Chapter 266 – Florida Man Accidentally Snapped His Mother-in-Law's Neck While Roleplaying as Dark Lord of the Sith.

Leo gazed at the two karmic sovereigns. He was slightly nervous if he should fight them before he could learn about their skills. After all, clones of "Kitten" managed to kill him several times in the simulation.

If an entity like Kitten could kill him, Leo was afraid that these two karmic sovereigns might be able to kill him as well. He decided to play it safe by not recklessly using a big skill, such as domains and power moves.

Leo pulled out the staff of singularity in preparation in preparation.

As Leo had predicted, Eleanor made her move first. She created a thousand mysterious white liquid in front of her and fired everything toward him.

Although the water droplets seemed harmless, Leo took a precautionary move. He blinked and appeared 100 meters away from the previous location. He stretched his arm and pointed his staff at Eleanor.

Retaliating, Leo injected a star's worth of Qi into his staff, transforming it into a boomstick. He pulled the trigger. A thousand rainbow-colored laser beams repeatedly flashed, targeting Eleanor and Dowbad.

As soon as Dowbad and Eleanor noticed the rainbow beams, their expressions changed. Both vanished and reappeared 10 meters behind Leo.

Dowbad also drew his karma river to condense white water in his hand. The fluid condensed into a long sword while Dowbad swung it. At the same time, Eleanor transformed her karma river into strings and spread them around Leo, blocking his escape route.

Leo raised his eyebrows while he glanced at the karma water strings. He raised his staff and blocked the water sword strike.


The karma water sword shattered upon impact. The liquid dispersed into fog and gathered inside Leo's stomach.

Dowbad dropped his jaw in shock, "HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!"

Leo shrugged and pointed the staff's muzzle at Dowbad's face. He pulled the trigger.


Dowbad bent backward and narrowly dodged the beam by a hairbreadth.

Leo sneered at Dowbad. He activated the second feature of the staff by flipping the hidden switch on the shaft.


The beam faded. However, a thick rainbow plasma sword replaced it.

Using the staff as a plasma halberd, Leo swung the staff down, aiming to cut Dowbad in half.

Dowbad groaned and twisted his body in midair, dodging the unknown rainbow lightsaber. While dodging, he pointed his fingers at Leo and fired karma river bullets at him.

Leo rotated his staff with one hand, deflecting the bullets. As for his other hand, he pulled out a pistol and started blasting.


The upgraded pistol unleashed a massive rainbow laser beam, devouring half of Dowbad's torso in one shot!


Dowbad widened his eyes in shock as his body gradually disintegrated into dust. Protecting his life, ejected his soul from his brain, sacrificing his fleshly body.

The karma river in his soul condensed a new physique and resurrected him. The elf returned naked and weaponless. Saving his skin, he retreated, teleporting back to his battleship.

Leo didn't pursue him. He shifted his attention to Eleanor.

The battle only lasted three seconds. However, those three seconds were enough for Eleanor to finish multiple incantations and spells.

The karma river strings around them shrank while the tips of the strings pursued Leo like homing missiles.

Leo waved the lightsaber halberd. The rainbow plasma blade cut through the strings like paper. While defending himself, his other hand shifted his pistol and pulled the trigger.


The rainbow Kamehameha was too fast for Eleanor to react. She instantly ejected her soul from her fleshly body as Dowbad did. As for the soulless body of Eleanor, it disintegrated to ash!

The karma river in Eleanor's soul consumed the souls in the river and regenerated her fleshly body. As all her equipment, storage rings, and artifacts had been devoured by Leo's mysterious beam, she remained in her birthday suit.

"I see. You're definitely not an entity but a karmic sovereign like us. No one under the karmic sovereign realm can deflect or defend against karma river techniques." Eleanor praised Leo.

Meanwhile, Leo deeply frowned. She looked too much like Esen, but her breasts and hips were superior to her. He wished that Esen had half of those assets.

"Is an assassination attempt on your son-in-law a tradition of your family? I don't understand your logic sometimes."

"If you want to blame someone, blame your father."

Eleanor snapped her fingers and opened five status screens in front of Leo. All of them featured different system perks.

The first one was a leveling system, displaying her attribute values, skills, magic, and various techniques. On the screen, Eleanor still had unassigned attribute points, which she could use to boost her strength.

The second window showed the description, power level, and strength of Leo. However, most of his information was censored because of his entity fate crystal.

The third revealed Eleanor's system inventory and her items. Similar to Leo's inventory, she had ten thousand different types of items in her inventory slots.

The fourth system screen revealed a shopping website. It allowed Eleanor to exchange her lifespan for system items.

It was the same shopping system that Leo had!

As for the last screen, it was the RTS system. It revealed the universe map and her galaxies in the universe, including the territory of her rivals and enemies. On the screen, her location was deep in her own domain.

"It's your mistake for intruding on my domain, Florida Man. Now that you attacked me, my system can kill you! DIE!"

Eleanor pressed on something on her RTS system screen and cackled.

Leo deeply frowned. He thought of the newbie's protection system that he had in the past, causing him to have goosebumps.


Leo couldn't believe that someone else had that system too. He raised his staff, preparing to protect himself from random attacks.

One second later, nothing happened.

Five seconds later, everything was quiet.



Both Eleanor and Leo blankly looked at each other in confusion.

"Hey, bitch. Are you sure your system works perfectly? Was that a bluff?"

"T-This is impossible! My systems always attacked every intruder! Why doesn't it work?!"

Nonchalantly, Leo blinked and teleported behind Eleanor. He peeked at her RTS status screen and saw a sentence below.


Although Leo was silly and stupid most of the time, he didn't forget to give Eleanor a firm chokehold. He tightened his arms, making sure that she couldn't escape his grasp.

"Have you read the bottom sentence under the map, you dumb bitch? It literally said [The self-protection feature only works against system users with a lower cultivation base.]"


Eleanor already knew about it. However, the sentence implied another thing that shocked her.

If the system didn't work against Leo, wouldn't that mean his real cultivation base was higher than the karmic sovereign realm?


"I don't know about you, but I'm probably… that."

Leo gently exerted more strength and snapped Eleanor's neck.


Unfortunately, snapping her neck wasn't enough to kill her. At best, it could only shut her mouth for a few seconds.

Leo didn't waste time. While Eleanor was disabled, he closed his eyes to run a simulator. He quickly chose Eleanor's clone as an opponent to learn her skills, hoping to find a way to kill a karmic sovereign.

Five seconds later, Eleanor's bones regenerated and self-repaired. She regained her senses and started summoning her karma river.


Leo slightly opened his eyes and snapped her neck for the second time. He also chopped off her arms and legs, making sure that she couldn't use another body part to bring out deadly water from her dantian's karma river again.

Five seconds later, Eleanor recovered. This time, she opened her mouth and vomited the head of a karma dragon.

"Annoying. Can you let me rest for a few minutes?"


Leo twisted Eleanor's head for the third time. This time, he grabbed her lower jaw and pushed it against the upper jaw, forcing her to bite the body of the dragon.

The dragon reverted into karma water and dispersed into a fog. They were attracted to a stronger karma river, which was located in Leo's dantian. The fog vanished into Leo's stomach.

Preventing Eleanor from summoning something from her mouth again, Leo mimicked Eleanor's previous actions, drawing karma river water from his dantian to reality.

A stream of rainbow water came out from his index fingertip. He twirled it around Eleanor's head and imagined a thick duct tape.

The stream of river transformed into black duct tape, which sealed Eleanor's mouth and her entire face.

"Ah, this is a lot better."

After sealing her mouth, Leo searched for her karma strings.

Unfortunately, karmic sovereigns were no longer tied to a karma river or a cycle of reincarnation. They were independent of the rivers, and they could even control them.

As Eleanor had no karma strings, Leo was unsure what he should do with her. He closed his eyes and returned to the simulator mode.

Unfortunately, Eleanor was a force to reckon with. She kept restoring her limbs and reattempting to break free.

Leo mercilessly snapped her neck, sealed her meridians, broke her dantian, and even drained her Qi. However, Eleanor always fully recovered within 5 seconds, making the task tedious and grindy.




Meanwhile, Aslan pondered about Leo's foundation. He was aware that his son never had a mentor to teach him about cultivation and the difference in cultivation base, he wondered if Leo could handle a veteran karmic sovereign like Eleanor or Overlord Kishin.

Worrying about Leo, Aslan stood in front of the portal, scanning the leaking energy of the other side. He attempted to play a geo-guessing game, searching for the planet that the portal was connected to.

Several minutes later, Aslan deeply frowned. He recognized the unique air and scent, which only the elf planets had.

"Really? An elf planet?"

Aslan thought of the distance between Eleanor's territory and their location. As they were too far away, his power would be weakened if he traveled there.

As the planet was too far away, Aslan was helpless. He wished that he was the one tagging along with Leo.

While worrying about Leo, Aslan sensed a slight change in the air on the other side. It reeked the smell of a werewolf.

"Oh, dear. Isn't that Overlord Lucky?"



Overlord Lucky had been watching enough. After Eleanor and Dowbad left the ship, he followed them and landed in front of Ester's house.

Overlord Lucky blasted the front door open and entered the wooden cabin. He searched for a living person inside.

Unfortunately, Ester was not home.

Overlord Lucky didn't leave. He searched Ester's belongings, hoping to find sensitive documents or cultivation resources that Simba had left behind. After ransacking everything in the house, he visited the garage next.

But as soon as Overlord Lucky entered the garage, the caravan of Hua Jiashan, Cat, Taxi, and the others paraded on the street. The commotion got the overlord's attention.


Overlord Lucky was curious. He went out of the garage and levitated in the sky to see the parade.

He looked at the crowd of immortals in disdain.

"Weaklings here are everywhere. Tsk!"

Overlord Lucky swept his gaze over the caravan. Then, he saw the group of humans, whom he hated.

"And a bunch of Nu'Earthe! Who let those maggots here…HUH?!"

While glaring at the crowd of cultivators, the corner of his eyes spotted a strange individual. He had the appearance of a giant wolf, but his body was made of grey stone.

Overlord Lucky found the guardian statue 'Lucky'.