Above the castle walls, players gazed in astonishment at the circular gateway suspended in the sky that shimmered with a silvery-gray light.

“Quick, look at that! What is it?”

“It looks like a portal! I saw something similar back when the Goddess and the Orc Demigod fought before.”

“A portal!? Does this mean the orcs are summoning something again? Could it be another Demigod?”

For a moment, many players grew vigilant.

As the gateway continued to flicker, and distant war chants reverberated, accompanied by a profound sense of divinity and heart-rending pressure, three silvery-gray figures suddenly emerged out from it.

They were three orcs, approximately three meters tall.

They wore magnificent armor, carried longbows, and wielded battle axes coated in ice and snow. Their faces were adorned with strange tribal-like tattoos, and they bore fervent, devout expressions as a silvery-gray aura emanated from all over their bodies.

After they appeared, a majestic and powerful voice slowly came about.

“Totem Guardian Keo…”

“Totem Guardian Ladis…”

“Totem Guardian Bledo…”

“By the divine oracle’s summons, we have come to protect our Lord’s faith and bring judgment upon the minions of the Heretical God!”

Totem Guardians!

These were three Totem Guardians who had achieved legendary-ranks!

Upon hearing that declaration, the orc army on the ground erupted into a deafening cheer.

The Totem Guardians were the personal envoys of Uller, the god of winter and hunting. They were sanctified by Uller himself and wielded formidable power in his name.

In every war of faith that they partook in, Totem Guardians always served as the high-end elite force summoned by the half-orcs to compensate for their racial limitations.

However, since their power fundamentally belonged to Uller, they could not be summoned for an extended period of time. Usually, after a battle or after losing too much power, they had no choice but to return to the heavenly realm; otherwise, there was a risk of falling.

Nonetheless, the Totem Guardians were more than enough to be the ace up the half-orcs’ sleeves, a force capable of shifting the battle’s momentum upon their favor.

They wielded enough power to turn the tide of war!

Immediately, the morale of the orcs who had been frustrated due to their first defeat, soared once again.

Looking at the three totem guardians who had suddenly appeared from the portal, the players situated on the wall were both equally curious and worried.

“No way… flying orcs? and they even have auras?”

“What is this? Are they the Demigods you mentioned earlier?”

“Hmm… are they this questline’s main bosses?”

“They look seriously strong… being summoned in such a grand way, they don’t seem like pushovers.”

The players’ eyes were filled with curiosity, but the Holy Saintess Alice had a solemn expression with a hint of panic and worry within her eyes.

“Those are three legendary-rank Totem Guardians!”

She stated with a grave and serious tone.

“Wow! Legendaries? What level are they?”

“Are they on the same level as the Shadow Dragon from the underground?”

“Damn, are we in deep trouble here? We’re facing three legendary beings!”

Upon hearing Alice’s words, the players were taken aback, yet some among them still remained unfazed.

“Don’t worry! When facing opponents of this caliber, let’s just simply call upon the Goddess. She’s incredibly strong, having even defeated a Demigod. So, what chance do a mere trio of legends stand against her?”

“Exactly! Plus, isn’t Lady Zero also capable of defeating legendaries too? I mean, she’s a badass NPC who took down the Shadow Dragon all by herself!”

However, unlike the excited players, Alice’s expression became much graver.

She shook her head and said, “No, it’s different.”

“Last time, the Goddess can only intervene because the enemy Demigod acted first. Alas…this is a war of faith. If the Goddess personally intervenes, then it might give Uller a reason to summon a Demigod.”

“And a battle on the Demigod level could easily expose the Matriarch’s true identity!”

“In any case…it would be very risky.”

With that, Alice couldn’t help but turn her head and look at Zero standing on the tower of the castle wall, her face expressing deep concern.

Zero had said she was there to deal with high-leveled enemies and above. However, even with the Goddess’s divine protection, Zero was still only at the Gold-rank agter all…

How could she handle three legendary beings?

However much to Alice’s surprise, despite witnessing the orcs summoning three legendary Totem Guardians, Zero’s expression remained unchanged, leaving Alice unable to discern her inner thoughts.

Three legendary Totem Guardians!

Seeing the powerful figures that was summoned, Lionheart King Imsh’s expression was filled with joy.

Even with a Demigod not intervening, these Totem Guardians were already quite powerful enough and could easily sway the course of the war.

In fact, considering the strength displayed by the elves, the three legendaries could completely overpower them.

If they could use these Totem Guardians to keep his army at bay without fighting, then that would be even better!

These thirty thousand troops represented nearly a tenth of the half-orc population and were all still in their youth. Imsh would be immensely thankful if the arrival of these three legendary beings could reduce the harm and casualties to his people.

With this in mind, King Imsh’s enthusiasm surged, and he promptly moved forward, showing his gratitude by bowing to the three Totem Guardians.

“Hail Winter! Hail the hunt! Hail the Great Divine Father! Imsh, the King of the half-orcs, greets the esteemed totem envoys!”

“Please, esteemed totem envoys, lend us your strength! Overthrow those elves in the castle! Eradicate those vile wicked heretics!”

Imsh finished and eagerly looked toward the three Totem Guardians hovering in the sky.

However, their response left him somewhat disappointed.

“Half-Orc King, it would be wise for your own army to handle the elves by yourselves. We’ve got our mission to attend to.”

“Your army can take the lead, and we’ll handle any significant threats you cannot handle. However, we won’t meddle in battles within the Mortal realm.”

They all spoke together in a commanding manner, leaving no room for refusal.

They won’t intervene?

Lionheart King Imsh’s expression turned somewhat unpleasant.

However, they were the honored Totem Guardians, the esteemed envoys of their Divine Father.

He had no right to direct them.

Besides, at this point, Imsh already understood the underlying reason behind their Divine Father’s directive for him to command his thirty-thousand-strong army to battle.

Nevertheless, knowing was one thing, but as the reigning king of the Half-Orcs, he still couldn’t bear it.

Alas…in the end, everything was for the sake of empowering their Divine Father.

And with their Patron deity becoming much stronger also meant greater opportunities for his own people and the half-orcs as a whole.

As the Chief Shaman had said, sometimes…necessary sacrifices were required.

Yet, King Imsh’s expression fluctuated.

But after a brief moment of hesitation, he released a profound sigh and drew a bow-shaped symbol over his heart, announcing with unwavering resolve—

“Spread the word. Prepare for the second siege!”

“This time, our entire army will attack in full force!”

— —