All the players situated on the castle wall were left in utter amazement as they witnessed the explosive surge of power emanating from the Godwarden Zero.

“Damn, she’s so strong!”

“Awesome! Is she really just a Golden-ranker? Or are those three legendaries actually just fakes?”

Many third beta players couldn’t help but gasp in astonishment…

Their arrows proved powerless against even an orc’s shield, and the colossal craters left by their long-range clashes with the NPCs highlighted their own vulnerability for the first time.

Many newbies from the third beta couldn’t help but gulp in surprise.

They looked at the arrows they had shot, which couldn’t even penetrate the orcs’ shields, then they gazed upon the terrifying crater left behind by the aftermath of the long-distance battle just now, and for the first time, they realized just how weak they were.

However, their amazement were quickly met with jeers from the second beta players.

“Fake? Seriously? It’s all real! Haven’t you heard? That NPC is a Godwarden! Lady Zero can tap into the power of the Goddess. I mean, come on, it’s obvious they’re crazy powerful!”

“That’s right! She can borrow the power of the Goddess and defeat legendary creatures like the Shadow Dragon in an instant!”

Hearing the explanation from the second beta players, the newbies looked on with envy.

“Are Godwardens really that strong? Do we have a chance to become one?”

“I’m super jealous… I wonder when we’ll be that powerful too!”

Nonetheless, the first beta players responded with disdain.

“The game’s still in beta you know, and heck, even the Priest jobclass hasn’t even been unlocked yet! You guys should

focus on leveling up yourselves first!”

“Exactly! Hey, more orcs are coming our way. Let’s take ’em down first. They’re all just EXP waiting to be killed!”

The players conversed with excitement.

Their morale, which had slightly waned due to the appearance of the three legendary totem guardians, was now back at its peak.

Even the Saintess Alice couldn’t hide her astonishment as she watched Zero unleash her power.

“So amazing!” she couldn’t help but whispered to herself.

Although she had heard about Zero using the Matriarch’s power in the underground to kill a legendary shadow dragon, witnessing such a battle firsthand was a first for her.

However not a moment later, concern once again crept back onto her face.

“Although Lord Zero can borrow the power of the Goddess and has the aid of the Defense Core, she is still fighting against three legendary beings all by herself…can she really hold out against them long enough until they run out of their allocated summoned time?”

The summoning of the totem guardians had a time limit, but at the same time, the borrowed power of a Godwarden also had its limitations.

Could Lord Zero really endure until the end of the battle?

Or perhaps, did the orcs have any other cards up their sleeves?

All of this was still unknown.

Regardless, Lord Zero’s display of power undeniably really motivated her.

Alice silently looked at the silver-haired Godwarden, who was bathed in the radiant aura of the Goddess, and for a moment, felt a trace of envy and shame within her heart.

“What Lord Zero can accomplish… I, as the Nature’s Saintess, should also be capable of. Alas, this reveals my faith on the Goddess is still insufficient enough…”

“Thinking about it now, I’ve grown too complacent ever since the return of the Matriarch. With the Goddess bestowing me the authority to assign tasks, I even delegated the cleaning of the temple to the Chosen Ones, which is my original job…”

Alice lamentingly shook her head.

“I am still too weak and too complacent. I must meditate more diligently and improve my strength! I must serve the Matriarch with even greater devotion, for the faith in nature and life, and for the future of the elven race!”

With these resolutions, Alice’s gaze solidified as she promised herself to devote more to the Goddess’s faith.

Meanwhile, standing upon the castle tower, Evé, disguised as Zero, calmly glanced at Alice, somewhat inwardly surprised to notice that the saintess’ faith had grown stronger yet again.

She briefly wondered what wild fanciful ideas this saintess had now conjured up in that silly mind of hers…

The elves’ counterattack also greatly shocked the orcs.

In particular, King Imsh’s eyes widened in disbelief as he stared at the lone figure standing upon the castle wall, shimmering with divine radiance, unable to stop himself from exclaiming,

“She actually… injured a legendary-ranked envoy!”

The other side could borrow the power of a true god and exhibit the power of a legend!

For a moment, he felt a hint of fear within himself…

Thankfully, he had been cautious, avoiding a one-on-one duel with the adversary and instead, opted to retreat first before directly summoning the totem guardians…

Otherwise, he would have been instantly killed instead.


The two totem guardians floating in mid-air haughtily snorted in unison.

They then glanced at their injured comrade, before looking back again at the female elven figure radiating in divine light on the castle wall, with their expressions turning rather sour.

At the same time, the injured totem Guardian rose back onto the sky again, whilst wearing an equally sour expression.


He was actually injured!

A legendary-rank totem guardian like him… was actually injured by a mere mortal!?

This is an immense humiliation on his part!

Even though the opponent is a Godwarden whose borrowing the power of a true god, it’s still infuriating nonetheless.

The two totem guardians who still haven’t made a move calmed their inner agitation.

“That Godwarden can harness peak legendary power; she’s likely a high-level Godwarden!”

“Hmph! So what if she’s at the legendary peak? I was just careless and she just borrowing external power of their Heretical Deity. I don’t believe… a mere mortal like her can hold out against the three of us for long!” The injured totem guardian said as he seethed with anger.

“Don’t waste any more time, let’s attack together and eliminate her. We have more important matters to attend to! Don’t forget our real objective!”

He sneers and draws out his battle axe.

In an instant, a silvery-gray radiance converged around the axe, and the totem guardian’s aura steadily intensified, exerting a powerful pressure that forces the orcs below to involuntarily kneel.

In the area centered around the totem guardian, spanning several hundred meters across, the temperature suddenly sharply dropped a few degrees.

Legendary Domain!

While it can’t materialize governing natural laws like a demigod domain, it can still influence reality to some extent.

The leading totem guardian roars, brandishes his axe, and charges toward the silver haired elven maiden who is emitting divine power on the castle wall.

The other two totem guardians exchange glances, nod in agreement, and also unleash their full power, before following closely behind.

For a moment, the three totem guardians streak like radiant meteors in the skies, all charging towards Zero’s location!

These three Legendary powerhouses move at astonishing speed and reach Zero in an instant.

The foremost totem guardian doesn’t hesitate in his actions at all. He immediately raised his axe, wreathed in ice, snow, and lightning, before striking it down towards the Elven Godwarden.

“Vile Heathen! Die!”

With a roar, a terrifying power condenses between the axe, forming an energy wave that sends shivers down the spine as it comes crashing down!

However, Zero’s expression remained indifferent.

In response, she just gently raised her hand, and the divine illusionary hand that materialized behind her also imitated her gesture.

Accompanied by an ethereal hymn, the radiant illusionary hand grabbed the battle axe, as it effortlessly intercepted the totem guardian’s attack.

The collision of two forces once again unleashed a terrifying energy shockwave, but this time, Zero controlled the output. As a result, the resulting shockwave only affected the immediate area around her, merely causing the castle walls to crack.

However that one strike decisively sets them apart.

“How is this possible!?”

Watching their furious attacks being effortlessly blocked, the totem guardian looked utterly dumbfounded.

Similarly, the other two totem guardians following closely behind were equally stunned as well.

They exchange glances, and then simultaneously launch two frightening energy waves, with each swinging their axes at the direction of the Elven Godwarden.

Two more energy blades with terrifying auras are sent directly towards Zero.

All of this happens in an instant, catching everyone off guard. Three legendary totem guardians have actually launched a joint attack.

“Lord Zero!”

Seeing this scene, Alice turns pale.

However, the Zero remained composed.

She raised her arm once again, before softly intoning something…

And in an instant, a soft radiance emanated from Zero, with her as the focal point, as the dome-like radiance expanded outward, whilst carrying a gentle and sacred aura.

At the same time, countless green orb particles rose from the surroundings, and below the castle wall, numerous plants and vines suddenly grew rapidly, even though it was late autumn already.

In just a matter of seconds, a lush verdant layer of foliage manifested around Zero.

But it didn’t stop there, the green orb particles continue to expand and collide with the energy blades swung by the totem guardians.

At the same time, the three totem guardians are horrified to find that their full-force wave strikes were instantly dissipated into thin air when they collided with the green particles, leaving no trace behind.

There isn’t even a ripple!

Then, before they can even further react, the rapidly growing vines suddenly transform into a massive cage, enveloping the three totem guardians and Zero altogether!

Seeing this scene, the entire chaotic battlefield once again froze for a moment.

Among the orcs at the rear of the horde, the Chief Shaman silently observed the lush and surreal scene unfolding at the Black Dragon Castle…

She then examined the blood-red skull necklace in her hand, which was continuously emitting deep crimson light and vibrating incessantly at the moment, and her expression underwent a significant change.

“…Celestial Domain.”



— —