."

"Re…hearse? Rehearse what?"

Leo lewdly grinned. He pushed the divine elf down.


The morning of the next day, Leo and Esen shared the same bed. The former slept while smiling, but the latter buried her face against a pillow. Although Esen wanted to scream and throw a tantrum, she was too exhausted to move.



Leo woke up in the afternoon. He sat up, extended his arms to stretch, and yawned.

He graduated!

No more V card!

He felt light. His body was so energetic that he felt young again.

Leo looked at the bed. Next to him, Esen was still there, sleeping peacefully. Although she was asleep, her aura twirled like a whirlpool, sucking every strand of Qi and essence into her body.

Her cultivation base reached the true immortal stage, and she continued to grow stronger! Judging from this pace, she would break the limits of the immortal realm soon.

Leo leaned over and kissed the forehead of the divine elf.

"Sweet dream, wifey."

Esen grumbled in her sleep and mumbled.

"Geezer, you're a monster."

"Hahaha! Sorry. First time is a charm!"

Leo got out of bed and went to the bath to take a shower. He walked past the washbasin's mirror without paying attention.


Leo frowned for a moment and took two steps back. He then turned to look in the mirror.

The reflection in the mirror showed the face of a late middle-aged man. He still had long hair, but half of it was black. Secondly, his proud long braided beard seemed shorter than usual, and it was black as well.


Leo touched his face and looked at his skin.

The wrinkles and blemishes on his skin were gone. His muscle mass was more refined and toned. Also, his movement wasn't as sluggish as before.

Leo looked like a man in his 50s!

"I'm young again?!"