Chapter 215 – Florida Man Gazed the Stars and Discovered Alien UFO. Government Official Claimed It Was a Flying Washing Machine of Ohio Man's Mother-In-Law.


A massive cubic spaceship orbited around a green planet. It was a hybrid ferry-battle cruiser spaceship of the divine elves, which was capable of sustaining 400,000 crewmates for 100 years without resupplying.

While it cruised, a hundred beacons flashed, sending passengers from the ground to the ship's teleportation altars.

A thousand deities and 10,000 immortal elves boarded the spaceship. They assembled troops and prepared to travel somewhere.

While the immortal elves and their deities were in preparation, Simba sent his friends and neighbors off. He saluted by placing his right fist on his left chest and bowed.

The elves waved their hands and departed without chatting with Simba.

The Ohio man kept gazing at the beaming beacons and fell into deep thought. He couldn't get rid of the guilt in his heart.

"Are you worried about them?"

Behind Simba, his wife also watched everybody leaving. She misunderstood him, thinking that he was concerned about their safety.

"Yeah." Simba didn't lie. He might be guilty, but he cared about the neighbors and his friends. After all, if someone from Earth managed to survive and make it to another planet, his strength should be at the deity rank at the weakest.

Moreover, Simba did some research. He secretly visited the Fate Stadium and checked the PVP ranking there.

He found someone with the title "Florida Man" among the rankers. Although the guy in question was a newbie, his detail was redacted due to his mysterious fate crystal.

"I don't think all of them will return in one piece. Their enemy is going to be very strong. I doubt sending deities there will be enough."

"Oh. Did you advise my mother?" Ester was surprised.

"No. She didn't ask."

"…I see. Well, she's like that. My mother is too overconfident sometimes."

"Because of her overconfidence, you get to keep your head on your shoulders, Ester. Had she been a little ruthless or decisive, none of us would have been alive."

"I know. It's a blessing in disguise."

Simba embraced his wife's shoulder and watched his friends leave this world. He deeply sighed.

'I also hope that bitch won't get too crazy and force me to go to war. If she does, I'll take Ester and the others outta here.'


The spaceship collected everybody. It slowly steered toward the deep space. Instead of traveling through a hyperspace or a warp drive, it continued to cruise toward the outer rings of the star system.


Suddenly, the entire spaceship vanished.

Simba narrowed his eyes. He secretly opened his system menu and fiddled with it.

A new system screen showed up. A solar system map of the Yan Dynasty Planet appeared. A second later, the vanished spaceship reappeared on the outer edge of the star system and cruised toward Leo's planet.

Simba's eyes locked onto the live feed. He glanced at the planet and summoned another system window, which showed the status of Leo.


Name: Leo [Redacted]

Title/Alias: Florida Man

Race: [Redacted]

Age: [Redacted]

Gender: Male

Level / Cultivation Base: [Redacted]

Location: Yan Dynasty Planet, Florida Domain


As usual, most of his information was concealed due to his entity fate crystal. Simba smacked his lips and gazed at the portrait photo of Leo.

The system still published Leo's photo as an elderly man with long white hair and a white beard.

Simba didn't recognize Leo. He glanced at the photo for a moment and thought to himself.

'I hope your system can save you. If you survive this, let's meet at the Fate Stadium. I hope we can meet and talk.'



"Phoenix Drive, clear!"

"Anti-domain guns, checked. Antimatter cannons, checked!"

"All systems green, setting course to YDP-01."

The crews on the ship scanned for anomalies and the damage of the ship after the teleportation.

The engine they used was a state-of-the-art omnipresent drive, which allowed them to teleport the entire spaceship anywhere in the universe as long as they got the coordinates right.

However, the cubic spaceship was not designed to fight on the frontline or war. Instead, it was a cargo ship, which was commonly used by merchants. They featured some dangerous guns and cannons, but they weren't enough to take down entities.

Half of the spaceship was designated to be a residential district. Every crewmate had a 40 square meter room for themselves. As for the rest, they were allocated to other facilities. Thus, not many parts of the ship were prepared for combat.

The captain of the spaceship, Ingof Jack was a 15-star elf deity. Inside his dantian, he condensed 15 elemental stars, and he alone had enough power to destroy any habitable planet.

The elf received the order from the matriarch to scout the Yang Dynasty Planet, aka YDP-01. He was to locate Esen's whereabouts and capture her. In case she resisted, Ingof had the authority to kill her.

Ingof watched the blue planet getting closer as his ship gradually entered the star system's orbit. He leaned on the captain's chair and turned his head to look at his aide.

Behind him, another female dark elf stood still with her arms behind her back. She was also a deity, but she was slightly weaker than the captain.

"Have you contacted the mutts?" Asked Ingof.

The dark elf answered without changing her expression or posture. "The Fenrir will deploy their battleships here in two days."

"What takes them so long? Are they still using the warp drive?"

"I'm afraid so. The matriarch always sold them outdated battleships. Their best battleships are the Hyena-Class."

"That ship class suits them well, don't you think? Hahahaha!"

"They might be detestable and disgusting, but they are our subordinates, captain."

"Ah. Anyway, let's keep the distance and wait for the vanguards. We don't need to exert our forces before the hyenas show up."

"Aye-Aye sir!"

The aide relayed the order, and the crew altered the flight course. The cubic spaceship adjusted the flight course and followed YDP-01's orbit path instead.




"Hmm, munya."

"Hmm, woof."

The black-winged angel, the Cathulhu, and the wolf statue looked at the stars. They grumbled in unison.

"Do you see what I see, cat?"

"Do you see what I see, doge, munya?"

"Do you see what I see, birb, woof?"

The angel rolled his eyes. "Stop calling me birb. I'm an angel."

"A birb is a birb, woof!"

"At least, you're a BIRB, now a BIRD, munya."


Meowmeow had a headache dealing with the two beasts. He wished the fisherman statue were here.

The angel stopped playing around. He got to the point.

"Have y'all recharged?"

Mu-Nyang laughed. "Full to the brim, munya."

"Me, too, woof!"

"Alright. Let them come a little closer. If they're in range, we go ham!"

"Roger, munya!"

"Okay, woof!"

The three guardians licked their lips. They were ready for another big battle.




<Warning! A player's forces are approaching!>

<Warning! If another player forces enter your domain, all effects of your facilities will be penalized. All your automatons will lose 50% of their strength and energy.>

<Warning! You do not have the authority to collect the lifespan of the invaders.>

Leo suddenly received multiple system messages. He frowned and glared at the screen.

"Okay. My life has been full of conflict. Who the hell is looking for trouble this time?"