Chapter 216 – Florida Man Hired Monkey to Teach Fencing to Veteran Martial Artists.


Leo clicked his tongue and turned to Hua Taixu. He made sure that the sword saint was at the max level and ordered him.

"Go and stand in front of the Tesseract Time Chamber. If someone talks to you and asks you about your identity, tell them that you're Sword Saint's twin brother. Also, if they are swordsman, you should offer to teach them swordsmanship and whatever skills that you know."

Hua Taixu slightly bowed. "Yes! Where werewolves? Me kill werewolves."

"…Not now, but some idiots will invade our world soon. Sharpen your swords and wait for the mobilization."

"Understood. Enemy, werewolves?"


"Good! Me, strong! Me kill werewolves!"


Leo had a feeling that Hua Taixu's memory might be jumbled, and this guy's speech was affected.

Hua Taixu snorted and vanished. He instantly teleported to the fourth floor of Leo's store and stood in front of the new facility.

The cashier mannequin was surprised. She shuddered and fell to her butt, but Hua Taixu helped her up. They stared at each other in silence.

Strangely, the mannequin blushed. She pranced around Hua Taixu while the sword saint remained expressionless. He secretly chanted a personal sutra.

'Me, strong. Domain, protect. Me kills werewolves.'



As the shopping mall had been upgraded, the interior was improved by a few levels. The luxurious vinyl tiles covered all floors and emitted a soothing scent. Mild Yin and Yang Qi circulated through the vents while the air conditioners kept the temperature warm.

Members of the Tang Clan and alchemists of the Life Sword Sect sensed the changes first. They rushed out of the workshops and admired the new changes.

One of the clansmen knelt and touched the wooden floor. He stroked it and drooled.

"T-This isn't just sacred wood. T-This is something else! What kind of wood is this?!"

An alchemist from the Life Sword Sect also inspected the walls and the railings. As they were made from the same material, he couldn't help but admire the shiny brown wood.

"It's different from the steel. The surface is so smooth and beautiful. This craftsmanship is too superb!"

More people made a commotion as they loved the gentle Qi from the air conditioners and vents. They no longer wanted to leave this place.

"I wish our lord wouldn't kick us out at night. I want to stay in seclusion here!"

"Me, too."

"Me, three."

Everybody lamented that they couldn't use the shopping mall as a cultivation center. Fortunately, the pylon tower provided a place to cultivate yin-yang Qi. Thus, they had a place to return to when they weren't studying alchemy.

While everybody admired the new interior, a few people from the lower floor suddenly made a loud noise. One of the loudest men was none other than Tiger Swordsman, who patrolled the store to maintain order.


Tiger Swordsman had seen Hua Taixu's portraits and paintings from various books. When he noticed the real deal, he was astonished.

Hua Taixu remained expressionless. He crossed his arms and stared at Tiger Swordsman.


"Y-Y-Yes, ancestor Hua?"

"A swordsman, you?"

"Y-Yes. My Daoist title is Tiger Swordsman. I was raised as an orphan slave from birth so I don't have a name."

"You, come. Me train you. You strong!"


Without waiting for Tiger Swordsman's answer, Hua Taixu grabbed him by the pants and dragged him into the time chamber.

The cashier mannequin followed after the two. She waved her hands around and showed a signboard that she had written a few minutes ago.

The signboard said [Entrance Fee – 10 Years of Lifespan per day per person.]

Hua Taixu glanced at the signboard and nodded. He pointed at Tiger Swordsman.

"He pays. We train. He strong!"

Tiger Swordsman was taken aback by Hua Taixu's style of speech. He tried to resist, but he couldn't compete against the raw strength of a true immortal.

In the end, Tiger Swordsman was forced to become the first customer of the time chamber while Hua Taixu accompanied him as a personal mentor.


The sighting of Hua Taixu quickly spread across the domain. Tang Xuan, Hua Jiashan, and people from the Life Sword Sect heard the rumor. They rushed to the fourth floor of the store to visit the time chamber.

Unfortunately, the cashier mannequin stopped them. She raised another signboard to inform them of the facility's rules.

[Only five visitors can enter the Tesseract Time Chamber at once.]

[Entrance Fee – 10 Years of Lifespan per day per person.]

The mannequin then pointed at a whiteboard, which she had updated the current users in the time chamber.

[Current visitors: 2]

Everybody was stunned. The group contemplated what this facility was for and hesitated to ask the automaton.

Tang Xuan and Hua Jiashan were more decisive than the rest. They offered to pay their lifespan to enter to time chamber so that they could see the rumored sword saint.

"I'll pay the fee."

"I'm going in there, too."

The cashier collected the payment and opened a way for the duo to enter. She also updated the visitor number's status to 4.

Tang Xuan and Hua Jiashan entered the facility one after another. They silently greeted each other with their eyes, but they didn't chat. After all, they had other purposes here.

The existence of the sword saint was closely related to Hua Jiashan and Tang Xuan. Hua Jiashan was the sword saint's direct descendant while Tang Xuan was Hua Taixu's junior. Thus, they had a reason to visit the man.

Upon entering the facility, they found themselves in an empty hall. Everything in the room was plain white and there was no sun, walls, plant, or any lifeform other than the people inside.

Next to the entrance door, a series of modern gym equipment was there. Next to the gym were five small rooms, which featured bedrooms and restrooms. There was also a dummy area and an altar, which provided an endless flow of elemental Qi to the environment.

Hua Taixu looked back and found two new guys. He nodded at them.

"Come! I train you. You strong!"

Hua Jiashan wryly smiled. He didn't remember that his ancestor was this young. Also, this person spoke in a colorful way, which he didn't recognize.

"Sir, are you a descendant of sword saint Hua Taixu?" Asked Hua Jiashan.

Hua Taixu snorted. "Me, sword saint! Me, your grandfather!"


Hua Jiashan couldn't believe it. He repeatedly shook his head.

"If I remember correctly, Grandfather is already over 2,000 years old. B-But you look quite young…"

Tang Xuan inserted himself into the conversation. He cupped his fist and bowed 90 degrees.

"Junior Tang Xuan greets Ancestor Hua Taixu! It has been a while!"

Hua Taixu paused for a moment. He stared at Tang Xuan and frowned.

"You. Not swordsman."

"Err, no. I'm an alchemist, not a swordsman."

"No sword skill, useless man. Me train you. You train sword!"


Hua Taixu grinned and activated his sword domain. Then, a million swords emerged from the ground and transformed the white land into a sword graveyard.

"Grab sword! Me fight you! You get strong!"


Without waiting for Hua Jiashan or Tang Xuan to react, Hua Taixu grabbed one of the swords and lunged at them.



It was too late for them to leave as the entrance door was locked from the outside. Tiger Swordsman, Hua Jiashan, and Tang Xuan would get stuck in this chamber for 500 days and get beaten up by the sword saint.