Lee Sik looked at June and saw himself in his eyes—broken, lost, and just wanting to be loved. Then, he sang the words he wished he heard from his father when he was younger.


"I still don't know much about life.

You were my first child; she was my first wife.

And I know, child, I didn't do my best to you.

But remember, this is my first life, too."

His singing style was powerful, vibrating with the right amount of emotion. Each word was delivered with a seeking intensity, unraveling the layers of a long-buried story.

The audience, initially taken aback by the added bridge, now found themselves captivated by the raw, emotional force emanating from the veteran singer.

June, for some reason, heard his real father's voice in Lee Sik's, making him feel more immersed in the performance. He tried hard to forget about everything his father did, but in the end, the reality was he just suppressed those memories in the back of his mind.

It never really left him.

With the emotions surging in his heart, he finally sang his response.


"I was a child. I didn't know better.

I just wanted a good life…a good father.

Was that too much to ask?

From a broken child looking at your casket."

When June began to sing, it was as if a gentle breeze had swept through the room. His voice, soft yet with a surprising power, felt like a real-life conversation between a father and a son.

The lyrics flowed effortlessly like they were a reflection of his own experiences—and they were.

It was almost unbelievable that this idol, who was known for his cool and refreshing performances, could deliver such an emotional ballad.

Lee Sik felt tears accumulating in his eyes, so the camera zoomed into them. That led the audience to become even more touched, feeling the sincerity of the performance even from a distance.

The piano and gayageum, already soft, became even softer to emphasize the emotion in Lee Sik's singing.

"Can you forgive me for not being a good father?"

June quickly answered.

"I can't promise you forgiveness."

Lee Sik once again sang, the two of them going back and forth.

"I hope I can promise to be better."

"But you can't; you're lying lifeless," June sang, his voice barely a whisper. Nonetheless, it resonated in the wide stadium, who seemed to hold their breaths as they watched the performance unfold.

June continued to sing—with more intensity this time. His soft voice actually became more powerful if he tried, and he incorporated the lessons he received from Magic Mama without compromising the delivery of his emotions.

"As I looked at your cold body, it dawned on me.

The resentment in my heart wasn't as much as I expected it to be.

Maybe, Father, you still have a place in my heart.

But, in the end, I chose for our ways to part."

The instrumental became silent for a second as Lee Sik breathed into the mic.

"Is this a goodbye, my child?"

June, with a soft, subtle smile on his lips, finally looked away from Lee Sik and focused on the stars and the moon up above.

"This is goodbye, my dad."

A soft gasp swept over the stadium, tears streaming down majority of the audience's cheeks. However, the song wasn't finished, and there were more tears to come.

"To the man I've forgiven but will never forget,

I won't be like you.

I'll be a better dad."

Mimi, despite being on stage, couldn't help but have her emotions swayed. The original performance was already emotional, to begin with, yet watching June and Lee Sik perform the secret bridge together made her feel like a mess.

The other three male idols weren't any different. Nico looked up to the dark sky to stop the tears from falling from his eyes. Meanwhile, Tres subtly wiped a lone tear from the corner of his eyes. Xion remained expressionless, but his eyes held a glassy shine.

The idols watching backstage were practically sobbing. Jaeyong had his face buried in his knees. He didn't have the greatest relationship with his father, but it was never as complex as the song described it to be.

Jaeyong had actually been doing pretty well the entire performance. He felt emotional in some parts, but it was not up to the point where tears fell from his cheeks.

However, his efforts went to waste as June and Lee Sik did the back-and-forth singing.

It was…indescribable.

Despite being in the same group as June, he couldn't help but admire him.

The exchange between the two voices, filled with the tension of a troubled relationship, resonated with the audience. The hate in June's words was overshadowed by love and forgiveness that seeped through the cracks, marking the end of the bittersweet bridge.

As Mimi heard the familiar instrumental of the last verse and chorus, she quickly regained composure.

"I'll break the chains, the cycle ends,

In love and kindness, my heart amends."

Tres entered with a shaky voice.

"Now I stand, a man with open eyes,

The strongest man, with a weakened guise."

Nico continued, closing his eyes as he sang with conviction.

"A promise made to the child in me,

I'll be the father I wished you'd be."

Xion also sang with a choked-up voice despite his calm demeanor.

"So here's my letter, a pledge I send,

To the wounded child that I'll mend."

June sang next, his eyes still focused on the moon and the stars, hoping his father would hear his voice.

"Thank you, Father, for this life,

For the strength to overcome the strife."

Lee Sik sang the last lines, a small smile on his face.

He felt proud of the people standing with him on stage…

And he also felt proud of the person he became.

"Our paths may differ, our destiny spun,

But now, in my world, a father's love has begun."

With that, the image of his children flashed in his mind, causing his smile to widen.

"A father's love has now begun…"