Chapter 1011: You’re Unjust and I’m Unjust (2)

Yu Xia looked at the stone wall that she had looted and couldn’t help but slap her hands hard. “Come out a bit more, come out a bit more!” The Golden Cauldron Fluid slowly oozed out of the back of the stone. Yu Xia’s eyes glittered when she saw this and she even slapped her hands hard.

Luo Xing and Hua Ling didn’t know what Yu Xia was doing when they saw her hitting the stone wall. “What’s wrong with her?” Luo Xing couldn’t help but complain. Senior Brother Kui was so injured, but she was still in the mood to do boring things. Hua Ling didn’t care what Yu Xia was doing at all. She had already thought of many ways in her mind and even took out a lot of things, but the unconscious young man didn’t show any signs of waking up.

Yu Xia slapped harder and harder, and her voice became more and more frustrated. Qu Lanyi was enraged after hearing that. “Idiot, extremely stupid!” You Yue also frowned fiercely. He had never seen such a woman. The banging became louder and louder. Yun Feng, who had been cultivating in peace, finally opened her eyes. A glint of light flashed through her eyes.

“Fengfeng, you’ve opened your eyes.” Qu Lanyi chuckled. Yun Feng stood up from the ground with an inexplicable coldness on her face. “After being so noisy, I can’t continue cultivating no matter how calm I am.”

“She interrupted your cultivation. Do you want me to deal with her?” Qu Lanyi’s face immediately darkened. Yun Feng raised the corners of her mouth. “It’s fine. It’s time for us to go out.”

Qu Lanyi and You Yue were both delighted after hearing that. “Feng! You’ve reached Grade 5?”

Yun Feng smiled at You Yue lightly. “Yes, I lived up to your expectations. I’ve finally become a Grade-5 King.”

Qu Lanyi smiled proudly. “Fengfeng’s cultivation speed is unparalleled. If I tell anyone, those old guys will be humiliated.”

Yun Feng smiled helplessly. Hearing the increasingly loud knocking sound, she smiled mockingly. “Does this woman think that the Golden Cauldron Fluid is made by hitting the wall?”

“Maybe she thinks so,” replied Qu Lanyi casually. Yun Feng collected the small bottles under the roots of the ten Golden Cauldron Trees she dug out. After such a long time of catalysis, there was already half a bottle of Golden Cauldron Fluid flowing out of the ten Golden Cauldron Trees. Yun Feng looked at the small bottle of bright golden liquid in satisfaction. One drop of it in the potion could increase the effect of the potion by several times. This large bottle was enough for cultivation and medicine.

After sweeping all the ten Golden Cauldron Trees into her bracelet space for future needs, Yun Feng put away half a bottle of Golden Cauldron Fluid. Hearing this annoying noise, she couldn’t help but feel enraged in her mind. Yu Xia, who had been smashing the wall outside, soon found that the golden liquid that kept oozing out just then was gone!

Ever since Yun Feng opened her eyes and ended her cultivation state, the Golden Cauldron Tree had lacked the conditions to be activated. The Golden Cauldron Fluid certainly wouldn’t appear. Even if Yu Xia smashed her hand, she wouldn’t be able to get a drop of the Golden Cauldron Fluid. “Come out, come out!” Yu Xia looked at the wall where the golden liquid no longer seeped out and couldn’t help but shout in anger. Yun Feng and the others walked to the passage and kept approaching the original cave.

“Yu Xia! You’re so noisy, do you know that? Can you stop for a while?” Luo Xing couldn’t stand it anymore. He suddenly stood up and shouted at Yu Xia, who had been making noise. Yu Xia shouted even more furiously, “Luo Xing! It’s not your place to care about what I do!”

“What did you say?” Luo Xing roared furiously. Yu Xia roared without looking back, “Get lost!”

“I advise you to get lost too.” A clear voice suddenly echoed in the cave. The three people in the cave were all stunned. Hua Ling and Luo Xing immediately looked around and didn’t find anyone! Yu Xia, on the other hand, looked around as if she had seen a ghost. “W-Who are you? Come out!”

“Haha, it’s good that you came out. You’re too noisy.” The voice just then sounded again, followed by a roar. A part of the stone wall was forcibly broken, and stones and mud immediately flew everywhere! Yu Xia was the first to bear the brunt. She was right next to the hole that was broken and was hit by these messy stones! She immediately covered her face and scolded loudly, “How dare you sneak attack me! You sinister villain!”

“Humph!” A cold snort came. After the dust dissipated, the three of them looked at the three people who walked out of the hole dumbfoundedly. Yun Feng walked out with a cold look and looked at the messy woman in the middle of the gravel. She didn’t need to guess to know that she was the noisy person just then.

Hua Ling and Luo Xing didn’t know how to react. The two of them didn’t react at all when some gravel came close. Yun Feng glanced at the three of them and then at the man on the ground who was covered in blood and had a weak breath. Then, she turned around. “Let’s go.”

You Yue moved her lips and didn’t say anything. The three of them walked towards the entrance of the cave. Hua Ling seemed to have woken up from a dream and immediately shouted, “Madam, please wait!”

Yun Feng didn’t stop and continued walking forward. Seeing that, Hua Ling immediately stood up and swayed her body a few times before she immediately chased after her. Seeing that, Luo Xing couldn’t help but shout, “Senior Sister Hua Ling!” Luo Xing didn’t dare to leave easily. He could only stay next to the unconscious young man and look at the entrance of the cave anxiously.

“Madam, wait, wait!” Yun Feng ran over while panting behind her. Yun Feng didn’t stop walking. You Yue couldn’t bear to look back. “Feng…” Yun Feng didn’t seem to hear anything. Hua Ling chasing behind gritted her teeth and rushed forward to Yun Feng. She opened her arms and stood in front of Yun Feng, looking at Yun Feng with enthusiasm in her eyes. “Madam, please save him!”

Yun Feng raised her brows and looked at the woman who stood in her way. “I don’t know you.”

Hua Ling pursed her lips fiercely. “We’re from the Juxing School! The person you’re going to save is the Third Elder’s most proud disciple. If you save him, the Third Elder will owe you a favor!”

Yun Feng couldn’t help but praise her in her mind. Under such circumstances, this woman could still be so calm. She didn’t rely on that pitiful act and she came up with such a condition so smartly. It was indeed not bad. However, what was this Juxing School? And who was this Third Elder? What did he have to do with her? She didn’t want to cause trouble in the Central Region.