Chapter 219 – Florida Man Opened Fried Chicken Fast-Food Chain Restaurant, Served Alligator Meat Instead.

"I guess he recognizes you."

Leo translated the mannequin's expressions for her. Then, he passed Esen the rifle.

"This will be your weapon from now on."

"Eh? This?" Esen received the rifle and inspected it.

It was different from the breech-loading model. Esen couldn't find a way to insert an essence stone, spirit stone, or sacred wood bullets to load the gun.

Looking at the amateurish hands of Esen, Leo laughed. He picked a loaded magazine and showed her the reloading method.

The magazines looked the same as their modern world counterpart. Only 5.56mm cartridges were compatible. However, Leo used the milkium, aka the goddess's blood, as a material.

Leo didn't understand why white ingots managed to transform into black rifles. Although he wanted to learn more about the rifle's production process, he didn't have time to divulge his hobby.

"Be careful with it. This gun is different. One magazine carries 30 bullets, so you can shoot 30 bullets consecutively before you need to reload the gun. Also, because it's the pre-Vietnam War model, it doesn't have the 3-round burst-fire or semi-auto selector. If you pull the trigger and hold it, it will go brrr until you empty the magazine."


Esen tilted her head in confusion. She barely understood everything.

"So, if I hold the trigger, it will shoot all the bullets in the magazine?"

"Yes. We call that full-auto mode. It's bad, though. The accuracy will be very poor if you just spray it."

"Hoh? Let me play with this! I'm gonna go shoot some alligators!"

Esen was interested. She giggled and hugged the rifle. Then, she ran out of the shopping mall and flew toward the south.

Leo blankly stared at Esen. After she had left, he sighed.

"Oh, dear. Is she converting to one of my kin?"


That day, an incident occurred above the canyon river. Several black lightning beams flashed and ascended to the sky, followed by the thunderous noise of gunshots. One of the beams created a 10-kilometer-diameter crater before the contaminated river turned it into a lake.

Because of the commotion, Cat ran home crying. The monster plant climbed the pylon tower and sat on top of it. Then, she refused to come down.



A day later…


Hua Taixu, Hua Jiashan, Tiger Swordsman, and Tang Xuan exited the Tesseract Time Chamber. Aside from the sword saint, the demeanor of the three cultivators changed.

Hua Jiashan carried the aura of a quasi-immortal. His gaze and movements were smooth and sharp. Every step he took, he left behind a scratch cut on the ground. He didn't carry a sword around anymore as he no longer needed one.

Tiger Swordsman was no different, except his cultivation base was one stage lower than Hua Jiashan. His muscular arms grew an inch thicker, and he also looked younger. The scars on his body disappeared, replaced with smooth jade skin.

Tang Xuan's style also changed. He exhaled green flame from his nostrils as if he had become a fire dragon. He strode while his arms crossed behind his back. By taking one step, he moved 10 meters forward. As for his cultivation base, he ascended and became an earth celestial immortal.

The sword saint gave his disciples a meaningful look and nodded in approval. 500 days of non-stop training inside the chamber was fruitful. He encouraged them to come back and train with him again.

"You little strong. Come back, you stronger!"

Tiger Swordsman, Hua Jiashan, and Tang Xuan's expressions turned dark. They were still traumatized from the hellish training sessions.

None of them got a wink of sleep, and they survived by consuming the grain pills of the facility. For 500 days, they fought their best to survive from Hua Taixu's sword barrages until they dropped from exhaustion.

Fortunately, Hua Taixu stopped when they were half-dead. He fed them mysterious black nuts that he got from the facility's kitchen, and the trio's wounds and stamina were restored. Then, the Spartan training resumed.

In the end, they learned sword techniques and improved their cultivation base by being endlessly tortured.

"I'm not going in there again." Hua Jiashan complained.

"Same." Tiger Swordsman was on the verge of collapsing.

"I'd rather die than redoing everything again. That place was hell!"


The trio somehow got closer, and they talked without using honorifics. The group rode the elevator to the first floor and visited the fast-food chain restaurant to get something different to eat.

The shop had a fancy LED signboard – Florida Fried Chicken. It displayed photos of fried chicken, French fries, nuggets, and fried chicken wings.

Tang Xuan and others never tried the food before. They walked into the store's counter and sat at a table.

A worker mannequin in a red uniform walked toward them and passed them thick papers. They were the menus of this place's food.


One Nom-Nom Bucket (209 Spirit Stones) – 4 pcs of Fried Chickens, 1 Floridian Burger, 3 pcs Tender, 1 Medium French Fries.

Party Nom-Nom Bucket (499 Spirit Stones) - 12pcs of Fried Chickens, 4 Floridian Burgers, 10pcs Spicy Wings, 2 Large French Fries, and One Refillable Drink.

Diet Nom-Nom Set (99 Spirit Stones) – 1 Spicy Chicken Burger, 1 Medium French Fries, 1 Medium Tea of Rejuvenation


The trio read the menus and drooled. The pleasant fried chickens from the kitchen smelled so nice, and the images on the menu looked appetizing.


Everybody's stomach roared, demanding the food.

Tang Xuan pointed at the largest set. "Get me the party bucket!"

Hua Jiashan glanced at the father of his mentor, "Can you eat all that alone?"

"Ha! I can even eat a freaking horse!"

"Alright. Make it two! I'll take the same set!" Hua Jiashan showed two fingers to the waiter.

Tiger Swordsman scanned through the menu and flipped the pages. He then noticed other good stuff at the back. He placed the order.

"2 of numbers 7, 8, and 9 large, number 2 with extra cheese, five extra dipping sauces, and refillable tea."

Hua Jiashan and Tang Xuan stared at the big guy. They gave him a weird look.

"What?" Tiger Swordsman scoffed.

"You gonna eat all that?"

Tiger Swordsman laughed and smacked his stomach. "Me bulking. Me eat lots!"

"Stop talking like the sword saint. That gives me a headache…"

Instead of discouraging Tiger Swordsman, the guy laughed.

"Me nom-nom! Me stronger!"


Both elders covered their faces with their hands. They didn't want to hear another word from their friend.

A few minutes later, their table was full of food. As if they had been starving for years, they devoured everything and almost ate the plastic plates of the restaurant.

Three big-bellied old men paraded out of the shopping mall, satisfied. None of them realized what they had just eaten.



After Hua Jiashan, Tiger Swordsman, and Tang Xuan exited the time chamber, more people flocked to this place to inquire Hua Taixu about what the facility could do.

One of the curious people was Jin Yong, aka the poison alchemist who once purchased poison grain pills from Leo.

At first, Jin Yong came here because of Tang Tian's assignment. The latter ordered him to fetch his father as he disappeared into the store for too long. But after witnessing the improvement of the three elders, he wondered if he could give it a try.

"Senior, is this place for cultivating? Can I cultivate in there?" Jin Yong asked Hua Taixu.

The sword saint sized up Jin Yong. He snorted in disappointment.

"You weak. You train harder. Me train you. You stronger! COME!"


Not allowing Jin Yong to leave, Hua Taixu grabbed Jin Yong by the collar cloth and dragged him into the time chamber.

"Me train you! You stronger!"


Their actions didn't escape the curious eyes of others. Three Life Sword Sect's disciples, who came here on their day-off, hoped to train under the famous sword saint. They voluntarily followed Jin Yong to the time chamber and paid their lifespan as a fee.

They would soon realize what Spartan Hell was.