Chapter 218 – Florida Man Gifted His Tsundere Elf Wife M-16 Rifle in Preparation to Murder His Mother-In-Law.

Leo looked at his lazy wife, who still buried herself in the bed. While sleeping, her Qi circulated, and her body underwent a transformation.

She no longer looked like a 17-18-year-old teenager. Esen grew a few centimeters taller while her bosom and bottom developed.

Leo observed and watched his wife's body grow. He wryly smiled.

"I guess I can't call you flat anymore."

No man hated seeing his wife getting more beautiful and sexier. Leo loved what he was seeing.

Still, Leo was slightly disappointed. He had another business to consult Esen, and he needed her help. He needed more materials to concoct more Floridian dantian pills.


[Alchemy Recipe – True Death Poison Pill]

One True Death Mushroom

One Sweet Dream Mushroom

One Drop of Virgin Yin Blood

One Drop of Virgin Yang Blood

Wood and Earth Crystalized Essence


Leo needed Esen's blood so that he could make more of these pills. He planned to use them in the upcoming battle against the mysterious invaders.

Since Esen was out, Leo left her alone. He returned to the new alchemy factory to assign a new task.


So far, four alchemy workshops, two alchemy factories, one land vehicle factory, three gunsmith workshops, and three blacksmith workshops shared the fifth floor of the shopping mall.

There should have been seven alchemy workshops. However, three evolved into factories. Thus, only four remained.

As this floor featured more facilities, more cultivators and workers stayed on this floor. Some cooped in the alchemy workshops to study pill-making techniques. More than half gathered in front of the blacksmiths to repair or commission their new weapons while a few queued in front of the gunsmiths to get their reserved firearms.

Although a couple of cultivators visited the land vehicle factory, they quickly lost interest as the local workers hadn't started manufacturing anything yet.

Leo arrived at the floor and strode toward the idle factory. He entered the facility and checked its status.


Alchemy Factory Level 15

Automaton Alchemy (5/10)

Active Machine (5/10)

Factory Capacity (5/10)

Factory Output Speed (0/10)

Currently Making: None


Leo glanced at the five factory workers. The mannequins all wore a white gown and a yellow helmet according to OSHA guidebooks.

He quietly cut his wrist and drew his blood to a bucket. The transparent liquid flowed into the container.

After Leo filled the bucket to the brim, he rubbed his wound. The cut vanished, and Leo could feel that his bone marrow already replaced his lost blood.

He didn't stop there. Leo bit his arm and tore a chunk of his flesh off. Then, he tossed it into the bucket. The pain stung, but Leo only scratched it. Again, the wound instantly healed.

"Do we have enough caiman's cores?"

The five workers nodded. One of them rushed out and entered the staff elevator at the back. A few minutes later, he came back with an armful of small balls.

Leo narrowed his eyes and counted the caiman's cores.

"Only 12? Well, that's enough, I guess. Start making Floridian Dantian pills. Quality doesn't matter. Make as many as possible!"


The factory's status changed. It queued the recipe while the workers brought the ingredients to the machines.

As soon as the workers started the pill-making machines, Leo's system informed him.

<Remaining time: 24 hours…>


Leo was bewildered. It took the workshop a whole month to make a batch. However, the factory only needed one day! Moreover, Leo hadn't upgraded the output speed yet!

He was inspired.

"I see. So the workshop is for researching and developing the prototypes. The factories are for mass production! I get it!"

Leo rubbed his hands. He hoped that he could get more factories from gacha to upgrade his production facilities.

Since Leo was around, he visited all workshops to collect completed pills. While he was at it, he started new projects, which he postponed for months.


Basic Alchemy Workshop Level 15

Active Cauldrons: (5/5)

Alchemy Automatons (3/5)

Production Quality (5/5)

Production Quantity (2/5)


Five cauldrons gave Leo room to initiate more projects. With four workshops at level 15, Leo had 20 cauldrons to work with.


<Refining Soul Stones…>

<Refining Werewolf Dantian Pills…>

<Refining Longevity Pills…>

Those were the recipes that Leo got from his early days. Leo also tried to queue for other projects.


[Alchemy Recipe – Pill of Youth]

One Hundred Blades of Immortal Grass

One Drop of Virgin Sage's Blood

One Drop of Unicorn's Tear

One Liter of Pinnacle-Grade Holy Water

Five Elemental Essence


As Leo had just lost his V card, he didn't know if his blood could replace the virgin sage's blood. Still, he tried it anyway. Leo called Taxi over and squeezed his tears. Then, he initiated the project.


<Refining Pills of Youth…>

Strangely, the workshop accepted Leo's blood as virgin sage's blood. He didn't know how and why it worked. Still, it gave him new inspiration.

If his blood could substitute virgin yang blood, would Esen's blood work, too?

Leo needed to try. He returned to the battle bus.


Upon getting back to his bedroom, Leo found Esen sitting on the bed. She still looked drowsy and exhausted. However, her aura was different.

A trace of holiness and soothing air came from her. Her skin was glossy and shiny like polished porcelain. Also, she smelled strangely delicious and appetizing.

Leo drooled. He had the urge to jump her again, but he reeled his desire in check. He coughed.

"Good Morning, Esen."


Esen finally remembered that they had done the deed. She grabbed a pillow and used it as a shield, hugging it.

Leo laughed and sat next to her. He pulled her into a hug and teased her.

"Is there a point in getting embarrassed? We'll be seeing each other naked every day from now on. Hiding is pointless."

Esen pouted. Her face was still bright red.


"Thank you."

"…My butt hurts."

"Sorry. Hahaha!"

Although Leo kept teasing her, Esen leaned her head against his chest. She then scratched his skin with her sharp nails and bit him. This time, she managed to leave a red mark on his skin.



"Are we still considered virgins?"

"HUH?!" Esen pushed Leo away and stared at his face. "Are you messing with me?"

"No. I just used my blood as a substitute for virgin sage's blood, and it worked. I'm wondering if I can still use your blood as virgin yin blood."

Esen gave Leo a weird look. "Are you an idiot?"

"For a human's standard, yes. But for MONKE's standard, absolutely not! A MONKE with 80 IQ is a genius of our kind!"


"Anyway, get dressed and come with me. Let's test something. We need to make more pills!"

Leo dragged Esen off the bed and threw her to the bathroom. He personally bathed her, dried her, dressed her, and combed her hair.

Esen let Leo spoil her. She brightly smiled and enjoyed the feeling of being loved.


The duo arrived at the alchemy workshop floor. As planned, Leo extracted his blood and Esen's blood. Then, he initiated a new project.


<Refining True Death Poison Pills…>

"Ah, it works."

Leo laughed while Esen looked at the cauldron in confusion. She pointed at it and questioned him.

"I saw you put sweet dream mushroom and death mushroom in there. What are you making?

"True death poison pills."

"What's that?"

"I have no idea either. I just have the recipe, and I want to make it."


"Anyway, I think I should teach you about other things."

Leo guided his wife to a gunsmith workshop. He cut the queues and visited his workers.

The mannequins looked up and found Leo. They stood up and saluted him.

"Are the new toys ready?" Asked Leo.

The mannequins nodded and handed Leo a prototype of their new line of products. As they were too new, they hadn't distributed to the other workers yet.

Leo gazed at the black rile. He stroked its handle and muzzle as if they were the finest jewel.

The mannequins made a modern M-16.

Moreover, the system gave Leo a piece of good news.


<Would you like to upgrade the rifle?>

<Price – 10 Years of Lifespan.>

The upgrade fee was 1,000 times cheaper than the guns from the shopping system!

Leo immediately upgraded it to the max level. Unlike before, its max level reached 15.


The black rifle emitted black smoke and an ominous aura. A faint howl leaked out from the gun's muzzle while an eye spirit emerged from the weapon.

The floating smoke eye gazed at Leo and slowly blinked like a cat expressing its love to its slave. Then, it glanced at Esen.