Chapter 1008: Level Up, Level Up, Level Up (5)

The three contracted Magic Beasts in their contract rings also felt Yun Feng’s change. They couldn’t help but feel delighted! “Master has reached the peak of the Lord Level in such a short time. This speed… is truly monstrous.” Little Fire couldn’t help but click its tongue. Even if he had the potential of a mutated Magic Beast, it was really nothing compared to its master.

“Brother Fire, Master has always been like this. You should be mentally prepared.” Lan Yi chuckled. The three contracted Magic Beasts could communicate with each other very conveniently. Yaoyao’s cheerful voice came. “Xiao Feng is the best!”

“Of course. Master must be the most awesome!” Little Fire burst into laughter with indescribable joy in its words. As a contracted Magic Beast, it felt deeply proud from the bottom of its heart to have such a master!

At this moment, an extremely mysterious feeling instantly descended. The three contracted Magic Beasts immediately understood that Yun Feng was already breaking through the threshold! The breakthrough to the Lord Level might be at this moment! “Brother Fire, Yaoyao! Let’s focus and stay with Master!”

Yun Feng, who was focused on cultivating, was completely immersed in an extremely mysterious situation at this moment. She felt like she had become a floating worm in the world, completely integrated into this world. Even though she closed her eyes, she could still feel the vastness of the world, as if she had crossed thousands of miles with the flow of air and could see everything in the world.

What was the sky and what was the earth? Yun Feng asked herself. The answer gradually appeared in her mind. At this moment, Yun Feng was like a chrysalis that was ready to move. She wanted to break free from this thick shell. The five-color halo around her instantly emitted light and revolved quickly around Yun Feng’s body!

At this moment, the spiritual space in Yun Feng’s body was undergoing a huge change! Her mental strength was emitting five different bright colors and they were only intertwined in Yun Feng’s spiritual space. As the five-color halo outside spun faster, the spiritual space also maintained the same spinning shape. The five colors mixed extremely harmoniously and stirred slowly in her spiritual space. As they kept stirring, even purer mental strength was quietly born inside!

The five colors gradually fused together, and the purer mental strength broke through the soil of the five colors quietly like a sprout. One, two, three… As it spun, the sprout of the soil kept breaking through at an immeasurable speed!

Yun Feng, on the other hand, continued to immerse herself in her understanding of the world. There was a door in front of her and this door was the end of the road in front of her. Yun Feng knew that as long as she could push this door open, there would definitely be another world behind it!

“This path hasn’t reached the end…” Yun Feng looked at the door in front of her and mumbled. Then, she pressed her hand against the door firmly and took a deep breath fiercely. She exerted strength in her hand. She wanted to push open the door. She wanted to see the world behind the door!

The five-color halo around Yun Feng suddenly spun. It was fast at the early stage! The Golden Cauldron Trees in the cave also felt Yun Feng’s elemental fluctuation and secreted the Golden Cauldron Fluid even faster. The two of them circulated constantly, causing the elements in the cave to be surprisingly dense. At this moment, the five-color mental strength in Yun Feng’s spiritual space was spinning crazily. Young shoots appeared crazily on this soil and finally occupied this spiritual space in an instant!

“Crack!” As if a shell was broken, Yun Feng only felt that the door in her hand made a sound. Under her strong force, the door gradually gave up resisting. “Crack! Crack!” Another sound came. When the door was pushed open, Yun Feng also felt that the layer of restraint around her body was gradually disappearing. Yun Feng put on a smile with her red lips and exerted strength with her hand!

“Crash…” The door was completely pushed open and the cocoon was completely opened at the same time. A pair of charming wings extended proudly from the cocoon, glittering with five dazzling colors!

The moment Yun Feng’s mental strength finally broke through the barrier, it surged out of her body like surging waves. Qu Lanyi and You Yue opened their eyes. Both of them were woken up by the huge commotion. The mental strength that Yun Feng surged out crazily then returned to Yun Feng’s body again. Qu Lanyi’s eyes were full of joy. It seemed that Fengfeng had successfully broken through.

The girl’s eyelashes moved slightly. Then, she slowly opened her black eyes. The five-color halo slowly disappeared and turned into a beam of light that flashed through the girl’s eyes. At this moment, Yun Feng finally understood that the world was much larger than she imagined. There were too many places in the vast world that she hadn’t reached. A wider horizon made her yearn for it. The world above the Lord Level was indeed wider!

“Feng, you’ve broken through?” You Yue looked at Yun Feng excitedly. Yun Feng nodded. “Yes, Second Brother. I’ve broken through to the Lord Level.”

Qu Lanyi chuckled and looked at Yun Feng attentively. “Fengfeng, how strong are you right now?”

After breaking through the Lord Level, the division of strength above the Lord Level naturally entered Yun Feng’s mind. Above the Lord Level was the King Level, above the Lord Level was the Emperor Level, and above the Lord Level was the God Level. After crossing the Lord Level, the strength would be purer and the division of strength would be more precise. The Lord Level was like a watershed. The difference between the Lord Level and above wasn’t as simple as the level. The vagueness and precision of the strength were also huge differences.

The strength levels below the Lord Level were determined by the beginner, intermediate, advanced and peak levels. However, the four levels above the Lord Level were all divided more precisely. Grade 1 to Grade 9, this also allowed the powerhouses who had reached this level to know their positions more clearly.

Yun Feng adjusted the aura around her and smiled with her black eyes. “Grade 2 of the King Level.”

Qu Lanyi’s black eyes glittered. “Grade 2 of the King Level. If other people know about your speed, they’ll be so jealous that they’ll vomit blood. You’ve just broken through the Lord Level and you’ve already reached Grade 2 of the Lord Level.”

You Yue didn’t really understand, but he knew that the King Level must be above the Lord Level. “Feng, congratulations!”

Yun Feng smiled gently. She wasn’t satisfied with a Grade-2 King yet. There were probably a lot of people in the Central Region who were at Grade 2 of the King Level. If she stepped into the Central Region with such strength, the road wouldn’t be so easy. Qu Lanyi seemed to have seen through Yun Feng’s thoughts. “Fengfeng, it seems that you’re not very satisfied.”