The mighty and corrosive dragon breath surged forth in an instant, striking the four Behemoths altogether just as they attempted to evade the relentless rain of arrows.

Accompanied by a heart-wrenching scream, the boiling acidic breath corroded each Behemoth’s body, leaving them with several horrific wounds…


The invading Orcs erupted into chaos upon seeing the colossal black silhouette flying through the sky and dealt grievous wounds to the nearly invulnerable Behemoths.

A person’s reputation is like the shadow of a tree. ¹

In contrast to the Behemoths who merely possessed only a tiny fraction of Titan lineage, Dragons, on the other hand, boasted a pure bloodline belonging to the Golden Lineage.

Just as long as they survived into adulthood, each Dragons have the potential to ascend to legendary beings. What’s more, those exceptionally gifted ones could even become mythical beings that could made even the gods themselves fearful.

Unlike the true gods, Dragonkind had a much broader range of activities. While their reproduction rate was low compared to creatures of the same level, their overall population was surprisingly quite large due to their relatively long lifespan.

For the inhabitants of Saigües, the Dragons are the most terrifying creatures they have ever heard of, and the central figures of the most ubiquitous legends and folklores across all races.

Therefore, after the black dragon appeared and launched its breath attack, the Orcs, whose offensive had been greatly impeded by various setbacks, swiftly descended into a state of panic.

Conversely, with the Black Dragon’s arrival, the morale of the players reached an all new heights.

“Haha! Meryer is here!”

“Damn, he easily broke the defenses of those giant beasts!”

“Guys, quick! aim for their wounds! Fire arrows and cast some spells onto it before they recover!”

Meryer’s appearance had undoubtedly altered the tide of the battlefield, tilting the balance in favor of the players!

Accompanied by the rhythmic incantations of spells and skill-infused arrows soaring through the air, the players’ concentrated all their attacks towards the wounds of the four Behemoths.

The four beasts emitted furious and agonizing howls.

However, just before they could attempt to flee, an array of dazzling spells rained down upon them, inundating the Behemoths with a myriad of incantations that showed no sign of stopping…

Skill-infused arrows continued to soar from all angles, and each spell grew increasingly potent with every reiteration.

Furthermore, thanks to the Goddess’s blessing, the players’ attacks had an added “bleeding” effect onto it, which inflicted stacked damage that became increasingly more devastating with each strike that successfully landed upon the Behemoths’ wounds.

The continuous pain finally angered the Behemoths, causing them to roar in raging fury before succumbing into a complete frenzied state.

This resulted into the four Behemoths completely abandoning their positions.

Pounding their massive chests as their fur bristled with fury, the four beasts launched an all-out attack on anything and everything within their immediate surroundings.

This, unfortunately, resulted in more chaos among the Orcs positioned below the walls, and a significant number of them were unluckily trampled by the four rampaging beasts, further causing even more collateral damage to the Orcs.

In contrast, the players felt delighted upon seeing the enemy side’s misfortune.

They skillfully avoided the Behemoths’ attack range and drew their bows while the mages chanted spells. They all then redirected their attacks toward the wounded Orcs instead who had somehow survived after being trampled by the Behemoths, thereby further sowing chaos within the enemy ranks.

At that moment, the Orcs’ siege had ground to a complete halt, as casualties on their side began to skyrocket.

“Damned it!”

Watching the battlefield from a distance as chaos unfolded beneath the castle walls, King Imsh’s eyes reddened with intensity.

So far, this battle had exceeded his expectations.

The elven forces greatly outnumbered his initial estimates, and their combat capabilities even goes beyond the boundaries of his imagination.

In the face of the Orc army’s relentless siege, the elves surprisingly displayed remarkable fearlessness. What’s more, they showcased an unprecedented level of high morale, and all the skills they are currently using seemed to be exclusively geared towards combat.

This was practically unheard of because the elves he knew mainly excelled in healing and nature magic.

Unbelievably, all these elves were wholly oriented towards combat instead, as if they were entirely battle-hardened veterans forged in the crucibles of war.

Moreover, just as the survivors from Caverock Tribe had described, these elves were not only fearless but also incredibly bloodthirsty as well!

They just wouldn’t give up until their enemy is killed!

Among the orcs currently fighting, there were no wounded at all, because once someone is injured, the Elves would then immediately swarm them with all sorts of attacks until they died.

This surreal situation made Imsh wonder for a second as to whether these elves were actually just humans in disguise given that their behavior alarmingly bore a striking resemblance to that of humankind.

And no to mention, those four idiotic rampaging Behemoth!

Instead of assisting, they were even being used by the elves to further inflict damage to the Orcs!

Seeing this whole clusterfuck of drawbacks, King Imsh clenched his fist so tightly that it nearly bled.

He gritted his teeth and tried to calm his raging fury.

After a minute, he then patted the Behemoth he was riding, before pointing at the four rampaging Behemoths.

“Gor! Wake those four idiots up! And also, beat that damned black dragon in the sky for me!” Imsh strictly ordered after climbing down the back of his mount.

Gor, the Behemoth known as King Imsh’s mount, served as the leader of all Behemoths.

It held the highest rank among them and possessed the strength of an upper Silver-ranked monster.

After receiving the Orc King’s order, Gor gave a subtle nod and took a deep breath, before unleashing a thunderous roar into the sky.

Its roar was incredibly loud, echoing far and wide on the entire battlefield.

After hearing their leader’s loud roar, the four rampaging Behemoth slowly regained a hint of clarity within their crimson eyes.

Finally, they had calmed down.

After the four Behemoths let go of their frenzied state, Gor then roared once more and raised an enormous spear, which was nearly eighty centimeters thick and ten meters long.

A faint radiance then spread across the surface of the gigantic spear, eventually shrouding the entire weapon with snake-like lightning.

Behemoths typically cannot use magic, but magic is not entirely beyond their grasp for those few fortunate enough to be born with a stronger Titan bloodline.

And the leader of Behemoths possesses the capability to use lightning magic due to its strong Titan bloodline!

Gor held a gigantic spear surrounded by lightning in a throwing stance and then aimed it towards the Black Dragon circling the skies.

A spine-tingling power then surged within the beast’s hands, and the serpent-like lightning spear gleamed with dazzling radiance, as it exudes a menacing aura of energy.

Noticing the odd behavior of the Behemoth beside the Orc King down below, Little Salty Cat squinted her eyes to check out what it was doing.

Her face then immediately turned ashen pale as her complexion lost all of its color upon seeing the dangerous looking weapon on its hands.

“Meryer! Quick! Get out of the way!”

—Alas, it was too late. 

Gor’s fur bristled as its muscles swelled to their utmost capacity. The Behemoths’ leader then bellowed loudly and exerted all his might, brandishing the colossal lightning spear before forcefully launching it toward the black dragon in the sky…


As the wind whistled and electricity crackled around it, the colossal lightning spear soared through the skies with the force of a mighty rocket.

The little black dragon also at this point finally noticed the spear heading his way.

However, its speed was simply too fast!

This spear had been thrown with all the might of the leader of the Behemoths, and its speed and power had reached a truly frightening level!

Moreover, the added lightning magic had granted it astonishing energy, ready to explode upon impact.

The lightning spear was like a meteorite, forming a dazzling electric trail as it arrived upon its target in an instant…

Sadly, Meryer had no time to avoid it.

Time seemed to ground to a screeching halt as his entire body grew cold, and the Black Dragon’s expression etched into an uncanny look of terror as the tip of the spear reflects upon Meryer’s eyes.

“—Oh no!! “

“Érhāgon! dodge it!” ²

“No! It’s too late!”

Many players on the wall also noticed this terrifying giant spear soaring through the skies, and everyone’s expressions were stricken with utmost worry and panic upon seeing it close in on their beloved silly Black Dragon.

Meanwhile, the morale of the Orcs rekindled anew. .

King Imsh’s expression showed a twisted grin, as he watched with anticipation the impending death of the black dragon.

The attack that had been launched just now had been passed down from the Titans, specifically designed to target and kill Dragons.

And almost all that had been hit by this lightning spear especially Dragons have low chance of surviving.

However, just as the spear was on the verge of piercing Meryer, a sudden burst of golden light shot out from the castle wall.

It was just an ordinary-looking arrow.

However, upon closer examination, this arrow is coated with a brilliant golden light and moved at an extreme speed.

Its speed even surpassed that of the Behemoth’s leader’s lightning spear!

Before the spear could hit the black dragon, the golden arrow had already reached it and struck Gor’s lightning spear.

In an instant, a massive golden light then erupted and with a deafening bang, the sky was filled with blinding radiance, shortly followed by a thunderous explosion as aftershocks reverberated all across the battlefield.

A powerful shockwave swept through the lands and even causing the Black Dragon to stagger in mid-air. The ground beneath the Orc army was thrown into chaos by the aftershocks of the explosion.

Seconds passed and as the golden radiance gradually faded, the gigantic spear also vanished from the skies.

In its place, shimmering fragments fell down like metallic snowflakes.

A moment of silence blanketed the entire battlefield.

King Imsh’s grin froze upon his face.

He widened his eyes in disbelief, unable to comprehend what he had just witnessed.

The Orc King then turned his gaze in the direction at which the golden arrow had originated from and noticed an individual standing there, on top of the castle wall—

—A female elf stood there all by herself, adorned in sleek black armor, with delicate features, silver hair, and striking crimson eyes.

She casually stowed away her bow as though she had just performed something trivial.

Radiant light shimmered around her as she looked at the direction of the Orc King with an indifferent expression.

“….High-ranking practitioner! God…Godwarden!”

Even from a distance, he could sense the potency of her bow and the majestic aura surrounding this particular female elf..

King Imsh’s eyes narrowed as his pupils gleamed with a menacing light.

The elite force of the elves…had finally appeared.

And she… turned out to be a Golden-ranked Godwarden!

“It’s the Godwarden Zero!”

“S-So cool!”

“Haha! Lady Zero finally had taken action!”

“Incredible! She shot down that huge spear with just a single arrow!”

“Sister Zero is soo amazing!”

The elves manning the castle wall all erupted in loud cheers and sighs of relief.

In contrast, Imsh’s expression became increasingly grim.

He then surveyed the entire battlefield, his fists tightening.

At this moment, all the Orcs who had climbed the wall had been killed in battle…

Not only that, but even their bodies had somehow been reduced to ashes by the elves during the fight.

The remaining Orcs that managed to climbed the ladders had also been completely driven off the castle wall.

Although the four Behemoth had regained their senses, their accumulated injuries keeps worsening after they got out of their frenzied state.

These massive bodies were completely covered in wounds, which greatly diminished their combat abilities. As it stands, they urgently needed healing, lest they succumb to death entirely.

Though still a formidable force, these four Behemoths were presently incapable of altering the situation, at least until they had completely recuperated.

Beneath the castle wall, a notable number of Orcs still remained, persistently trying to scale it. Yet, it was evident that they couldn’t break through the fierce defense put up by the elves.

These elves appeared to have grasped the rhythm of battle, and their morale is as high as ever…

Conversely, the presence of the black dragon caused the Orcs’ morale to plummet by half, and the arrival of the elves’ Godwarden even further sent their morale to rock bottom.

Under these circumstances, the death toll among the Orcs was skyrocketing at an astonishing pace.

What King Imsh had initially thought would be an easy siege had now become an unfeasible endeavor.

Seeing this grim situation, his complexion grew increasingly displeased.

Imsh’s expression changed several times, before finally, he gritted his teeth and sighed.

“Blow the horns of retreat!”

At his command, a long and resonant horn began to sound slowly…

His ten-thousand-strong Orc army, having lost over a thousand warriors, retreated in disarray.

Meanwhile, up above the castle wall, the players who had successfully resisted the Orc’s siege erupted with a resounding cheer.

¹ 人的名,树的影 – As the name, so is the shadow, is a chinese proverb which means that a person’s reputation is very important.

² Érhāgon – Combination of (二哈) Érhā = silly but cute husky and () lóng = Dragon.

— —