Chapter 269 – Florida Man Constructs Space Shuttle, Sends Mother-in-Law to Space Without Return Instructions


The rays of faint rainbow light descended upon the green planet. They dispersed the ozone layers, atmosphere, and clouds instantly.

Leo and Lucky sensed the beam's energy. They looked up and saw the oncoming rays of death.

Lucky's legs were frozen in shock. On the other hand, Leo bellowed and unleashed his time domain.


Everything turned dark. Amidst the darkness, the condensed heat of a death ray glowed in white light.

The tips of the death rays were 500 meters away from the ground. The emitting heat burned every atom of oxygen in the air and evaporated clouds. Fortunately, the chemical reaction paused because of Leo's time domain.

Leo looked around and found several green elves caught on fire. None of them realized that they were about to be burnt alive.

He looked up and gazed at the source of these beams. Upon looking through the void, he found multiple warships and suspicious cylinders in space.

Upon discovering the culprits, Leo smacked his lips.

"So, it was you. I shouldn't have let you escape."



Meanwhile, Dowbad realized that Leo relied on the space and time domain to stop the death rays. He broke free from the restraints and mocked Leo in his mind.

'You fool! You could have let me kill Eleanor! Someone of your caliber could have escaped easily. Since you're foolish enough to activate your domain, you can die along with her and her planet!! After you die, I'll be the King of DEZNUTS and the Divine Elf!'

Dowbad summoned karma water swords from his palms. He laughed and swung his swords down, aiming at the empty air in front of him.


The swords hit an invisible object in front of him, creating a dimensional crack.

The crack was none other than Leo's domain energy. As long as Dowbad could destroy this, Leo would suffer internal injuries because of the domain destruction backlash. This was a common tactic of killing or defeating any deity, sage, or entity. Even karmic sovereigns weren't immune to this weakness.

Unfortunately for Dowbad, the crack instantly mended and vanished.


Dowbad was taken aback. He had used this method a thousand times in the past, and his attack always destroyed his opponents in one strike. This was the first time he failed to crush a domain.

'If I can't destroy it in one hit, I can just repeatedly hit it!'

Dowbad tried again. Like a madman, he hacked the invisible wall in front of him.



The first few strikes damaged the dimensional wall at first. But after he hit it a few times, the domain grew stronger, resisting the attacks. It reached the point at which the domain repelled Dowbad's assault.



Dowbad's karma water swords shattered. Moreover, the time domain strengthened its power, paralyzing his arms and legs. In the blink of an eye, Dowbad was petrified by the power of time.



On the planet, Leo stared at the flagship and snorted. He patted the back of his left hand, which was wounded because of the damage inflicted by Dowbad.

Seven shallow cuts were healed. In addition, Leo strengthened his physique with his Qi, which also enhanced his domain's durability and effectiveness.

After making sure that Dowbad was stuck in the time domain, Leo walked toward Lucky and patted his head.

The wolf golem was freed from the time restraints. He looked around in confusion and turned to his master. He talked to Leo using a sound transmission technique as no sound medium could transmit his voice.

"What happened, woof? Oh, right. The time and space domain, woof."

"Help me something, doggy. Do you think you can bring people through the portal?"

"Easy task, woof! Which elf fancy you, woof?"

"Take as many as you can. Prioritize women, elders, and children. This planet might be destroyed soon."


Lucky looked up and found the frozen death rays from outer space. His expression turned dark.

"T-They're ruthless, woof! They resort to killing everybody here to kill you, woof!!"

"Yeah. What a typical villain, right?"

"B-But there are millions of people, woof."

"Take as many as you can. You have 35… no, less than 34 days to finish. Also, while you're at it, go fetch Kitten and Meowmeow. We need every hand we can get to evacuate the civilians. Oh, don't forget that once you go out, you can't return. Write something on a refugee's face as a message so that those guys can learn about the issue."


The evacuation mission started. Lucky grabbed the nearest green elf woman and threw her into the portal.

Leo shifted his attention to another issue at hand. Because he spent too much time chatting with Lucky, Eleanor broke free from his time domain and regenerated her limbs. Fortunately, Leo's enhanced domain restricted her movement and Qi circulation.

Eleanor slowly tore the tapes off her face. She gasped for air while she glared at Leo.

"I'LL KILL YOU!" She uttered a silent voice, but her expression and her mouth were enough for Leo to decipher the sentences.

Leo silently walked toward Eleanor. He grabbed the back of her head and slammed her face to the ground. Transmitting his cold voice to her mind, Leo threatened her.

"Why don't you look carefully at what your friend has done? Here, let me help."

Pulling Eleanor's face out of the ground, Leo flipped her around and pushed her face against the frozen beam.

"Oh, right. The Bird Box meme…"

Leo recalled a great meme in the past. He pulled her closer and pried her eyes wide open.

"Feast your eyes with the deed of your subordinate! Do you think it's okay for you to launch a star-destroyer beam to a planet full of innocent lives?"


Eleanor stared at the light beam in the sky. Upon noticing the source of the beams, she stopped resisting.

Leo slowly released Eleanor, but he kept on finger pressing at the back of her neck. A drop of his blood seeped out of his nail and glued on her skin.

That was Leo's last resort. With that bead of blood, Leo could detonate her soul and destroy this entire planet at will.

After ensuring his safety, Leo threatened her.

"Let's get things straight. If you make any stupid move, I'll detonate your soul right here, right now. This entire planet can go kaboom along with you. I hope you won't do anything stupid. If you understand me, slowly nod. If you stay still or do something else I didn't ask, I'll kill you."


Eleanor froze for a moment. Then, she slowly nodded.

"Good. Now, I'll start asking you questions. Let's get to know each other. Who are you?"

"…I'm Eleanor Sydin, the Matriach of the Divine Elf and the Queen of DEZNUTS."


Leo asked a basic question first to decrease the tension and make Eleanor let down her guard. He continued asking.

"Did you try to kill my subordinates back there?"

"…I only want your life."

"I see. What did I ever do to you? Why are you trying to kill me?"

"You killed one of my concubines first. Also, you're invading one of my domains."

"Fair. Then, why did you kill your daughter, Esen?"


Eleanor slowly regained her Qi. She managed to fully recover from her injuries, but the bead of blood on her nape scared her. Her instinct screamed, warning her to remove it as soon as possible.

Having no choice, Eleanor played along with Leo and waited for her opportunity.

"Answer my question, queen," Leo warned Eleanor.

"…I forgot."

"Forgot? Is that an answer for someone who murdered your kin? If I were you, I would have plastered that memory into my brain forever. I would have even remembered how terrible it felt when someone I gave birth to gazed into my eyes and begged for help."


Leo's sarcasm sent a sharp pain to her heart. However, as Eleanor remembered why she gave birth to so many daughters, her guilty conscience vanished instantly. She snorted and belittled Leo.

"For us divine elves, sacrificing oneself for the sake of empire is an obligation! She died for the sake of the greater good!"

"My ass! I heard from Esen. Her sister framed her something, and you expelled her to a godforsaken planet. Then, you killed her there and turned her into an undead!"

"Oh. So, you knew."

"Of course, I know everything! Now, tell me! Why did you kill her?"

Eleanor smirked. She slowly turned around and glanced at Leo, "That's because she's a threat to me. She's too talented for her own good."

"…Are you really her mother?" Leo narrowed his eyes. He couldn't believe that a mother could be this mad.

"All my children have the obligation to sacrifice everything for the sake of their mother. She is no exception. Unfortunately, a 7-year-old brat desired to take my throne. I had to nib the bud before other aristocrats and karmic sovereigns could use her to threaten my kingdom. It's a pity though. Had she been a good girl and listened to me, I could have let her soul die in peace."

Leo was disgusted. He had no reason to talk to this evil mother anymore.

"Any last word?"

"Hahaha! You can't kill me. If you kill me, all the remaining seven karmic sovereigns of this universe will hunt you down! Even the lurkers in the Fate Stadium will form an alliance against you!"

"How so?"

Eleanor boldly turned around and sneered at Leo. She swatted Leo's finger away from her face.

"Because I'm the only pillar of DEZNUTS council. Without me, this entire universe will be on fire. All entities, overlords, and karmic sovereigns will start plundering, ravaging, and monopolizing resources from every star in this universe. No star or planet will be safe anymore. No mortal can be born. No immortal can ascend. Gods will lose their followers. Sages will have no heaven to rule. All entities will fight each other to the last man for no reason! In the end, this universe will be full of corpses and ashes! NO STAR CAN EXIST WITHOUT ME!"

"Good speech, but I don't buy it. I call your bluff."


Eleanor screeched. Her eyes flashed as he reattempted to kill Leo by burning his brain from the inside.


Learning from the mistakes and failures in the simulation mode, Leo closed his eyes, preventing Eleanor's consciousness from entering his mind. He stretched his arm and seized her face. Kicking the ground, Leo dragged Eleanor to space while maintaining the time and space domain.

Both reappeared one light-year away from the planet. Leo turned around and gazed at a faraway planet where he came from. From the current location, the star was tinier than a grain of sand.

Eleanor resisted. She summoned lance spikes from her body, which hit Leo's face, arms, legs, chest, and crotch!


Betraying Eleanor's expectation, all karma water weapons had no effect on him anymore!

Leo reopened his eyes, revealing his cold murderous intent. Showing no mercy, he ordered the bead of blood on her nape to explode.

"FLORIDA MAAAAAAAAAANNNNNN!!" Eleanor sensed a crisis. She screamed with all her might.

Leo scoffed and vanished, teleporting back to the planet before the time domain lost its power.


A massive explosion devoured Eleanor's body and soul.



Upon return, Leo reinforced the domain.

The beam descended by 200 meters while Leo had been away for a split second. Noticing how the beam almost hit the planet, Leo wiped the sweat on his face.

"That was close, dammit."

Leo looked up and gazed into the outer space. Far, far away, where the light needed a year to travel and reach the planet, a massive explosion occurred.

Although Leo could only see a brief flash, he confirmed that his blood bead detonated.

'I hope that was enough to kill her. Well, next. I have to deal with this guy and the refugees. I have to hurry or do something… How should I deflect the beams? Should I partially accelerate the planet's rotation and orbit so that it moves out of the way? But that's gonna cost so much energy. Hmm…'

Leo stared at the beams in the sky. He wondered what to do next.