The entire orc army finally move.

And the visual impact of close to thirty thousand warriors advancing forward was much more striking than their failed initial assault.

Not only that, but this time, the siege stretched far beyond the southern side of Black Dragon Castle, with armies numbering in the thousands encircling the fortress from the remaining three directions.

Moreover the four wounded Behemoths found their injuries mended, and they, alongside five additional Behemoths who hadn’t participated in the initial skirmish, marched toward Black Dragon Castle alongside the orc horde.

As the orc army advanced on the ground, three legendary totem guardians hovering in the sky also slowly moved towards Black Dragon Castle.

On the castle walls, the expressions of each players turned serious.

“I have a bad feeling about this…”

“Can we really defend against this next wave?”

“The main problem is those legendary bosses in the sky!”

The two legion commanders that’s overseeing the castle defense also wore grave expressions.

The number of attackers had tripled, and the Behemoths had doubled, yet the player count remained the same.

Moreover, when the news of three legendary Totem Guardians joining the enemy’s ranks reached the Black Dragon, a shiver of fear coursed through him. Alas, Meryer now hesitated to unleash his dragon breath, only choosing instead to remain within the secure confines of the castle walls.

Without the Black Dragon’s assistance, the orcs will likely became even more emboldened and unscrupulous.

After a moment of contemplation, Li Mu said, “No more holding back. Bring out the catapults and steam guns. We’re gonna finish this questline, even if it means cutting our EXP farming short! We might get less experience, but we can’t afford to fail this quest!”

To gain experience, players needed to use skills or personally kill enemies.

However, skills cannot be used on catapults and steam guns thus these tools don’t yield any EXP points.

Therefore, even though players had these two weapons at their disposal, and the catapults were already assembled, no one used them during the first wave of attack because everyone was eager to employ their skills to farm EXP points.

Their operation was slow, and by the time someone managed to launch a catapult with boulders, others had already taken down another orc.

However, since the situation had grown more serious, there was no more room for easy EXP farming. While killing orcs yielded a significant amount of experience, it would all be futile if the main quest ultimately failed in the end.

Following Li Mu’s orders, many melee players on the castle wall brought out steam guns and, together with ranged players, started shooting at the incoming orcs. Several assembled catapults also began launching boulders and explosives towards the advancing orc army.

As for biochemical weapons…they were left unused.

What players now strive to do is to quickly cause damage to the orcs attacking the castle.

Thirty thousand orcs besieged the castle in all directions, forming a very tight formation. Ironically, this tight formation actually favored the players at this moment.

Steam guns roared nonstop, as explosives detonated one after another, and the sound of boulders colliding filled the air.

In the Orc army, cries of pain were heard from time to time.

They were either hit by steam gun bullets, crushed into a pulp by falling boulders, or blown to pieces by explosives.

These unexpected attack methods caused a slight chaos in the Orc army, and their high morale wavered once more.

The Orc’s tightly packed formation made it impossible for their foot soldiers to escape in time, which caused a lot of casualties.

Yet, the three totem guardians in the air ignored the rapidly growing casualties down below. They merely floated in the air, coldly observing Black Dragon Castle, seemingly waiting for something.

King Imsh looked at the massive stones thrown from Black Dragon Castle and heard the thunderous sound of steam guns.

His expression reflected a mix of emotions.

“Catapults? And… steam guns? Where did these elves acquire all this equipment?”

These elves had already surprised him too many times within the two waves of attacks he’d launched.

Imsh’s expression hardened, and he ordered his subordinates to sound the horn to inform the attacking orcs to disperse their formation. He then called out to the totem guardians in the sky.

“Great Envoys, please intervene and destroy the elves’ catapults!”

Upon hearing King Imsh’s request, the three totem guardians wore serious expressions. At this moment, they were gazing at Black Dragon Castle with grave intent.

More precisely, they were gazing at a certain elven woman with long, silvery hair standing on one of the castle’s tower.

In actuality, the three totem guardians were communicating with each other using telepathic magic.

‘These elves… are indeed peculiar!’

‘Wait, there’s a strange divine aura on the castle…’

‘It’s a Godwarden… the elven woman standing at that highest point is definitely a Godwarden!’

‘The powerful elf the believers mentioned must be her, right?’

‘Becoming a Godwarden isn’t easy. The death of Night Wanderer has made His Majesty furious…I’d say we let her feel the wrath of our Divine Father!’

‘Be cautious; the new god of the elves hasn’t left the mortal realm yet. With her abilities, this Godwarden can easily borrow power from their Patron deity…’

‘Hmph, its just a mere high-ranking Godwarden, likely at the Golden Rank. What can she achieve even with the power of a true god?’

‘Don’t get complacent; remember our mission. Let’s test her first…’

After their telepathic communication, the three totem guardians exchanged glances and nodded in agreement.

Suddenly, one of them pulled out an exquisite longbow from behind, its radiance shining brightly as their aura continued to intensify. He then aimed the longbow in the direction of a specific spot on the castle wall before fully drawing the bowstring with all his might.

A heart-wrenching surge of energy concentrated on the bowstring, which eventually shaped into a silver-gray light arrow. With a gentle shout, the totem guardian let loose the luminous arrow.

Ninth-rank divine spell – [Arrow of Light]

The arrow of light shot out like a dazzling meteor, instantly heading towards the silver-haired Godwarden standing on the castle wall.

“Lord Zero, be careful!”

Alice, who had been watching the three totem guardians in the sky, had her expression change in a panic and urgently exclaimed.

However, Zero merely raised her hands slightly and, with a reverent expression, whispered something, causing a brilliant holy light to emanate from her body.

Accompanied by ethereal sacred chants, numerous scattered orbs of light converged around her, before coalescing into a colossal divine arm that manifested behind her.

An intense pressure spread out around Zero, causing players around the Elven Godwarden to involuntarily step back as the enormous divine arm effortlessly intercepted the arrow shooting at her.

Then, to the astonishment of the three totem guardians and the amazement of the players, Zero manipulated the divine arm, lightly flicking it to send the Arrow of Light back and reversing its course.

Yet, its speed showed no sign of waning as it charged directly toward the totem guardian who had originally unleashed it.

This totem guardian’s face turned pale, and with swift determination, he raised his battle-axe!

The battle-axe clashed with the Arrow of Light, resulting in a violent explosion…

This explosion was both deafening and blinding, shrouding everything in a brilliant light.

A massive fireball, almost fifty meters in radius, suddenly materialized and rose into the sky. Gradually, it morphed into a mushroom cloud, before dissipating after a brief moment.

After the deafening blast, all that remained at the impact site of the explosion was an exaggerated, huge crater shrouded in white smoke.

Within a radius of several hundred meters, the orcs that had stood there moments ago were instantly reduced to ashes, with no trace of their bones even remaining…

For a few seconds, the entire battlefield fell into silence.

The totem guardian, who had initially fired the arrow, awkwardly tumbled out of the crater. He couldn’t help but cough up a mouthful of silvery blood, revealing that he had sustained minor injuries.

He then looked toward the castle with an expression that was a tumultuous blend of shock and disbelief.

“P-Peak Legendary-rank? How can this be!?”

The other two totem guardians also bore solemn expressions, with their gazes also shaken.

Equally astounded was the Chief Shaman, who had remained at the rear of the army since the battle commenced.

The Chief Shaman examined the skull necklace in her grasp, equally confounded.

“The divine artifact is flickering! The artifact is trembling!”

“It’s responding to the aura of a true god!”

“Who… is she?!”

— —