Chapter 277 – Florida Man Rescued Boy from Sexual Predator Using Mushrooms.

Leo waddled away while the elf women jeered and laughed at them. Marc glared at the women in annoyance and pulled out a bastard sword to threaten them.


"Ha! The lord? More like the toad lord! He's uglier than a tapeworm! I pity his wife and his family. I bet they are crying in regret that they marry-"


Marc was ruthless. With a swing of his sword, he crushed the ground in front of the woman. The sword cut her dress and left a shallow cut on her body.

The woman was petrified. She slowly looked down and found a straight line of a shallow wound on her chest and stomach.


She squealed in fright. The courage from before vanished like smoke as she ran away from Marc.

Marc snorted and pulled his sword back. He then turned to the others.

"Too bad, I missed! Does anybody else want to bad-mouth my lord? Next time, I won't miss."


The crowd backed away. Although they were scared out of their wits, some of them still glared at Marc in resentment.

"LISTEN UP!" Marc seized this opportunity to pacify the crowd, "The lord has promised that he will send you home as long as you behave yourself! We are finalizing the preparation at the moment! As long as you don't resist, we won't do anything harmful to you!"

"BUTTSHIT!" A woman in the back of the crowd suddenly yelled.

Marc turned around. He activated a dullahan's ability and summoned a skeleton horse.

A deity-realm skeleton horse manifested behind the woman. Its red eyes gleamed as it exhaled foul air on the woman's neck.

The elf woman slowly turned around and found the ghost horse. She shrieked in fright and collapsed on her butt. The ground and her skirt were soon stained by warm yellowish liquid.

Marc snorted and recalled his summon. He continued pacifying the refugees.

"Again, we have no intention to harm you as long as everybody is cooperative. By tomorrow if no mishap occurs, we should be able to bring you home!"

As soon as Marc revealed a rough schedule, the elf women were overjoyed. Their dark expressions brightened.

Still, managing selfish elves wasn't a simple task. A few seconds later, an elf woman carrying a young girl rushed out of the crowd to see Marc.

"Sir, my child is sick. We need the local medicine from my home. Can we leave first?"

The boy seemed to be only one or two years old. Marc looked at the boy and inspected him with his Qi.

However, there was no illness or anomaly in the boy's body. The child also looked healthy and cheerful as he smiled at Marc.

Marc frowned. He knew that the mother was lying. Even though it was a reasonable demand, allowing an exception might disrupt the order.

To deal with this woman, Marc came up with a trick.

"I'll treat the boy. Give him here."

The woman faltered, "N-No. He really needs the herbs at my house!"

"What's the name of the herb?"

"I-I-I-Immortal grass! Yes, an immortal grass!"

"…Wait here."

Marc snapped his fingers and resummoned his skeleton horse. It galloped to the shopping mall. A few seconds later, it returned with a bundle of immortal grasses in its mouth.

He retrieved the grasses and showed them to the woman.

"Here, the immortal grasses. How many stalks do you need?"


Marc gave the woman a meaningful look, "Take one of the immortal grass's blades and shut your mouth, you liar. Don't make me stuff this entire stalk to your son's mouth. Leave while I'm in a good mood."

"I-I-I'm sorry!!"

Marc shoved one of the grasses into the woman's hands. She gulped and deeply bowed at Marc, then she brought her son along and ran away into the crowd.

Marc snorted and put the grasses in his storage ring. He then turned to the refugees.

"Anybody else wants to cause trouble?!"


Finally, no one caused another commotion. Still, the appearance of immortal grasses stunned the elf women.

Their planet belonged to a deity realm, which limited the accessibility to deities, immortals, and mortals. Anybody with a higher cultivation base was forced to suppress their strength to the deity realm before they could enter, though Vendettito and Rockhart were an exception due to their statuses as governors of the world.

Because their world supported deities, their natural resources improved. Spirit herbs, grasses, and trees sometimes blessed them with rare flowers and fruits, which became important cultivation resources for the local population.

However, immortal grasses, such as the ones that Marc had brought, were common. They existed, but Vendettito and high-ranked deities monopolized them.

Seeing how Marc handed the grass to a cunning woman that easily, their greed and desire were ignited. One of them ripped her skirt and blouse, revealing a lot of her skin. Then, she coyly walked toward Marc.

"Erm, sir. I'm wondering… what can I do to exchange for the immortal grasses?"

Marc snorted and told her the truth. He pointed at the shopping mall.

"You see that?"

"Umm, yes." The woman looked at the shopping mall building from afar.

"That place sells one blade of immortal grass for 10 years of lifespan each. However, we only trade with literate people, not hoodlums or whores! Unless you join us, we will not trade with you!"

The woman was taken aback. The astonished crowd was shocked as well.

Still, she didn't give up, "S-Sir. What about the grasses that you have? C-Can I buy that with my lifespan… or my body?"

Marc glanced at the cleavage and gulped. However, he soon compared the green elf's face with his elder sister's face, he was instantly disillusioned and regained his composure.

"I'm not interested in green elves. I'm a molg. I can only marry a molg! Now, go back to your camp and behave!"

The woman was offended, but she pushed her luck. She knelt and hugged Marc and whispered, "Please, mercy, my lord. I'll do anything. I-I don't mind if you do…"

Marc flinched as he had never hugged a woman before. Facing such an aggressive approach, he faltered.

While Marc was at a loss, Leo returned and found them hugging. He put on gloves and coldly peeled the woman from Mark, grabbing her clothes. As Leo didn't control his strength, he ended up tearing her clothes.

After yanking the greedy woman away from an innocent Dullahan, Leo showed the green elves a Tupperware box, containing a piece of Sweet Dream Mushroom.

"Sorry to cuck you, bitch. Now, listen!" Leo levitated and showed them the mushroom. "Back to the main topic, let me introduce you to a gas chamber… made of these mushrooms! You know what they can do, right?"


Marc and the refugees were stunned. Some of them screamed in desperation and fear.

"Sweet dream mushrooms! NOOOOO!!"



The threat worked like magic. The refugees scattered in every direction.

Leo and Marc stood there and looked at each other. They widely grinned as they managed to disperse the mob.

"Say, my lord."


"How are we going to round them back to the camp? You've just scared them away."

"Meh, they will gather. Just publish a gathering point for those who want to go home. They will show up. But if they want to stay, they have to follow our rules."

"…That might not be simple. They might cause trouble."

"So do the local cultivators. What's the difference?"

"…You're right."

Leo and Marc continued staying there as they discussed a method to bring them home tomorrow.