“The Goddess battle with the God of the Orcs?”

The HootyBird blinked in confusion.

Meanwhile, the guild’s chat group had become entirely lively with various messages popping up one after another:

⤷ I’ve just finished watching it; Man, the Goddess is truly amazing! No wonder she’s the top brass in the game. Her words alone are so damn powerful. 👍🏻

⤷ Indeed… her combat power had literally changed the entire landscape.

⤷ Guys I’ve just checked the location out! There are still some traces of the battle about thirty kilometers southeast, near the edge of the safe zone. Lol it now looks like a huge crater that’s quickly covered in vegetation.

⤷ Southeast? No wondered why I heard some kind of rumbling in that direction back when I respawned. Oh, I also remember there was some dark clouds in the skies back then too. Initially, I thought it was just in-game weather changes, but turns out a real battle between the gods happeneed there…

⤷ So powerful… :0

⤷ Well its a battle of gods lmao. Essentially a duel between the game’s pinnacle of powers

⤷ Hehe I’m definitely holding onto the goddess’s thighs! Maybe one day I can become a Godwarden too! Man, I wanna be a Godwarden of the Goddess! (☆ω☆)

⤷Tho I wonder when can we even reach that level

⤷ Lmfao what, becoming a god? Dream on dude. According to ElvKing’s design principles, if the players can become gods, then wouldn’t the system entirely collapse? This game is so realistic and even have its own intricate ecosystem to the extent that the monsters doesn’t even have a fixed respawn point in the wilderness lol. The devs definitely wouldn’t allowed us to become that strong. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

⤷ Well who knows… 😒

⤷ But seriously, Uller is really weak! The goddess dominated him from start to finish lmao.

And of course, just like a usual online discourse, the conversation eventually took a humorous turn:

⤷ Ohh thats some kinky bondage roleplay… feels like a great material for a doujinshi. Hehehe~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

⤷ It already exists, just look up demigod Volker on certain sites. 😉

⤷ Lemme step aside for a bit then.

⤷ I’m good now, you guys continue lol.

⤷ Haha… +1 for the doujinshi, but the way the artist drew Uller looks a bit ugly. Σ(°△°)︴

⤷ Well I’m fine with it just as long as the goddess looks good xD

⤷ Dude if the goddess see this chat, you can bet yer ass to forget about getting a legendary golden item in this lifetime lol.

⤷ Hahaha… #sweatingguy.jpg

⤷ Pfft why, do you think the goddess is one of the GM of this game?

⤷ By the way, I’ve noticed the goddess really likes using vines… I can almost imagine how demigod Volker got tortured by the goddess ‘vines’ if you know what I mean. #doge.jpg

⤷ Lol, I could almost imagine the scene. xDD

⤷ Well…looking at it, a cutscene where the goddess beat up demigod Volker would’ve been so epic. Too bad,there’s no official records of it. I mean, the devs could’ve made a cutscene of it and hide it like some easter egg or something… (°ー°;)

⤷ Yeah making it an easter egg would be a good surprise tbh. Adorablecat.jpg

⤷ However, after looking at it over and over, the goddess’s character model still seems the most perfect NPC…hell, I’ve even set a screenshot of her as my desktop wallpaper. 😀

⤷Well she’s my waifu after all; I mean just look at those legs, that waist, and that face… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

⤷ ???

⤷ Hey anyone here that has yellow piss? come and wake this delusional bastard up. Better yet if you have diabetes too, to let this idiot above me taste the sweetness of your piss. 😏

⤷ I’ll go, not only I have a fever atm but also inflammation as well. 😏

⤷ I’ll join in as well, I have kidney failure lmao. 😏

⤷ …

However despite the humorous shenanigans, there were also quite a few serious discussions as well.

⤷ Who recorded the scene of the goddess fighting? 🤔

⤷ I heard it was two third-beta life-oriented players and they’re not even level 11 yet.

⤷ Holy shit, those two newbies are so lucky! This must be a hidden storyline, right? There’s so much info that was revealed all of a sudden… (*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ)

⤷ Ikr? The truth about the goddess being attacked a thousand years ago and the whereabouts of her lost divine artifacts…Hmm, is the goddess perhaps searching for these artifacts? #catthinking.jpg

⤷ So does this mean that we the players need to find it?

⤷ Yeah probably. Finding these artifacts is essential for the main storyline, right?”

⤷ Don’t know, those two newbies said that they still haven’t got any follow-up system prompts after recording it.

⤷ There might be a delay; I remember some ppl have encountered it before…Of course, it’s also possible that the entire quest hasn’t been triggered yet.

⤷ The goddess’s backstory made me really curious about the game’s overarching history…That’s why recently, I’ve been chatting with the NPCs like crazy. Dude, ElvKing’s history feels so grand and rich with each NPC even having their own a long, captivating story. I’m getting addicted to it. #Orz

⤷ Tsk tsk, a rare storyline enthusiast spotted

⤷ Lol, I wouldn’t really call myself a storyline enthusiast per se; more like, I just like hearing rich, in-depth stories. The stories of the elves and their past, as well as the history and culture of the world of Saigües are really excellently well-crafted. It feels very real, and it reminds me of the times when I used to play Elder Scrolls… No, I think it’s even more immersive, and the world-building is even more extensive.

Various guild members of Moe Moe Committee passionately discussed such matters within the chat group.

The Goddess? What Battle? Hidden storyline?

Their vice-leader, HootyBird raised an eyebrow in curiosity.

After thinking for a moment, she decided to clicked on the video link posted on the chat. She was then swiftly redirected to a video streaming site and the entire video was approximately ten minutes long.

Due to how it was filmed in secret, the angles of the video weren’t that great, but strangely, this amateurish recording somehow captured a raw immersive feeling, showcasing the true power of the goddess vividly on a bystander’s perspective…

The video depicts a fierce battle between the Goddess Evé and a giant enshrouded with a silver aura as they fought in mid-air.

The silver giant, which HootyBird eventually recognized as Uller because his appearance closely resembled that of the incarnation they encountered before during the latter stages of the goblin questline way back when they were still beginners.

Although it was called a battle, it was actually more like a one-sided beatdown since all the goddess did was merely utter words, yet, each word she spoke resulted in various powers and miracles manifesting, while the opponent was entirely dominated by the goddess from start to finish…

However despite being a one-sided battle, the aftermath of the clash between the two deity also flattened an entire area of the Elven Forest and turned it upside down.

Of course, the goddess eventually restored all the damaged surroundings afterwards by just uttering a single word in the end.

Although the filming angle wasn’t ideal, the video clearly showed the domineering nature of the goddess.

This recording clearly showed that despite being the leader of their faction, the goddess wasn’t just a simple background character who only handed out quests at the sidelines; but instead, she is an active NPC powerhouse that is integral in the game’s overarching storyline!

After all…the goddess was the only golden-class amongst all the NPCs.

Speaking of which…Most players including HootyBird, originally envisioned the goddess as a gentle, pure, and dignified figure not capable of inflicting harm nor violence.

However after witnessing her deliver a beatdown at Demigod Volker and now Uller in a domineering fashion, HootyBird felt that the goddess wasn’t just a simple, kind and benevolent NPC but also had a bit of an indescribable haughty sovereign-like vibe to her…

Well, such developments was pretty good on her opinion.

In any case, after watching the video, what HootyBird cared about the most was the confusing conversation between the goddess and Uller, more specifically—

“Uller said that the goddess is a goddess, but apparently she’s also not the goddess…?”

“The goddess’s revival seems to be flawed; she doesn’t seem to remember some of her pasts… and apparently, she wants to know what had truly transpired, especially with her being attacked by the other deities.”

“The goddess also wants to reclaim her lost artifacts, and from their conversation, it’s likely that these artifacts are in the hands of her enemies…”

“Finding these things could very well lead in a hidden questline!”

HootyBird concluded within her mind.

“Perhaps… I should chat more with the NPCs, then search those ancient texts dug up from the ruins of Florence and Rivendell. Maybe I can discover something.”

“Perfect timing, I’m almost proficient in Elvish language. Although I still can’t fully understand the text written in the ancient scriptures, I can still get a rough idea of it…Well, even if I don’t find any secrets, there might be clues about the goddess’s lost artifacts.”

“I’m gonna grind some quests first. During this whole summer event, I’m going to collect as many lottery tickets as possible, and then tackle these things after the whole event ends.”

After some contemplation, HootyBird closed her guild’s chat group before heading towards the Temple to pick up a new quest to do…

On the World Tree, within Eve’s mental domain.

There remain only a few days until the conclusion of the summer event and following its conclusion, Evé intends to officially inform players about her plan to expand the map.

She had already prepared everything that needed to be done and was now only awaiting the summer event to end before issuing another game update.

As a matter of fact, all she ever does these days is scour any information she may have overlooked within the World Tree’s inheritance regarding the evil gods and clues about their whereabouts.

She also occasionally checks the findings the players found upon checking some of the ancient scriptures unearthed in the ruins of Florence and Rivendell.

Dealing with Evil Deities is quite a simple affair since unlike waging war with the Heavenly Gods, she doesn’t need to consider matters like the covenant since evil gods in general are the common enemy of the gods and there are no repercussions upon hunting them.

Of course while researching about the evil gods, it also came to her attention that she has recently been the talk of the town, the ‘heroine’ per se, because of a ‘secret’ recording of her battle with Uller.

“Oh that’s actually a pretty good shot. They really made me look like some sort of a domineering figure.”

She anonymously drop a donation, gave a like, and then discreetly connected to various chat groups of the players, to search for any relevant information and reading players’ feedback regarding the uploaded video…

Don’t ask why but such curiosity is one of Eve’s dirty pleasures so to speak.

“Haha…a hidden quest was it? Actually I haven’t even thought of issuing one, but these guys sure already figured it out for me, huh?”

She then moved to another chat group.

“Yeah, letting players investigate about the whereabouts of my artifacts isn’t really a bad idea. The only issue though is to how to restrain their mouths and block any sensitive content from ever leaking to outsiders.”

“Hmm, actually this matter can be done alongside the search for clues about the evil gods…”

However, as she secretly scrolled through various chat groups, her expression turned a bit green upon seeing a particular chat group wherein they are discussing about certain topics.

“D-Doujinshi? What the hell is this?!”

Evé eventually closed the chat group, sporting a somewhat stiff expression.

After hesitating for a few seconds, she then immediately connected to earth’s internet and directly type her own name in the search engine, whilst also adding some special ‘keywords’ right next to it.

A moment later…

Evé was left absolutely speechless.



— —