Chapter 1009: Level Up, Level Up, Level Up (6)

You Yue was stunned. She wasn’t even satisfied with the Lord Level! His sister was truly stubborn!

Yun Feng looked up and gazed outside through the layers of stone walls. After a long time, she smiled lightly. “Of course I’m not satisfied. When I get out of here, I’ll reach Grade 5 of the King Level!”

The target Yun Feng set for herself was to reach Grade 5 of the King Level. Even if this level couldn’t do whatever it wanted in the Central Region, it didn’t have to listen to most people. The Lord Level was the lowest level in the Central Region and the King Level was a level higher than it. A Grade-5 Lord Level was equivalent to a watershed in the Lord Level. There was a different level between those above Grade 5 and those below Grade 5. A Grade-5 King was a genius among geniuses, considering Yun Feng’s age.

Yun Feng didn’t set her status very high because of this. She had always been certain that there was always someone better than her. Once a person set his position too high, his vision would definitely become narrower. In the end, he would be confined in a small circle and couldn’t move forward. Until one day, when someone kept surpassing him behind him, he would understand that he had already fallen from this high position fiercely.

No matter when, even though Yun Feng’s current talent couldn’t be described as just astonishing, she still maintained a humble attitude. Even though her head was raised, she never raised it high. Even though her speed was faster than others, her every step was more steady than others. Yun Feng knew very well that what she had to do along the way was persistence.

The Grade-5 King was just a temporary goal she gave herself. Yun Feng didn’t know if the headquarters of the Yun family was in the Central Region. If it wasn’t in the Central Region, it would be in the Inner Area. If her strength stopped just like that, she wouldn’t be able to report to the headquarters of the Yun family. The King Level, the Emperor Level, the God Level… Yun Feng saw her way very clearly. She had to keep moving forward and would never stop!

Qu Lanyi had always been the person who understood Yun Feng the best. He certainly knew what the goal in her mind was, so he certainly supported Yun Feng’s decision completely. You Yue only smiled. This cultivation place was truly rare at the moment. It was good to continue cultivating here for a while. It wouldn’t be too late to go back to the You family after his strength increased a bit. Perhaps he could help.

The three of them continued cultivating in the cave. Under the stimulation of Yun Feng’s five elements, the Golden Cauldron Fluid flowed out of the Golden Cauldron Tree slowly but endlessly. Even though there wasn’t a lot of the Golden Cauldron Fluid produced by the ten Golden Cauldron Trees Yun Feng plucked, it was still very effective together.

Practicing in peace was something the three of them had been doing at the moment. Such unique conditions certainly couldn’t be easily created. They couldn’t cultivate here forever, so the three of them took this opportunity to focus and work hard to improve their cultivation speed to reach a higher level.

Another year passed in the blink of an eye. In this year, the strength of the three of them had mostly increased in this cave. You Yue’s strength had already reached the final stage of the Lord Level. If it weren’t for the Golden Cauldron Tree, he would probably have needed more than ten years to reach the final stage! Qu Lanyi’s situation was unknown. His strength had never been measured accurately on him. He was the only one who knew the level he had reached the best, and Yun Feng was moving towards the fifth level of the King Level!

The cave was purely quiet every day. There was only the long and even breathing of the three of them. The five-color halo around Yun Feng changed slightly again today. Every time she reached the next level of the King Level, the color of the halo around Yun Feng would become deeper. At this moment, the color of the halo was much deeper than before, which meant that Yun Feng was about to step on a new level of the King Level!

“There’s a cave here!” A rather young voice suddenly sounded from outside, echoing clearly in the cave. Qu Lanyi and You Yue, who were cultivating in peace, opened their eyes at the same time and looked at Yun Feng at the same time. At this moment, Yun Feng was still immersed in cultivation. The five-color halo surrounded her constantly and the color was gradually deepening. Qu Lanyi whispered, “It seems that Fengfeng isn’t far from becoming a Grade-5 King.”

You Yue couldn’t help but feel shocked in his mind after hearing that and a sense of pride also rose faintly. Soon, some complicated footsteps came from the cave. It seemed that someone had entered the cave where Yun Feng and the others used to stay. You Yue couldn’t help but frown. “What if the entrance of the cave is discovered?”

Qu Lanyi stood up and walked to the edge of the cave. He chuckled. “I’ve already sealed it. These few people aren’t qualified to open it.”

You Yue couldn’t help but look at Qu Lanyi deeply. This man was so meticulous. The cave was sealed in advance. If it were him, he wouldn’t have considered the possibility that someone would discover this cave at all.

In the cave where Yun Feng and the others had been, a few young men walked in one after another. There were a total of four people, two men and two women. The two women who found the cave earlier looked like they were in their twenties. Among the two young men who came into the cave later, one of them was seriously injured. Half of his clothes had already been stained with blood and his face was very pale. The other young man carefully helped him in, looking like he was drenched in sweat.

“Junior Brother Luo Xing, carry Senior Brother Kui to the hay quickly!” A woman shouted anxiously. The other woman quickly went up to help, while the woman who spoke spread the hay again in a hurry. The young man, who was covered in blood, finally lay on the hay. The other three couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief.

“That bastard ambushed us!” said the younger girl, gnashing her teeth. “If Senior Brother Kui didn’t notice it in time, we would’ve been eaten by that bastard!”

“We were useless. Otherwise, Senior Brother Kui wouldn’t be like this…” The younger and older woman said. Her voice sounded quite steady. She looked at the pale young man on the ground with a painful look and was indescribably anxious in her mind.

“Senior Sister Hua Ling, what should we do now? Senior Brother Kui looks like this. Will he…” The young man called Luo Xing couldn’t help but shut up. The youngest girl immediately shouted, “Luo Xing, can you shut your mouth? Don’t say that! How can anything happen to Senior Brother Kui?”