Chapter 270 – Astronauts Discovered Intoxicated Florida Man on Space Station. Nasa Baffled How He Got There.

Lucky had been busy. He stripped female elves naked and wrote someone on their backs and chests. Then, he mercilessly threw them into the exit portal.

Meowmeow and Kitten rushed into the portal after they had received Lucky's message. They rushed to Lucky's side and inquired about the situation. Upon learning the predicament, they helped Lucky transfer the elf civilians to their planet.

Leo did nothing to contribute to the evacuation. He monitored the portal's timer.

Strangely, even though Leo had been keeping the time and space domain active, the portal's timer continued ticking.

<Remaining Time: 33 Days, 12 Hours, 47 Minutes…>

The time and space domain only sealed the time flow within the domain, but it was ineffective against the system's buildings and facilities. This warned Leo about the limit of his power.

'System… Fate Stadium…'

Leo thought of the time when the power of the Fate Stadium was down. At that time, his system stopped functioning, and he couldn't teleport home.

Cultivators, elves, overlords, or karmic sovereigns weren't a threat to Leo. However, the mysterious system and fate crystals gave him a sense of uncertainty. As the system's power seemed stronger than the power of a karmic sovereign, Leo was not sure if he could overcome someone with an overpowered system.

'…System. Oh, right. Fate crystals. I haven't taken that woman's fate crystals or checked the quest yet. Is there even a quest in the first place?'

Reminded of the system and fate crystals, Leo checked his system log messages and the quest menu.



<You have activated the mystic realm portal!>

<A quest has been generated.>



Goresaurus Race, a dominating beast species, once reigned this planet for 50,000 years until the High Elf Race from outer space invaded and occupied this land. It becomes one of 11 million colonies serving the high elves, divine elves, and the DEZNUTS council.

Currently, Vendettito Sugondese the Third acts as the governor of this colony. If you manage to kill him, you can steal this colony from the hands of high elves. Be warned. Vendettito is affiliated with another player. Attacking this domain will automatically declare war against that player. Think wisely if you wish to initiate this quest.

Primary Objectives:

- Kill Vendettito Sugondese the Third. (Completed)

- Eliminate the Player (Optional) (Completed)

Secondary Objectives:

– Locate and Collect Sky Fate Crystal Hidden in This Planet


Exploration Rewards: 100 Territory Expansion Tickets, Ownership of Planet DEZNUTS BMLB-49

Secondary Rewards: 10 Lucky Draws (Automaton)


Without paying attention to the quest, Leo already completed the primary objectives. The remaining task was to find an insignificant sky fate crystal somewhere in this world.

Leo had no time for that. He closed the quest menu and continued reading the log.

<You have killed Vendettito Sugondese the Third.>

<You have collected two earth fate crystals.>

<You have killed Eleanor Sydin, the Divine Elf Matriarch!>

Leo let out a long sigh of relief as the system confirmed Eleanor's death. However, it didn't inform him about the rewards and the loot.

He smacked his lips and looked up. He planned to go back and get the fate crystals that Eleanor might have. He prayed that nobody would snatch fate crystals of Eleanor first.

Also, there was another issue. He had to destroy the warships in the orbit.

Putting his plan into action, Leo teleported again. He appeared on top of a cylinder warship, which was firing a beam toward the planet. He glanced at the tip of the ray, which didn't move from the spot.

Leo was relieved as his time-domain still kept everything frozen. Then, he began working, punching, and breaking the device and modules of the ship.

The cylinder ship broke in half with one punch. Its aiming trajectory shifted, but the released beam didn't follow after the barrel.

"I can't move the beams this way. Well, I'll start by killing these guys in the spaceships first. Wait, wouldn't it be more profitable if I kill everybody here and steal their ships? Man, I'm a genius!"

Leo cackled and whipped out a pen he bought. With a drop of Qi injection, it transformed into a lightsaber hilt and generated a plasma sword.

He coated his rainbow Qi around the sword, enhancing its property. Then, he swung it toward the space, unleashing a sword technique of death knights.

This ability allowed a death knight or a grim reaper to cut or kill any soul within their domain directly without touching them. It was one of Leo's favorite powers because of its decisiveness and usefulness.

As Leo swung his sword, he sensed a feedback of his lightsaber sword cutting through souls. However, he also sensed that someone among the targets blocked the strike with ease.

Leo narrowed his eyes and pinpointed the person. Then, he found Dowbad, who got stuck in his time domain.

"Aha! Next prey!"

Leo cackled. He wondered what fate crystals Dowbad had.


While Dowbad was stuck in the time domain, he was conscious of his surroundings. He sensed Leo's presence coming closer to his ship.


Suddenly, another barrier overlapped with the time domain. It enveloped him and everybody on the ship. The next moment, he detected an invisible ripple of energy passing through his body.

'Shit! Block it!'

Dowbad condensed his energy to protect his soul.



Something powerful hit his soul, but it was unable to cut through the soul physique of a karmic sovereign. Although the technique belonged to someone in the deity or sage realm, the powerful strike was as strong as a full frontal attack of an entity or a karmic sovereign's raw power.

'That was close! If I hadn't blocked that, my soul would have been cut in half!'

Dowbad mustered all his essence and life force. He even burnt half of his life force to break free from Leo's enhanced time domain.

He had to retreat. Otherwise, he might die!

'I'll remember this!'

Afraid of Leo's retaliation, Dowbad opened his system menu and navigated to the PVP page. He pressed the monthly PVP button, which teleported him to the Fate Stadium.

A second later, Leo's second attack arrived. Unfortunately, it missed him.


Leo deeply frowned after he swung his lightsaber for the second time. He could no longer sense Dowbad's presence and life signature.

"…Is he gone? Man. That was lame."

He looked around, tracking the presence of Dowbad. However, the guy's karma strings and his Qi trace vanished along with him.

Unable to locate Dowbad, Leo stopped searching for him. He shifted his attention to the unmanned warships in space.

"Time to clean up this place."




Dowbad emerged in the middle of the stadium arena. He looked around and discovered that the system matched him against another system user.

The elf stood up and gazed at his opponent. Coincidentally, his opponent was also an elf, and she was also a karmic sovereign.

She was none other than Ellen. The princess sneered at Dowbad as she recognized the guy.

"You look exhausted. Did you use the PVP system to escape?"


Ellen sneered and sized up Dowbad. As the guy appeared here naked, it was easy to guess the predicament that Dowbad had faced earlier.

Dowbad was one of Eleanor's subordinates, and he never left her side. His arrival only implied one thing – Eleanor fought someone and they lost!

Ellen cackled and summoned her scythe. She mocked Dowbad, "Has my mother died, 'DOWN BAD'? Did my mother fight someone and lose?"

"Y-You don't need to know!"

"But I insist. You will tell me everything once I capture your soul!"


The PVP match between Dowbad and Ellen began. The divine elf princess's laughter echoed in the stadium, followed by a man's desperate squeal.





Ester and her son were thrown into the portal along with women and elders in her neighborhood. Her consciousness was blank when she was under the influence of Leo's time domain. But when she arrived on the other side, she regained her consciousness and could move again.

Leo's time domain could stop the time flow within his domain, but he couldn't stop the time of the universe. Thus, time flowed normally outside of Leo's domain.

Ester and a thousand elves beside her were confused. They gazed at the portal behind them and inspected the surroundings.

While they were puzzled about how they appeared here, three naked female statues moved and stood before them.

Ester scanned their cultivation base and was shocked. She recognized their aura signatures - They were entities whose faces resembled famous fallen entities in the past!

"…Overlord Zhu Qiao… Overlord Wei Yuan… and Overlord Xu Chu?! But they're dead!! Mother already killed them all, but how?!"

The three statues immediately shifted their gazes at Ester. One of them waved her finger and pulled Ester out of the crowd. Then, she stared into her eyes while her voice resounded in Ester's mind.

"Child of Eleanor, I assume."

"Y-Yes," Ester gulped.

"You are under arrest for fraudulence, false accusation, and treason!"

"W-What?! What do you mean?"

Ester flustered and panicked. Because of her high-pitched voice, her sleeping infant woke up and cried.


Ester snapped back to her senses and checked her son's condition. Upon noticing that he was just scared, she was relieved.

Unfortunately, the statues were merciless. They used their Qi to pull the infant away from the mother. Without remorse, they declared the punishment sentence.

"Until the lord has returned, you will be imprisoned in our dantian universe!"


As Ester screamed, a group of elves and molgs arrived at the platform. The leading figure was a blond elf whose appearance was a copy of Eleanor.

Esen immediately found the aura of her sister. Although she couldn't remember her face, Esen never forgot the life signature of someone who falsely accused her of heresy. She waved her hands and pulled Ester's child into her arms.

"It has been a while, bitch."


The green elves had been watching their interaction for a while. As soon as they realized that one of them was being bullied, they took arms and prepared to fight.

Unfortunately for them, one of the statues shifted her attention toward them. Then, as soon as her gaze fell upon them, the elves were petrified into stones.

The remaining crowd behind the rioters shrank back in fear. As none of them was a combatant, the statue didn't attack them.

Esen sneered at Ester and pulled out a knife from her spatial ring. Then, she pointed at the baby.

"Well, well, well. How the turntable. Is he yours?"


Esen's eyes turned cold. She reminded her sister. "Look at my face carefully. Who do you think I look like?"

Ester widened her eyes and paid attention to Esen's face. She finally remembered.

"M-Mother, no. YOUR MAJESTY?!"

"Wrong. It's your damn sister, bitch!"


"Glad you finally remember. Now, take her out of my sight!"