Chapter 213 – Florida Man Discovered a Method to Look Younger after Failing No-Nut November Challenge. He Revealed That Nutting Was the Secret.

Leo nervously walked out of his room. When he came out, he found Ivy in front of the room as if she had been standing there all night.

Ivy's expression changed for a moment as Leo's appearance changed a lot. Fortunately, she recognized his aura.

"Good afternoon, Holy One. Congratulations on recovering your youth."

"…I see that you can recognize me. Did you expect this to happen?"

"Not at all!"


Ivy grinned and glanced at the door. She still sensed Esen's presence in the room, but her aura and cultivation base grew so much.

"I see that you've accepted our empress, Holy One. Please take care of us from now on." Ivy deeply bowed.

"I know what you've been plotting. I don't mind it if you're doing it for your master, but do remember – Don't ever cross me."

"I'll keep that in mind, Holy One."

Leo snorted and left Ivy alone. He walked along the hall. As he walked past the other elves on the bus, they stood up and bowed to pay respect to him.

The only ones remaining on the bus were the people without the Floridian dantian pill. As for those with the pills, they were in seclusion.

Leo wondered why Ivy wasn't in seclusion like the others. He shrugged and left the scheming vixen alone.


After Leo had gone out to work, Ivy entered Leo's room and found Esen sleeping on his bed. She scanned the room and smiled.

"I'm proud of you, Your Majesty. You did it. You dual-cultivated with the Holy One."

Without waking Esen up, Ivy cleaned Leo's room and removed the scent from the previous night. She also removed the stains and residual liquid in the bed with her Qi. Then, she left the room.



When Leo returned to the store, he caused a commotion. Everybody was surprised to see Leo in his younger appearance. Although he still looked old, it was a huge improvement.

The usual bootlicker, Wu Buyi, rushed to Leo's side. He praised his new look.

"You are so handsome, my lord! How did you do it? Did you drink a lot of tea? Or perhaps, are you cultivating an age regression technique?"

"…None of those."

"Wow! Your knowledge is so profound and deep, my lord! I can't even express how impressed I am!"


Although Leo disliked boot-kissers, Wu Buyi was an exception. He knew this guy was greedy, but he was loyal to him. He could trust the guy.

"I might need more alchemists in the future. I want you to pick up some of the commoners that just become a cultivator. Train them to be an alchemist like you. Can you do it?"

Wu Buyi was delighted. "Of course, my lord! I'll go scout those people right away! Oh, by the way, the Tang Clan has been pestering me to seek your audience. Maybe, you should call them over."

"The Tang Clan? Oh, those guys…"

Leo remembered Tang Xuan and his men. He wasn't fond of the newcomers, but he respected their decision to migrate here.

"I'll do something about them."

Wu Buyi and Leo chatted for 10 minutes before they went their own way.


At night, Leo invited Tang Xuan and Tang Tian over to his store. However, as Tang Xuan was busy making pills, only Tang Tian showed up.

Tang Tian greeted Leo.

"Lord Florida Man. I see that you have looked younger. Congratulations on attaining a youthful physique."

Leo leaned over. "I heard you're looking for me. Is there anything you need?"

Tang Tian was overjoyed when Leo asked him first. He confessed to Leo.

"Our clan runs an alchemy sect called the Sixth Element Sect. We mostly develop poison pills and medicines. When we came here, we heard that you are also a master of the same field. We hope that we can study under you."

"Oh, sure." Leo agreed to Tang Tian's request without hesitation. However, he had a condition.

"But I'm not free enough to teach you myself. You will have to learn it from observation. You see, the fifth floor of my shopping mall is designated for workshops and factories. You can send your people to observe my workers there and exchange your knowledge with them. Be warned, though. Don't cause trouble or I'll kick your clan out!"

Tang Tian broke a sweat. He reminded himself to warn his subordinates not to offend the locals.

"Thank you, Lord Florida Man! Also, I have another request."


"You haven't assigned us a job yet. I hope that you didn't forget about us."


Leo scratched his head. Indeed, he forgot about them.

"Alright. Since you want to work that badly, I want your clan to help me patrol that west slum. More people have shown up recently, and I need some trustworthy people to make sure no hoodlums show up. Also, some of them bought my pills. There might be a promising cultivator-to-be among them. Make sure to scout them and ask them to join your clan or my store. That will be great."

"Of course, Lord Florida Man! We'll do our best!"

Tang Tian was delighted that Leo finally gave them a proper job. The security task was also their specialty as some of their clansmen worked as informants or assassins.

The Tang excused himself and returned to his clan with good news.


After assigning tasks to the Tang Clan, Leo let out a long sigh.

Managing a huge store and many people took a toll on his mental health. He wished he had a system or someone to take care of the shopping mall for him.

"A manager would be nice. Also, I need cashiers who can collect the lifespan of my customers. If I had a cashier, I could have more time to train or do something else."

While Leo was complaining, a certain guardian statue returned to the domain. Mu-Nyang landed on the mystic realm portal platform and sent his voice transmission to Leo.

'Master, I'm home, munya. I've brought you the earth fate crystal, munya!'

Leo widened his eyes.


Leo rode the elevator to the flying island. After exiting the elevator, he rushed to the Cathulhu statue.

The guardian statue presented Leo with a finger-sized crystal ball. It also carried several giant tunas with savage faces along.

Leo glanced at the fish.

"Are those your snacks?"

Mu-Nyang laughed. "Those are for the souvenir, munya! I already had my fill."

"How nice of you! Thanks!"

Leo stored the monster fishes in his spatial ring. He also collected the earth fate crystal.

The last quest item entered Leo's alien ring. Then, the quest was completed.


Entity Fate Crystal Quest – Phase 2/13

Mission Objectives: Complete 10 tasks to complete this phase.

Phase Completion Rewards: 200,000 Years of Lifespan, One Guaranteed SR Lucky Draw (Automaton), Increase the Shopping Mall's max level to 15, Increase the Sub-Building's Max Level to 15

Phase Two Tasks (10/10 Completed)

- Use the PVP feature once. (Done)

- Defeat a player's shadow in weekly PVP Mode (Done)

- Defeat a player in monthly PVP Mode (Done)

- Spend 10 Building Lucky Draws. (Done)

- Spend 10 Automaton Lucky Draws. (Done)

- Upgrade 10 buildings to level 12. (Done)

- Gather one million years of lifespan. (Done)

- Secure a strategic mineral depot. (Done)

- Build a resource extractor on top of a mineral depot. (Done)

- Locate three hidden Earth Fate Crystals on your planet (Done)

*For every completed task, you will receive one Lucky Draw (Building), and one Lucky Draw (Automaton).



<You have gained 200,000 years of lifespan.>

<You have gained a guaranteed SR Lucky Draw Ticket (Automaton).>

<The Shopping Mall and other buildings can be upgraded to level 15!>

Leo also got 10 building gacha tickets and 10 automaton gacha tickets from completing all quests.

It was time to gamble!

Leo opened the gacha system menu and checked the building banner first. Without praying or preparation, he pressed the [Roll 10+1] button right away.

"Come on! Give me something nice!"




Five grey balls, three green balls, two blue balls, and one rainbow ball came out!

"Five common, three uncommon, two rare, and one ultra-rare?!"

Leo rubbed his hands, looking forward to seeing the result.

The screen changed. All 11 balls were opened, and building icons came out.

Leo ignored everything except the rainbow facility. He read its description and admired the model of the building.

"Wow! Isn't this OP?!"


Tesseract Time Chamber (Ultra-Rare)

Time Dilation (0/30)

Training Facilities (0/30)

Chamber Capacity (0/30)

Chamber Size (0/30)

Can be built inside Shopping Mall.